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Eventual SasoDei and established PeinKonan.

All of the Akatsuki except for Deidara are vampire's. It's an modern day AU.:3.

Extra Note: Don't judge based off this chapter. It may be going under for editing in the future,:p.

Warning for possible out of character-ness and shounen-ai.

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The clay bird disappeared in puff of smoke and after being fairly certain there was no one else there, he left to check out his new surroundings and find a spot to camp out for the night.

It was late and he had landed in a darker spot of a park to dispose of the clay bird he had been flying on for a while. It was easy enough to find the walkway since it there was a street lamp every five feet or so, making it well lit.

A light breeze came through and a slight eerie feeling came with it, he was unable to put a finger on it. Unaware of the fact he was being watched.

Maroon eyes turned away from his spot in the shadows.


"Your certain?" A man with raven hair asked. A man with red hair nodded. "I'll feed from this one and return later."

"Well Itachi, let's go find our dinner then." The two looked at the blue skinned man who was leaning against a tree. The raven haired man turned to his partner after giving a quick nod to the red head and the two left in the shadows.


He was still walking along the path when he was suddenly pinned against a tree and looking into maroon eyes. "Cooperate and this will be over with quickly."

It took the blond a second to regain his senses, he hadn't detected this guy at all earlier. The man was moving his mouth toward his neck and for a moment he thought he saw fangs, not wanting to find out, he kneed him in the stomach and the man was off of him and clutching his stomach giving time for him to escape.

He took off with no direction in particular and ran. Just as long as he was able to ditch the strange red head, who had since regained his composure and was smirking. It had been a long time since he had prey like this.

Naturally he couldn't let the blond win, he took off after him.


He made it to a small clearing in the park. 'How big is this place, un?' He frowned since had yet to find his way out. 'I need to find a safer place soon, un.' He was getting tired and had taken the precaution of having a few small bombs ready in case something else happened.

After sitting down against a tree for a moment to catch his breath the same man from earlier stepped into the open. Deidara looked at the red head and saw he was wearing a black cloak with red clouds on it. "I have the worst luck, un."

The man had a cocky smile on his face. "I haven't had prey like you in long time." His expression changed for a moment. "Still a bit troublesome though." He started over to the blond.

"Your a vampire right? I saw your fangs earlier, un." His question had made the red head stop in his tracks. "Observant. Then you know this will end better if you cooperate rather then fight me."

The blond stood up, a playful smirk on his own face. "Sorry, un. I don't plan on being anybodies dinner."

The red head charged at the blond who exploded one of his bombs creating a small smoke screen. The red head sensed the attack coming from the back and turned in time to block the punch and counter by kicking the blond sending him backward.

Deidara landed on his side and was panting for a moment while he tried to get up. The red head was a good few feet away and was not seen by the two people that appeared on a tree's branch not far away from where Deidara was.

They both had white animal masks. One had a cat mask and the other a bird mask.

The one with the cat mask spoke. "You are to return with us immediately."

"No way in hell, un!" He quickly sent a bomb at them but they each jumped in different directions avoiding the explosion.

They were on either side of him, the man with red hair was still in the shadows annoyed at this point. His patience had began wearing out when the blond attacked him.

"This is your last warning. Come with us peacefully or we will attack." The one with bird mask spoke.

By now Deidara was standing, in his current condition he didn't think he'd have much of a chance. Even if he defeated them, there was the matter of the red headed vampire that he couldn't tell if he left or not.

"I'm never going back to that place, un." He spat out the sentence with a hint of venom in his voice, he lacked the energy to even transform at this point.

The two had since gotten out their kunai and went in for the attack. Deidara jumped into the air as they came in close enough and he sent a little clay butterfly at them that he detonated as he landed a little distance away, his legs gave out on him right after he landed.

The explosion got one of them since the one in they bird mask was clutching her left left arm tightly as blood flowed from it.

He didn't spot the man in cat mask until it was too late as he was bringing the kunai down. For a moment he could have sworn things were in slow motion since the vampire from earlier had came from nowhere and attacked the man who was about to kill him.

He blinked for a second as looked up at the red head. "Why, un?" He didn't have time to get his question answered though as two other figures appeared. A raven haired man and another one with blue skin and darker blue hair. Both wearing the same cloak as the red haired man.

"We heard the explosions, is everything alright?" Itachi asked the red haired man who nodded.

Not to be forgotten the two with masks were up again. "We have no business with you three, so it would best if you left the demon to us." The woman in the bird mask nodded after he finished speaking.

The red haired man glanced down at the brat with a questioning look.

While the two had been talking Deidara had sent a couple of clay bugs over to where they were standing. They would be weak since he was running low on energy, but they would have to do. He formed a sign with his hands and looked at the two masked bastards. "Katsu!" The clay bombs exploded.

He shakily got to his feet knowing those wouldn't kill them since they were more smoke then anything. However time had not been on his side as the two emerged from the smoke and started to go after him.

Neither of the attacks came as the raven haired man and the blue haired man had each one blocked. The blue haired man turned to him almost grinning. "You mind if we take these two off your hands?"

He nodded. "Sure, un."

The raven haired man and the blue haired one took no time in taking the two out and wordlessly they picked up the two and left for somewhere nearby to go feed from them.


"Damn." the red head muttered feeling a little light headed. He hadn't fed yet. The blond who had since sat back down, looked up at him. "You okay, un?"

The red haired man was now, annoyed, it was four in the morning and he had to feed. "Thanks to these interruptions I have wasted too much time."

He didn't look down at the brat, only ahead with a seemingly blank expression on his face.

A second later he felt a tug at his cloak at looked at the brat. "What?"

Here,un." He held out his arm to the vampire who looked at him incredulously.

"You need blood right, un?" This was true, Itachi and Kisame were probably still feeding on their own victims and the sun would be coming out soon. It wouldn't look good to be caught feeding on people during the daylight hours.

"Why the sudden change?" The blond smiled. "You kinda of saved my life earlier. It seems fair to return the favor,un."

The vampire sat down beside him and the blond brat held out his arm again. He raised an eyebrow when he saw a tongue sticking out for a second.

Deidara looked away for a second when he realized what the man had seen. "They don't bite unless I make them, un."

"What's your name brat?" The blond frowned slightly. "I'm not a brat and my names Deidara. What's yours, un?" The red head just looked at him for a second, normally he didn't have idle conversation with his prey. "Sasori." He looked the blonds arm and then at him."Your certain?"

"Of course, I can control them, un." Sasori gave a low sigh."That's not what I meant." "Go ahead, un."

Deidara flinched for a moment as he felt the fangs pierce his flesh. A little blood escaped the vampire and fell off his arm. He started feeling light headed but didn't move, this was the busiest night of his life so far.

Besides, when this was over he knew Sasori would leave and he would continue on his way as well.

A couple of silence filled minutes later Sasori removed his fangs and looked at Deidara who had decided now would be a good time to pass out from the nights events.

He looked at Deidara's passed out form. Part of him wanted to know more about him, earlier those two people had referred to him as a monster after all. Picking up the blond he went to re-group with Itachi and Kisame and then head back to the lair.


Authors Note:

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I know there are some things here that don't make sense but will in later/upcoming chapters.:3.

No, Deidara is not a werewolf. He's something else altogether.

This was also my first time writing Itachi and Kisame kinda.

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