Not All Good Things Last 4

Not All Good Things Last 4

Beyond Imagination

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"Boomer, can you please take this thing off?" Bubbles pleaded. "I promise not to run off again! It's your fault anyway for leaving me!"

"All you had to do was tell me you found something," Boomer said.

"Oh come on, it's hurting my hand!"

"I will when we get back," he said.

"But I want it off now!" she whined. "Seriously, Boomer, it hurts my wrist! Doesn't it hurt yours?"

"Well, it is kind of uncomfortable," he admitted.

"Boomer, I like being chained to you," she said, "but I don't really think this is necessary!" she held up her hand that was connected to his.

"Really?" he cracked a smile.

"I like being with you anyway," she said. "But what will I do when I need to go to the bathroom or something?"

"Yeah. Good point," he said. "Promise not to get out of my sight?"

"I promise!" she declared.

"Now let me find that key," he said, searching his pockets. "Hmm, that's strange."

"What's the matter?" she asked.

"I can't find it!"

"What?" she got close to him and searched his pockets too. "Find that key, Boomer! Hurry!"

"Can't you see I'm trying?"

"Now, I--uh oh--!"


"I need to go pee!" she cried. "I made myself have to go!"

"Why'd you do that for?"

"I was only using the bathroom idea as a suggestion," she explained, "now I need to go! Hurry, Boomer, before I whiz my pants! I've been potty trained for ten years!"

"Ten--so you had a bed wetting problem until you were six?"

"Not funny, Boomer!" she hissed, "I really need to go! I can't hold it!"

"It's in your mind!" he said. "You only think you need to go!"

"Just find that key, stupid!" she commanded, "and it's not all in my head! I have to pee so bad that my back teeth are starting to swim!"

He started laughing, "Hey, that's funny! Good joke, Bubbles!"

"I need to go, Boomer!"

"You should've gone before we left," he said, still searching for it. "Where's that damn key?!"

"I didn't have to go then!" she snapped.

"Just hold it until I find the key," he said.

"I can't hold it!"

A robot marched down the hall. "Intruder--intruder!"

"Not another stupid robot!" Boomer yelled.

The robot morphed into a tank-like contraption and gave chase.

"You made it angry!" Bubbles hissed.

"C'mon!" he ordered and they started to run.

"I can't run when I need to go!"

"Don't think about it," he told her.

"Hey, you're going to fast, I can't keep up with you! Slow down, Boomer!"

He continued to keep his pace, "you want that thing to get you?" He turned a corner and reached for a grenade. "Oh, dang…I can't use my throwing arm! You'll have to do it!"

"Why?" she asked.

"I'm right handed," he replied. "You're right handed too but you can use yours."

"But I don't know how to throw a grenade!" she yelled.

"It's easy, here," he said, placing it in her right hand with his left. "Just pull the pin out with your mouth and throw the grenade at the tank robot thing!"

"Oh, okay."

"Hurry, Bubbles, it is almost here!"

"Lock 'n load!" Bubbles hissed, pulling the pin out with her teeth and hurling the grenade at the robot. It blew apart.

"Hey, it worked!" Boomer yelled. "Good job, Bubbles!"

"Thanks, but I still need to go!" she said.

"Let's find a bathroom," he sighed.

"But I'm not going to the bathroom with you chained to me like this!" she muttered.

"Okay, let's just find something to get this off with," he said. "An ax or something….great--you made me need to go too!"

"You need to go too?" she asked in surprise.

"Yes, whatever you do, don't tickle me!"

"Then don't tickle me," she said.

"Oh, I really have to go," he said. "Why did I drink all that Powerade?"


"We had Powerade before we left," he said. "I guess we thought it make us stronger. Have you seen those commercials?"

"And I guess you had blue raspberry, Brick had punch and Butch had lemon-lime?" Bubbles asked.

"Yeah--how'd you know?"

"Because we had some Powerade too!"

They laughed a bit then winced, "ooh, let's laugh later," Boomer said. "I can't laugh and hold it at the same time!"

