Not All Good Things Last

Not All Good Things Last

1: Nightmares & Insomnia

Disclaimer: I do not own the Powerpuff Girls, the villains, those cute Rowdyruff Boys or anything else about the show.

Note: This will be very different than my other short, cute and funny and maybe even stupid (well, some people thought they were stupid, the author included) PPG/RRB fics.  They will be teenagers (they're 16) here and this is kind of a sequel/side story to RRB mafia (they still have their mind-link thing) so there will be some angst and violent scenes. The narrator won't even be speaking.  Okay, well, you do see the girls blow up a lot of things and stop the monsters, but this will be very different. I read a fic about the aftereffects of Chemical X and it gave me an idea. What happens when it wears off? If you want to read, go ahead, but if you rather read the silly/cute/funny fics, there's a handful out there.  I just thought I'd experiment a bit.  Okay, you can enjoy the fic now!

There was something weird happening with the Powerpuff Girls and RowdyRuff Boys.  They were either over sleeping or having nights of insomnia because most nights they had nightmares instead of sweet and wild dreams.  Their appetites suffered too. Some days they would gorge themselves to the point they felt like throwing up and other times where they would not eat a morsel for one day.  They blamed it on school and other teen issues.  Their powers suffered too.  Blossom's ice breath was losing its potency and Bubbles noticed the same with her sonic scream. The Professor knew nothing about this.  They didn't want to tell him because they knew it would worry him.  The girls didn't even share it with the boys, though they wanted so much to do so.

'Blossom?' Brick sent out but he didn't get any answer.  His mind link wasn't working for some reason.  Then a painful thought entered in his mind. What if she was hurt and couldn't answer him?  Or worse? He wasn't sure where he was.  He was never there before.  It was creepy and he was all by himself, except the demons that were lurking in the shadows.  His brothers were off somewhere too and he could not find him. 

Freak raked over his body and soul and he started running.  When he found that it wasn't doing him any good, took off to fly.  He didn't stay in the air very long and crash-landed.

"Butch, Boomer, Blossom.  Somebody!" he shouted.  "Where are you guys?"

Then he heard wicked laughter and he wanted to fight back.  His enemy would not show its face.  Brick felt so different though, so weak.  His eye rays weren't working either.  It was almost like he was just a simple human being.  "This can't be happening, can't be happening!" he screamed.  He pressed on in a daze and tripped over something.  He groaned and looked back at what he tripped over.  His lip trembled and gasped out, "B-Blossom! No!"

"No!  No!"

"Brick, Brick! Wake up!"

Brick felt someone slap him hard across his face and then he blinked a couple of times.  Barely, he made out the faces of his brothers.  Butch was mostly likely the one who had roused him awake so fiercely because he was closer and Boomer was standing by the foot of his bed looking rather tired and annoyed.

"Did I wake you guys up?" Brick asked, sounding a bit embarrassed.

"Just one of us," Boomer groaned.  He had been the lucky one to sleep that night.

"Butch, thanks for waking me up," Brick mumbled.

"Yeah, anytime."

"Did you have the dream too, Butch?"  Brick asked.

"Dream, what dream?" Butch questioned.

"We've all had disturbing dreams," Boomer sighed. "I was having one too but I wasn't the one who screamed!"

"Shh, Boomer!" Butch hushed, "you'll wake Sister Victoria and the others up!"

Brick rubbed his head, "I feel so thirsty."

"Well, you're sweating like a pig." Butch grunted.

Luckily Brick had bottled water by his bed and took a long gulp of it.  "This dream was really freaky.  I couldn't find Blossom or you guys either.  The mind link didn't work."

"It's just a dream, man," Boomer mumbled.

"You're telling me you didn't have the same dream?" Brick demanded, "about you and Bubbles?"

"Well, maybe--but--" Boomer trailed off.  He did have the same dream and was about to scream but Brick had beat him to it.  Boomer just couldn't say he was having the same dream.

"I couldn't fly or use any of my powers," Brick moaned.  "It's happening."

"What's happening?" Butch questioned, "You know--for the first time--you're starting to scare me!"

"Well, you should be!" Brick snapped, "You'd be if you tripped over Buttercup, dead!"

Butch gasped, "hey, don't put that image in my mind!"

