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Dirty Little Secrets.

By nos482

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It started like any other day, Garfield Logan got up, kissed his eight-month pregnant wife of four years good morning grabbed a rushed breakfast. Got in the shower dressed hurriedly and left for his job as a veterinary assistant then slipped on his Holographic ring.

If he would have known how bad the day would have turned out he probably would have done several things different. Spent more time with Terra, called in sick, but because he didn't he didn't do anything different that day. He wore the ring for one simple reason, he wanted to be known for himself not being remembered for his heroics as a teen titan.

It started well enough taking care of a few dogs that were scheduled for overnight stays for various operations. Feeding the animals that were permanent residents including a small cat that had been left at the veterinary doorstep as a kitten named Lucky. It went by quick enough, at lunch he sat eating a sandwich, Lucky sleeping in his lap purring euphorically.

It was about time for him to get ready to go back to work. When he got the call that would change his life. Picking it up the voice on the other end was disarming, professional yet unemotional which made it even worse.

"Mr. Logan?"

"Speaking." He stated wondering what someone would be calling him at work about.

"I've got some good news and some bad."

"What's the good news?" he asks suddenly feeling weak at the knees as he flops down into his seat.

"Well I have to give the bad news first unfortunately. There's been an accident, and your wife likely won't make it through the night."

"What could possibly be the good news about that?!" he screams into the receiver.

"The good news is there is a good chance the child can be saved if we perform an emergency Cesarian. But we need your permission first because she's unconscious."

Sitting he doesn't speak for a moment in shock. The voice on the other end of the phone requested his consent.

"Yes" as he succumbed to the shock.

It took him about half an hour for someone to snap him out of it and manage to get him to the hospital.

"Mr. Logan, your Son will have to stay in the hospital for several weeks." Nodding in agreement Gar sat again slumping his hands to his head.

"That's all right. I guess I've got to make some arrangements anyway that should take me a few weeks." Tears forming at his eyes as he slumps down in despair letting the feelings bottled up inside come out.

Sitting by her hospital bed he squeezes her hand. She never woke up not even an eye twitter.

Garfield Logan felt more alone those two weeks than he ever had in his life. Picking through her closet, he had chosen her favorite dress. While looking he found a box he had never seen before. Setting it asides he had things to do people to get a hold of things were so busy he didn't even get a moment to grieve.

He called every titan that he had the number to giving the time and the place of the viewing and funeral. He set up the nursery by himself any kind of busy work, his job told him it would be better if he took a few weeks off before he came back. Barely eating, barely sleeping he was an emotional wreck.

The day of the viewing was rough on him. Seeing so many old friends some still close some not seen in a few years. Each offering condolences in their own way.

The Titans East, the original titans, even Jinx who was uncomfortable with Bee and Victor talking. Kori crying on the man now known as Nightwing's shoulder as he rubbed her back in a comforting way.

Outside he reached into his pocket pulling out a cigarette slumped against the wall a voice broke his thoughts. "I thought you quit when Tara told she was pregnant?" looking up it was the last person he wanted to see Raven they hadn't even spoken since he got engaged and she was acting like they were still thick as thieves.

"I did, but this is a special circumstance." He snapped as he exhaled a stream of smoke close to tears.

"You know Cy would break that thing and shove it down your throat." He nodded in agreement but nothing else as Raven plopped next to him.

"Sorry about being a jerk but It's been rough on me." As he finishes it off putting it out in the cement.

"It's understandable. No one embraces the thought of death easily and I'd expect it to be even harder on you."

"What I don't get is what she was doing out driving in her condition, there was no need." The well broke as he begins crying harder than ever before in his life.

"I Guess we'll never know." She states rubbing his back in a comforting motion that just felt like deja' vu to her.

Raven was being the rock, being mostly quiet not wanting to say anything that could have made things worse until he managed to calm himself down. secretly angry with the now deceased Geomancer for hurting him again..

