Toad's Mushroom Kingdom

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla: Yep... I'm in the mood to do another platformer/adventure story again, this time starring Toad, one of my absolute favorite characters. I did plan on doing a fanfic that had Toad in the major role for a long time, but for the fact that I've been neglecting the Mario section of Fanfiction Net for a bit to work on some of my other sections on Fanfiction Net (mostly Super Smash Brothers and partially Pokemon), I just didn't have the time. Now I can have the chance to write it before I work hard on my two hundredth fanfic, so I hope that all of you reading this will enjoy as I present to you all... Toad's Mushroom Kingdom!

Disclaimer: Toad, Toadette, Waluigi, the Mushroom Kingdom, and any miscellaneous thing related to the Mario franchise in the story all belong to Nintendo.


It was a peaceful and warm, sunny day in the Mushroom Kingdom. All of the mushroom people who populated the kingdom's capital city, Toad Town, were doing their usual business, all of them positively fine. Toad, the most famous mushroom boy and one of the most famous residents of the Mushroom Kingdom, was relaxing on his own red-and-white colored beach chair in his small backyard, sunbathing.

Toadette, Toad's girlfriend, came over to Toad's house, and she went straight to the backyard, to greet Toad. She giggled and winked as Toad got up from his beach chair to kiss Toadette. Toadette giggled, and she received a banquet of bright red roses from Toad, who then grabbed Toadette by her right arm and started twirling her around. Toadette squealed with joy as she twirled around, and Toad laughed gleefully. Yes, all was going fine, until...

BOOM!!! A bomb exploded in the center of Toad Town, and all of the mushroom people started running around screaming as they retreated into their houses. Several more bombs exploded, causing damages to the buildings as Toad and Toadette minded their own business. However, when Toad and Toadette went to check what was happening to their fair city from the yellow, wooden fence, a tall, skinny figure wearing black-and-purple overalls dropped by from the bushes and snuck towards the mushroom couple. The tall figure then laughed evilly as he plucked Toadette from the ground, holding her above.

Toadette screamed as Toad turned around, and screamed as well, before shouting in protest at the tall figure. The tall figure kicked Toad into the air, and he pointed upward and laughed, shouting, "Here this, Toad! If you want your girl back, you'll have to come back to my lair! But I doubt that you'll be able to take on me, Waluigi!" He laughed evilly as he tossed Toadette on the ground and roped her, dragging her along with him as he left the backyard of Toad's house. Toadette continued screaming for help as Toad plummeted right onto his beach chair, getting caught.

Toad shook his head, and he managed to get out of his beach chair, although the beach chair itself became broken. Toad shrugged, and he turned around to see Waluigi heading off to the eastern direction. Determined to save Toadette from Waluigi's clutches, Toad went after the tall, evil figure, and thus, has begun the mushroom boy's newest adventure...

To Be Continued...