"Look guys," Boomer said, trying to calm them down, "maybe we'd feel better if we'll get some sleep."

"Our powers are wearing off, Boomer," Brick stated, his voice sounding so final, "have you noticed how we can't fly as fast as we used to?  Or so high?  We can't even kick in the afterburners anymore.  The Chemical X is wearing off!"

"But that can't be," Butch said, "We're the Rowdyruff boys."

"What if Brick's right?" Boomer asked, "If our powers wear off, would we die or become like normal teenagers?  Would we lose our mind link with the Powerpuff girls?"

"I hope not," Brick groaned.  "Or we might just have to carry walkie-talkies around."


"Blossom, what's the matter?" Bubbles asked her sister, who was bawling.

Blossom continued to wail as she walked out of their bedroom and into the bathroom to wash her face.

Bubbles and Buttercup exchanged glances and followed her.  "Did she wake you up, Buttercup?" Bubbles asked.

"No," Buttercup mumbled with bags under her eyes and red mixed with the bright green color of her eyes.  "I never got to sleep in the first place."

Blossom splashed water over her face about five times. "I've had nightmares before, but this was the worst ever!"

"Were we fighting Him?" Bubbles asked.

Blossom tried to control her tears by covering her mouth with a towel.

"Cut it out, Blossom," Buttercup muttered, "you're whining more than Bubbles!"

"Hey!" Bubbles gasped.

"No," Blossom managed to say, "It was different.  All our powers were gone, even our mind link with the boys.  I was stuck somewhere and I tried to contact Brick, but I couldn't.  We were in this very dark and creepy place but there was nothing we could do about it.  Then I-I--"

"I think we should tell the Professor about this," Bubbles said.  "Let's go wake him up right now, that is, if we haven't done that already."

"No, Bubbles," Buttercup said, "it's only nightmares, we'll be all right.  There's nothing to be afraid of."

"It's more than that, Buttercup," Blossom sniffed, "how we eat, sleep, our flying speed--it's weakening."

"Please don't tell me that we'll lose all our powers," Bubbles said, "If we do, I could get an F in all my foreign language classes, including squirrel!"

"Well, that's more like a skill," Blossom sighed. 

"We can't lose our powers," Buttercup said, "We're the Powerpuff girls!  That's just who we are."

"But we don't know how strong Chemical X is," Bubbles whispered, "I don't think even Professor knows!"

"I don't think we should tell him this just yet," Blossom said, trying to be optimistic.  "Let's not worry him, okay?  Why don't we go and try to get some sleep.  I'm sorry I woke you two up."

"You only woke me up," Bubbles said, "but I forgive you anyway.  I was kinda having the same dream you were!"

They climbed back into their beds and looked up at the ceiling.  If there was one power they wanted to keep, it was their ability to send telepathic messages to the Rowdyruff Boys.  They can learn how to fight differently, but they wanted to keep close to the RowdyRuff Boys because they were pretty sure they were feeling the same they were. If they were to lose their flight ability, super strength, find, but just let them keep their mind-link with the boys, for the love of humanity.

'Blossom, can you hear me?' Brick sent out.  'I can't sleep.'

'Brick,' she sent back, 'yes, yes I can.  So it was only in my dream.'

'Dream, what dream?'

'Oh, maybe I shouldn't get into--'

'I had a dream too,' he sent to her, blinking a few times to stay awake to talk to her. His dreams seemed worse than real life. In his dreams he couldn't hear her.  'I was trying to find you but when I did I was too late.'

'My dream was pretty close to yours. I'm pretty scared, Brick,' her mind-messages were even laden with grief and a broken voice, 'I think we're losing our powers.  Does this mean we're going to die?  The same is happening to you guys, isn't it?'

Brick tried to picture Blossom for a moment.  This mind-link thing was good but it was still about the same as phones or walkie-talkies.  He wanted to know exactly how she was sitting, how she looked right now.  He wasn't too far off.  He pictured Blossom sitting in her bed under the covers and shivering with cold sweat running down her forehead and that was pretty much how she was positioned, but she was much worse than how he imagined.  He wished he were there with her or her with him. It didn't matter.  He just wanted to hold her and feel her orange-red hair tickle his neck. The mind-link he had with her didn't seem to be enough at this point. It was almost as if they were a thousand miles away from each other but they were still just in the same town.

