Drabbles by me. Funny thing, I've never written short things like this before, it's quite scary actually. Some of these are Gelphie and others well… Not. I'm not so keen on Fiyeraba, I think Fiyerio's quite annoying. In the musical anyway. But there might sneak in some of that too, who knows.

So, first posting in the Wicked area… Again, quite scary. But in celebration of me finally getting the Wicked book I decided that I should write something.

Rating: K
Pairing: Gelphie
Disclaimer: Don't own…

A touch

As their fingers met under the table she felt the warmth spread throughout her body, giving her chills running down her back. It was just a slight touch, but it meant so much to both of them. Trying not to show emotion their hands clasped together and Elphaba let out small sigh. She took a look at the wonderful green eyes and the blond hair and gave the owner a smile before turning back to her food, which was still untouched.

Her heart raced and not only by an extraordinary feeling of skin meeting skin, but the idea of someone catching them. It would lead to questions and Galinda would surely be too scared to continue their little… What it ever could be.

She took another look at her face and Galinda's eyes met hers. Both blushed and Elphaba squeezed her hand, feeling it press back. Right there she understood that it didn't matter if every person found out. The importance didn't lay in keeping a secret, but loving the person sitting beside you and giving them everything you could. She smiled a small smile and tried to focus on her food and not the warm hand holding hers.

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