"Okay, okay." Bubbles said. " Let's hurry and find something to get this thing of with. You really should have thought about that before you put this thing on!"

"Well, excuse me for worrying about you!" he muttered.


"Who-hoo!" Butch hollered, "This is fun!"

"Yeah, finally we've found something to mess up!" Buttercup said as she opened fire on the control panels.

"Still miss your super powers?" Butch asked.

"No, not right now!" she said. "This is fun! Who-hooooo!"


"Don't I know you from somewhere?" Blossom asked.

"What?" Brick mumbled, "Blossom, you know this--this--"

"I'm surprised you would remember me, Blossom," the mysterious figure spoke. "It's been awhile, hasn't it?"

"You've changed," Blossom said.

"Who is this?" Brick demanded.

"She's my imaginary friend," she replied coolly.

"Imaginary friend?!"

"I imagined her with my sisters to stop someone's imaginary friend when we went to preschool," Blossom explained. Blossom raised an eyebrow, "but you look different. How did you change from a smart bunny wearing combat boots into a grim reaper?"

"A smart bunny wearing combat boots?" Brick cracked, "that's the best you could come up with?"

Blossom looked back at Brick, "We all wanted something different, okay? I wanted something smart, Bubbles wanted something cute and Buttercup wanted something tough! If you had a better idea, I'd like to hear it!"

"Oh, sorry," Brick murmured.

"My metamorphosis was a result of the chemical X," the imaginary friend explained. "The chemical X started to wear off and you all were going through much adversity. Your thoughts and feelings changed me into this."

"I wish we had an imaginary friend," Brick said. "Ours would've been--"

"Shut up, Brick!" Blossom hushed.

Brick looked back at her in surprise.

"Well, what are you doing here?" Blossom questioned.

"I came to help you," she replied.

"What's in this vial?" Blossom asked, nodding to the vial of silvery liquid in her hand.

"It's not chemical X," Brick said.

"No, it's not," the imaginary friend said, placing it in Blossom's palm.

"What am I supposed to do with it?" Blossom asked.

"I think you know, Blossom."

"Ah, you've lived, I see." Percival grunted, coming unto the pair with a gun in hand. "And you've found my hideout too." His buddies stood behind him, armed.

"You're not the only one who got new toys, you slimeball," Brick muttered, rising to his feet.

The imaginary friend dematerialized, wishing Blossom and Brick luck.

"I wonder how many times I must shoot you to kill you," Percival said. "Well, there's only one time to find out, is there?" he pulled the trigger and shot Brick in the chest and again in his shoulder. Brick gasped and stepped back but was still able to stand. He touched the wounds but he wasn't bleeding.

"Damn!" Brick exclaimed, "this suit's bullet proof! The whole thing!" He grinned and pulled up his wrist, "all right, asshole, now it's my turn! I'll teach you to shoot a rowdyruff boy!" he fired at Percival in machine-gun rapidity. "Gnnnnaaaaaaaaaahahahahahhahaa!"

Percival dropped his firearm and he flung back and around each time he was shot. He fell backwards in a pool of blood.

"Who wants it next?" Brick demanded, scanning his arm of the rest of them.

"There you guys are!" Butch shouted.

"What are you guys up to anyway?" Blossom questioned.

"I can tell you, Blossom," Bubbles said. "They're going to destroy Townsville with their robots!"

"Bubbles, what're you doing chained to Boomer like that?" Blossom asked.

"Oh, it's a long story," Boomer answered for her.

"We won't let you smash up our town!" Buttercup shouted.

"We've already re-arranged your control room!" Butch sneered.

"You expect to stop us?" one of them asked.

"It's our job!" Blossom yelled.

"They killed Percival; get them!"


They moved in to attack. It was a different battle for both the Powerpuff girls and rowdy ruff boys. It was challenging, but they liked it. Boomer and Bubbles used the cufflinks to their advantage. Boomer lifted Bubbles up so she can kick an opponent. Blossom looked down at the vial in her hand.

'What is this supposed to do?' she wondered.