'Blossom, it's okay,' he sent to her, his words lingering inside her head, 'We'll get though this.'

'I don't think we're as tough as we used to be,' she transmitted back, 'It's the end for us, Brick.'

'Hey, don't be like that.'

'It's true,' she argued and if he was there with her physically he'd see her shake her head, 'we were good but all good things must come to an end.  Not all good things last, you know.'

'I refuse to believe that,' he sent, his voice rough, 'and you should too.  It doesn't matter if we'll lose our powers, we'll still have each other.'

'What are we supposed to do?' she asked him secretly, 'as a Powerpuff girl, I've dedicated my whole life to protect Townsville and everything else, but if I lose my powers, what would I become?  If I'm not a Powerpuff Girl, then I'm a nobody.'

'Blossom, stop it!' he shouted mentally, his face contorted with surprise, 'I can't believe I'm hearing this from you! I've never known you to be scared, even the first time I met you!  And we were out to destroy you!'

'Brick, aren't you scared?' she questioned, 'at least a little?  Aren't you concerned what would happen to you, to your brothers?'

There was a pause.


She heard him sigh and then, 'Maybe I'm a bit concerned,' he admitted, 'but we'll find a way.  The Chemical X is what gave us our powers, not our existence.  We'll still be ourselves, just different.  Everything will work itself out.  Don't worry, Blossom, I'll take care of you.'

'You promise?'

'Yeah, I promise,' he sent to her, his voice firm.  'You know it, babe.'

He heard her chuckle and it made him almost want laugh out loud.  'You're right, Brick.  I'm sorry.  It could be worse; we could turn out to mutate into something weird.  I should've have said that.  I'm being paranoid.  It's not so bad, we'll be okay.'

'That's my girl!' she heard him exclaim and it warmed her body immensely. 

'Brick,' she thought, 'I feel so close to you now.'  She sighed and leaned against her pillow.

'It seems that way,' he sent back agreeably, 'but I--' he stopped.  Could he really say this? 

'But what?'

'My arms are empty,' he sent, 'If I could only--'

'Oh, Brick, you don't have to say it,' she sent, her voice sounding so understanding, 'I know.  I want to be there with you as much as you do.  I'd feel much better and maybe I'd be able to get some sleep.' 

'Yeah, me too.'

'Hey, I feel a little better now,' she thought, 'I'm going to try to get some sleep now.'

'All right, Blossom.  I probably should too.  Goodnight.'

'Sweet dreams, Brick.'

'Hey Bubbles,' Boomer sent, 'Are you awake?'

'Yeah,' she answered, 'you weren't able to send me any messages when you were sleeping?'

'No,' he thought, 'I hope it was just a dream.'

'Me too,' she agreed, I'm so sleepy but I'm afraid to go to sleep because I don't see you in my dreams anymore.  I can't hear you either.'

'I wonder what these nightmares are supposed to mean,' he thought.

'Blossom says it might be the effects of the Chemical X wearing off,' she suggested, 'our powers are weakening.  Is the same happening to you guys?'

'I'm afraid so,' he replied, 'Brick told us that the Chemical X could be the cause of it.'

'I don't like this Boomer,' Bubbles sent to him, close to tears, 'It scares me.'

The sound of her broken voice wanted him to go mad or kill something.  He couldn't stand it to hear her sound the least unhappy.  It made him feel so helpless, especially now.  He'd do anything for a smile.  'Don't worry, Sugar Baby,' he sent to her, 'Don't cry, please.'

'Give me a minute,' she pleaded, 'Please, Boomer, let me just let it out.'

He sighed.  He'd rather hear her sobbing than nothing from her all and he didn't want her to cry alone.

'All right, go ahead.' He listened to her cry and nearly wanted to die because he wasn't there to wipe her tears away or comfort her like she needed to.  All he could do was listen and wait.  To himself he thought, 'stupid mind-link, I can't do anything' and then to Bubbles, in a softer voice, 'Feel any better?'

'A-a little,' she responded softly and she let out a sigh.  'I just couldn't hold it in anymore.'

'How long has this been happening?' he asked.

'Oh I don't know,' she replied, 'for a while.  Days, a couple weeks.  I'm so tired I can't even think straight.'

