So, it's been a while… I will shamelessly blame school. I graduate in two weeks, which means that the teachers give us loads of work. It has not been pretty. So, anyway, this was the best I could do. I have not been feeling very inspirited lately and I don't know why. It's sad. But hopefully it'll go away soon.

Rated: T, maybe high T… Depending on how sensitive some of you are.
Pairing: Gelphie

I know

Glinda let her hand slowly stroke over Elphaba's slender back. The black hair laid spread over the pillows and she softly let her nose brush against it. It smelled like Elphaba. She kissed her neck and let her tongue taste the salt that was left on her body.

Elphaba pushed Glinda over and let her fingers touch the sensitive skin right below the left breast of her blonde beauty. The woman let out a soft moan and grasped the black hair trying to coax her love to the breast that needed attention.

"Will you be here in the morning?" She let out a gasp as green lips closed around her pink nipple.

"Maybe." Lips met and one hand travelled south, neither of them knowing who was where.

"I'd die without you, you know."

Glinda's hands clutched the white sheets and arched her body towards Elphaba, letting out a loud moan and bit down on the green shoulder.

"I know."