Victor came out seeing a sight that surprised him.. it had been too long since he saw those two being in so much as the same room. shaking his head he made his way back inside.

Raven had told him months before the cure for Terra had been found how she felt for Gar.. but she never got to tell Gar, shaking his head he wonders how things would of turned out if she had..

After the funeral Gar was still taking it hard he had snuck off a getting himself considerably drunk ironically the flask he was drinking from was one "she" had given him for a wedding present filled with a strong liquor. Raven was Smoking a cigarette herself a habit she had developed roughly around the time her first novel came out she noticed the strong smell of alcohol and incoherent rambling. Finding a very inebriated Gar singing "in the end" by Linkin park plopped against a very ancient looking tombstone fumbling through his pockets with an unlit cigarette in his mouth. Being too drunk to light his lighter Raven took a small bic out of her pocket and lit him. Taking a seat on a concrete bench she shook her head at how rough he was taking this. Taking a swig herself when gar offered her she ended up plopping next to him when she began to wobble herself.

As the two got up Raven managed to call a cab being former super heroes the press would have had a field day on reports of two former titans being picked up with a D.W.I. as gar's place was closer they got out at his place and tossed the cabbie his fair including a more than generous tip flopping upon Gar's couch they finished off the last of the alcohol severely inebriated which as anyone can tell you causes one to lose their inhibitions Raven then proceeded to grab him by the shirt and giving Gar the type of kiss she had always wanted to give him before Terra had come into the picture again. His eyes flashed open for just a moment in shock before he returned said kiss with interest

The next morning bright light was piercing her eyes which was the first sign she wasn't in her apartment. She felt warm surprisingly and very comfortable almost tempted to slip back to sleep when she noticed that someone was nuzzling her neck. Which made her realize why she was so warm under unfamiliar covers someone was holding her very close.

looking under the covers said someone was green and she was nude.. Slowly the fog of the hangover let her come to the conclusion evading her. As it came to her she began to freak out "oh My god! I fucked Beast Boy!"

which caused her powers to slip for the first time in several years causing the window across from the bed to break. Which in turn woke Gar, and his shock was even more apparent than hers checking under his blanket seeing the two of them commando.. He paled his head throbbing in pain. He hated himself even though Terra was dead it felt like he had cheated on her to him.

As Raven dressed in the upstairs bathroom adjusting her clothes from the funeral she was wearing a black formal gown black panty hose, and black very uncomfortable shoes the two had not said a word to each other since waking

both too much in shock for Raven she didn't know how to react she wanted to cry at the fact the first time she had known a man physically had been just a drunken mistake.. As her memories returned she remembered particular details of the previous night that brought a particular tingle to her.

Which frustrated her even more with the way he was making love to her the night before she was sure he was probably picturing "Her" using a portal she transported herself to the parking spot at cemetery her car was a black thunderbird from the late with vanity plates stating Nevermore she didn't know why she had chosen that car it was a bit masculine for her usual taste but when she saw it the first time when she was a struggling waitress who wrote in her free time she had fallen in love with the car, and after several weeks of Victor's tender loving care the car looked better than when it rolled off the assembly line roughly the same year as Raven herself was born. Climbing in she was in need of someone to talk to so she was heading to visit Kori across town. She had chosen Kori for three reasons one she was another woman, two she was not one to be judgmental, and three she didn't think she could be comfortable telling either victor or Richard about this.

Meanwhile Gar was pacing waiting for the doctor to let him see his son who he had named Terrance for the strong resemblance of his mother. Looking through the glass he looked almost nothing like him.

As he came back home Gar was carrying a bassinet about to carry him up to the crib he had set up earlier that week wheeling it into the bedroom. Sitting down on the bed he noticed the box again curiosity getting the better of him he opens it finding letters, presents, and other mementos he found a letter and began to read. Assuming it was one of his old love letters he had sent which was quickly eliminated as a possibility as rather risqué pictures fell out of the folded letter a man nude with the head cut off at the neck (the photo) holding terra's hips

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