'It's been happening to us for some time too,' he confessed, 'but we didn't think it was anything major.'

'We thought the same thing,' she confided, 'but it got worse and worse.  I told Blossom that we should tell the Professor about this but she wouldn't listen to me!'

'The Professor doesn't know?' he sounded shocked.  'You never told him?'

'We didn't want to worry him,' she explained, 'we thought it was jut a phase.  But now…it's gone too far!  We must tell him soon or we might shrivel up and die!'

'Oh, Bubbles, I don't think that'd happen,' he sent to her.  'The Chemical X won't kill least, I hope not.  Things are too good.'

'I can't believe this is happening to me.'

'Hey, are you afraid if the chemical X wears off you'll change into a sugar packet?' he teased her, trying to get a giggle from her.  It didn't work.

'Boomer, listen to me,' she commanded, wanting to scream out loud, 'I want to tell you something in case I'll never get around to it.'

He swallowed and hoped she didn't sense his uneasiness.  He knew what she was going to say and couldn't believe she even had the guts.

'I want to say this in person,' she began, 'but I just have to tell you now while I have the chance.   Boomer, I--I love you.'

'If we weren't apart right now,' he said immediately, 'I hug and kiss you and I'd never be able to let go.'

'Boomer,' she sent, her voice hopeful, 'you feel the same way?'

'Yeah, I love you too.'

'Goodnight, Boomer,' Bubbles sent.

'Yeah, sweet dreams, Sugar Baby,'

'I like it when you call me that!' She giggled and they both turned to go to sleep.

'Can't sleep, Buttercup?' Butch sent, 'I can't either.'


'How're you feeling?'


'Me too.  Scared?'

"Why should I be scared?' she sent demandingly.

'Because I am.'

'Well, I'm not.'

'Not even a little?'

'No, I'm more like angry.  I don't want to lose my powers.'

'Think I do?'

'No, I'm sorry, Butch.  Maybe I really am scared.'

'You're going to have to trust me.'

"Butch, I do trust you.'

'Really?' he sent questionably, 'Buttercup, you don't trust anybody.  Is that what happened between you and Ace?'

'Ace has nothing to do with this!' she sent angrily.

'I think he does,' he sent, 'You trusted him at first and then he hurt you.  You couldn't trust anyone after that.  Why, are you afraid I'll hurt you?'

'Oh, please,' Buttercup sent, almost wanting to slap him to his senses, 'Butch, you know I trust you.  You're the only one I trust.  Come on; stop talkin' crazy!' 

'I care about you, Buttercup,' he finalized, 'a lot. I'm worried about you.'

'Hey, I'll be fine.  Maybe this is just a phase.'

'What if it's not and you lose your powers?'

'It would really suck.  I don't know what I'll do.'

'The professor could do something.'

'I don't know, maybe.  We haven't told him.'

'He doesn't know?'


'He created you!'

'We didn't feel like telling him, all right?'

'Don't you think you should at least tell him before the chemical X wears off completely?  What if something goes wrong?'

'What are you worried about?'

'You of course!'

'Butch, I can take care of myself!  You damn well know that!'

'I know you can, Buttercup!  That's why I love you!'

Buttercup couldn't move and she was glad he couldn't see it.  She stared out into space for a few minutes and finally, she sent back, stuttering.

'W-What d-did y-you s-say?  Did you just say what I think you said?'

'Well, if you thought I said I love you, then yes.'

'I didn't know you felt that way about me.'

'You didn't think I could.'

'You're full of surprises, aren't you?' she questioned.

'So are you, Buttercup.'


'Well, aren't you going to say anything?' he sent, a bit hurt.

'I'm sorry;' she sent immediately, 'I just can't believe you said that.  It's a lot to take in.'

'Well, it's how I feel.'

She sighed, 'Butch--I--'

'You don't have to say it if you don't' feel the same way,' he sent, sensing her nervousness.

'But I do.  At least I think I do.  I feel so confused.'

'Take your time.'

'I'd like to go to sleep now.'

'I understand, goodnight.'

'I've never seen this side of you before,' she sent.  'Goodnight.'

'Sweet dreams.'

They were able to have a nice night's slumber, but when they were going to wake up the next morning, they had no idea what lay ahead.

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