Choco Mountain: Clawgrip the Rock-Chucking Boss Crustacean

Toad took each step cautiously as he made his way downward in the cavern, being as to not disturb the eerie peace surrounding it. As he finally made it onto the chocolate-hardened arena, he screamed as the whole area began to shake. Before long, a large red-colored crab fell straight from the ceiling, landing solid on the ground as he shook his head and grunted at Toad, summoning several rocks. Toad scratched his head as he pondered about the rocks, before being hit in the face by one, tossed by the boss crab Clawgrip.

Feeling immense pain from the rock, Toad shook the pain off and charged towards the rock-chucking Clawgrip, jumping over two boulders. He was quick to spin on his head and collide into Clawgrip, knocking him a few feet backwards as Toad grabbed one o the rocks and chucked it at Clawgrip, only to drop his jaw in awe to see Clawgrip crush the rock with his right pincer with ease. Feeling a bit uncomfortable, Toad braced himself as he was knocked backwards by Clawgrip's left pincer, who started to chuck the rocks again. Dodging the rocks, Toad grabbed one of the mushroom blocks he picked up earlier and chucked it over his head at Clawgrip, knocking some sense out of him. Grinning as it seemed to have worked, Toad ran up to the wounded crab boss and chucked two more mushroom blocks at him,before spinning on his head and colliding into him again. Clawgrip moaned in pain as he shook his head, grabbing Toad and smacking him across the floor several times.

As Toad screamed in pain, he was chucked at the wall towards the right, wounded once more. As Toad twitched in pain, he shook his head and quickly grabbed a mushroom, eating it as he was smashed in the face by a chucked boulder. Growling, Toad began to spin on his head again, this time going around Clawgrip in a circle instead of just colliding. Clawgrip moaned as his eyes were replaced with dizzy swirls, enough to cause him to stop chucking the boulders. Grinning, Toad rammed himself right into the dazed Clawgrip, and the force was enough to defeat the crab boss for good, knocking him out unconscious. Getting up and cheering in victory, Toad collected the fountain of gold coins that popped out from Clawgrip, stuffing them down his shorts as he grabbed a nearby ladder and headed upwards, out of the chocolate caverns of Choco Mountain and into the next area, which proved to be a bit more frosty...