'You're smart, Blossom,' Brick sent to her. 'Behind you!'

Blossom whirled around and froze someone solid with her freezing gun. 'Thanks!' As the others circled around, Blossom got an idea.

"What's that?" Buttercup asked, pointing to the vial in her hand.

"I got it from an old friend of ours," Blossom replied, pulling off the cork. She looked at it for a moment then pulled it to her lips, tilting her head back as she drank it.

"Y-you drank it!" Bubbles gasped.

Blossom gurgled, the silver liquid squirting out her mouth and she dropped the vial to the ground. It broke and the remaining liquid spilled.

"Poison?" Brick asked.

"Nah---it just tastes funny," Blossom mumbled, wiping her mouth.

"Where'd you get that?" one Percival's buddies queried.

"You expect me to tell you?" Blossom snapped. She started glowing pink and attacked the perpetrator. She picked him up and flung him across the room.

"It must be that stuff," Brick said.

"You won't stop us," another person said.

"Hell we won't!" Butch yelled.

"We've played with your security system," Buttercup said. "Your base is going to self destruct in five minutes!"

"How'd you manage to do that?" Blossom demanded, "you don't know how to do something like that!"

"We saw it in a movie once," Butch boasted.

"Red alert! Red alert!" a computerized voice sounded. "This place will self destruct in one minute!"

"One minute, I thought you said five minutes!" Boomer yelled.

"Uh--that was four minutes ago!" Butch said.

"Tie the rest of them up!" Blossom ordered, "and let's get the hell out of here!"

"Good idea," Buttercup said, "Who's got some rope?"

"Oh, let me," Butch muttered, pulling out some rope. He knocked out the remainder of Percival's buddies.

"Let's get out of here!" Brick yelled, grabbing Blossom by the hand. They ran on until they found about a dozen different motorcycles.

"Here's our ticket out of here," Boomer said, "hop on Bubbles!"

"How can I do that when I'm stuck to you?" she asked, nodding to the cufflink.

"Oh here," Buttercup muttered and zapped it in half with a blast of her laser gun.

The boys got on three motorcycles and the girls got on behind them.

"You might want to hang on to me, Buttercup," Butch said.

"Why?" she asked.

"This is why!" he revved up the engine, forcing the motorcycle to go back on its hind wheel. Buttercup almost fell off and she clutched to him.

"This is going to be fun," Boomer said and they escaped out of the garage.

"Whooooohoooooo!" Butch cried.

Brick was ahead of Boomer and Butch.

"Brick, you're going too fast!" Blossom shouted.

"No I'm not Blossom," he said. He revved the engine higher, "this is too fast!"

Blossom screamed and held onto him tighter.

Behind them, the base exploded.

"I hope that's the last I see of them," Bubbles said.


"Out of the way," Bubbles said, passing Blossom and Buttercup and not even bothering to say something to the Professor, "I gotta pee!"

"I got to go first!" Boomer yelled, going after her. They fought at the bathroom door but Bubbles managed to get in first. "Hurry, Bubbles! I need to go too!"

"We were crazy to think that Powerade will actually make us stronger," Butch said.

"Butch!" Boomer shouted, crossing his legs, "It was your idea in the first place!"

"And what was that stuff you got anyway?" Buttercup asked Blossom. "From our old friend?"

"Our imaginary friend," Blossom said.

"The bunny scientist in combat boots?"

"Yeah, but she's different now. She gave me that stuff." Blossom explained. "It's healing my wounds."

"Did you bring any of it with you?" The professor asked.

"No," Blossom said.

They heard the toilet flush and Bubbles walked out. "Ahh, relief!"

"Out of the way!" Boomer muttered, pulling her out and walking in.

"Why would she show herself and not to us?" Buttercup asked. "We imagined her too!"

"Why did you have an imaginary friend anyway?" Butch asked.

"To fight another imaginary friend," Brick answered for Blossom.

"Why don't we have an imaginary friend?" Butch demanded.

Brick shrugged. "I dunno!"

