So this is my first Boondock Saints fanfiction, hopefully someone enjoys it, and if you do, please review as I'm not entirely sure where I'm going with this story. So ideas, critiques, complements, all will be welcomed. Except flames. Flames will be used to makes s'mores.

A series of thumps woke Briar from her already fitful sleep. She looked at her digital clock and sighed. 2:37? When do they sleep? She thought, in reference to her neighbors, notorious for being loudly nocturnal. Briar covered her head with her pillow, but the raised voices permeated through the fluff. She sighed and reached blindly for the drawer handle of her bedside table. Pulling it open, she retrieved two earplugs which she sat up to insert. The blue neon light from the building across the street shone through the window, and she debated for a moment whether to take the seven steps it took to get to the window across the cold linoleum, or to simply roll over and go to sleep. Briar sighed again and covered her head with her down comforter, slipping back into a restless sleep, vowing to have a discussion with her unruly neighbors in the morning.

The sun shone through her open blinds, and Briar wished she had closed them the night before. A quick check of the clock made her heart rate increase for just a moment. 10:24-thank God it's Sunday. She rolled her legs to the edge of the bed and slowly bought herself vertical. Wiping the sleep from her eyes she made her way to the bathroom to shower. She had painted it a light daffodil yellow when she moved in, much to the dismay of the building manager, but Briar promised it would be an excellent selling point, and if not, she would paint it back to the bland white it was originally. Her love of color extended to her pink rose bedroom, her baby blue living room, and her pale green kitchen. She hummed to herself as she exited the shower and pulled on a pair of grey sweatpants and a purple tank top, and pored herself a bowl of Special K with strawberries. After starting her tea maker, Briar hoped up to sit on her counter next to the sink below her kitchen window and watched the second round of churchgoers shuffle down the street. Setting her empty bowl in the sink, she dispensed herself a cup of peppermint tea and moving to her living room, switched on the News.

"This morning authorities have discovered the murder of three midlevel mafia bosses near Brooklyn Bridge. So far there are no suspects in the case, although many rumors have been circulated that these killings bear a resemblance to the Boston Saints homicides a few months ago."

Briar switched off the TV and drained the last of her tea. She remembered the Saints story; she was in between jobs and watched a lot of TV between job interviews. Speaking of jobs, She thought, I need to finish my piece on the Nesbit wedding…But first, the neighbors. Steeling herself for a confrontation, she slid on her pair of sheepskin lined slippers and headed out the door and to her left. Taking a deep breath, Briar knocked on the door.