Final Fantasy VII

You Are Never Coming Home

By LuckyLadybug

Notes: The characters aren't mine and this little ficlit is! I rarely write anything so short, but this is how the plunnie came. And I've tried to leave it vague, but for those in the know, it takes place near the end of Chapter Six of Crisis Core.

"Aren't you guys just being too soft on him?"

I said that to Tseng, when he told me you'd refused an order to go on a mission. I couldn't imagine! I mean, the great General Sephiroth, disobeying his superiors? How could they let him get away with it? I thought the military was all about discipline.

I was kinda mad at you back then, too, I guess. After what you'd said about Angeal and all. By that point I had to admit that he'd gone away, but I still didn't wanna admit why. I couldn't believe he'd betrayed us! And I was upset that you believed it so much. To me it was like you were betraying a comrade by just thinking him guilty without knowing.

Then Tseng told me later why you'd refused, because Genesis and Angeal were your only friends.

I'm not sure what I thought then. I think I was bowled over. I mean, you didn't seem like the kinda guy who'd want any friends. During the rest of that Wutaian mission, you were so cold and closed off. And yet at the same time, I dunno, you acted like you liked me. You ended up telling me that I'm a good SOLDIER and that you were proud to've worked with me. And you don't give out compliments easy, of course. So I was just kinda . . . WOW. Sephiroth thinks I'm good!

But I still couldn't figure out why you'd ignore the mission to get Genesis. Wouldn't it be better to go yourself instead of sending someone else? Then maybe you'd have a chance to reason with Genesis, and even Angeal, and help convince them to come back!

Now . . . I think I know why you refused. Was it because of what would happen if you couldn't convince them? And if you had to fight them yourself? And knowing the kind of pictures that'd be stuck in your mind forever after?

Oh God . . . if this is what you were afraid of . . . then I wish I'd refused too.