"I don't know," Blossom said. "Maybe because I was scared. I think she was the one who killed all our old enemies for us."

"It's possible," Buttercup said.

The toilet sounded a second time and Boomer walked out of the bathroom. "Now I'm thirsty…"

"It's late," the professor said. "You boys should get going."

"Okay," Butch said, stifling a yawn.

"We'll talk to the mayor tomorrow," Blossom said, "and we'll tell him what happened."

"Good night girls," Brick said. "Thanks for the suits, professor."

"Sure, boys," the professor said, "Thanks for taking care of my girls."

The girls kissed them goodnight before they left the Utonium household.


"Hey, what's that on my pillow?" Bubbles gasped, pointing to the silver vial.

"Mine has one too," Buttercup picked it up.

"It's the same thing our friend gave us!" Blossom exclaimed.

Their friend appeared. Bubbles shrieked.

"She's changed into a monster!"

"No I haven't, Bubbles," she said. "I'm still the same. I just look different because I represent how you feel inside. All that sadness you've been feeling when the chemical X was wearing off changed me into this."

"What's this stuff?" Buttercup asked.

"It will restore your powers," she explained, "but gradually. It's more natural than chemical X. It will work with your body."

"It won't wear off, will it?" Bubbles asked.

She shook her head. "It will be permanent."

"Hot damn!" Buttercup hooted.

Their friend laughed. "I'm glad. Now take your medicine."

Bubbles and Buttercup drank the serums and coughed.

"Does it have to taste so bad?" Bubbles questioned.

"I'm sorry," she said. "Now I must go. I'll be a part of you…" she disappeared. "Always."


"Oh, I'm so tired," Boomer mumbled, "just want to sleep!"

"Without our super powers," Butch said, "we'll have to sleep a lot."


They walked into their room, where someone in black stood. "Hey, what're you doing here?" Butch demanded.

The person lifted up its hood. He was a man with bluish-black hair, gray eyes and a long scar from his eye to his jaw. "Hello, boys."

"Uh, who are you?" Boomer asked.

"You guys don't know?"

They shook their heads.

"I'm you imaginary friend," he explained.

"You um, didn't used to be a bunny, where you?" Brick asked.

He chuckled, "Oh no. I was created by your feelings and thoughts. I represent the way you feel inside." He reached inside his cloak and pulled out three vials of silvery liquid.

"It's that stuff Blossom drank," Brick said.

"Yes. This will bring your powers back."

"Immediately?" Boomer asked, excitedly.

"No. Unlike the Chemical X," the man said, "this potion is more natural. It will happen over time."

"Cool, we can still use this cool suits!" Butch said.

"It works with your own body." He held them out to the boys. "Take them."

They exchanged glances and took the vials. They drank them then wheezed.

"Very funny taste," Brick mumbled.

"It's better than Chemical X," he said. "Take care of the Powerpuff girls now. They need you, you know."

"Yeah, we know," Brick said, trying not to blush.

"Now get some sleep," he commanded. "For the time being, you're just ordinary teenage boys."

"Ordinary?" Butch muttered, "since when can ordinary guys infiltrate a base and--"

"Cool it, Butch," Boomer said, holding his arm in front of him, "we couldn't have done that without the professor's help."

"Thanks," Brick said to their friend. "We could've used you back when we were fighting the Powerpuff girls."

"But then their imaginary friend would've kissed me too," he said casually.

"Yeah, I guess they'd make her do that," Boomer said. "But we're in love with them now so it doesn't really matter."

"Now, you may have better dreams," the imaginary friend said and dematerialized.

"Wicked cool," Butch said, "this Townsville place keeps getting better and better, doesn't it?"

"Yeah, I can't imagine what it'd be like without us!" Brick said.

'You can't imagine what your lives without us either, can you?' Blossom sent to him.

'How'd you know I said that?' he sent to her.

'It must be that new stuff our friends gave us,' she sent back. 'Goodnight, Brick. I'm glad that some good things can last.'

'Yeah…me too…'

The End

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