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Authors Note:

More useful plot stuff shall be revealed within.:3.

This is fun to write..

I'm kind of winging it with Hidan's fighting since I'm not really sure

how he fights.;;.

(02/25/2008, 02:07am. Forgot to mention why Dei's bombs don't do more damage, he's only trying to stop him. Not kill him.)

Zetsu: Dark half. Light half.


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The clearing was empty save for himself and Hidan. He couldn't pick up on anyone's presence there, but knew that he was being watched.

"I'm not going easy on you Blondie." He said with a cocky smirk on his face as he revealed a three bladed scythe.

"I wouldn't want you to, un." Already slipping his hand into his pouch. He'd be sure to keep as much distance as possible until his creation was ready.

Hidan started to charge at him with the scythe and waiting for the right moment he jumped back to avoid the attack and sent his now finished creation down near the guy. Quickly forming a hand sign he shouted "Katsu!" and the little clay bird exploded.

Setting more distance between himself and Hidan, he started forming a few little clay spiders in his hand.

"I am going to fcking get you for that!" He stated with anger in his tone and then started after the blond again.

Deidara had three tiny spiders in his hand and sent them on ahead. Forming the hand sign again and shouted. "Katsu!" Again detonating them, though unlike last time this didn't stop the larger man. Despite the fact he was now bleeding noticeably worse from the attack.

The man charged through the smoke and surprised him for a second before he moved out of the way. Nearly getting hit with the weapon.

'I know what'll stop him, un.' He kept moving around the area while working a on something slightly larger and more effective against Hidan.

Hidan on the other hand seemed to enjoy almost killing him. Not too long later after using almost everything left of his clay, he had a bigger bomb ready for use.

"You're fcking fast Blondie. But now it's over." He added the last part a little menacingly.

"Fine, un." Returning the look he had a slight smirk on his own face since the attack should finish him.

He shot the clay centipede from his hand and it headed fast towards Hidan, who attempted to cut the thing down with his scythe but the bug evaded and wrapped around him as he formed the hand sign again.

"Enough." A voice echoed slightly through the clearing. He recognized it as Leaders voice. Dropping the hand sign, he made the bug move some distance away and exploded it.

Leader jumped into sight and walked up to Deidara. "Come with me." He turned and started to walk off back the way he had came with Sasori.


They had gone back into what he guessed was Leaders room or office. He sat down behind the desk motioning for him to sit in the chair in front of the desk.

"You passed the test." He almost sounded pleased.

"Really, un?" Not sure whether to be happy about it or not.

"Now, do you know why we need someone else around here that isn't exactly avampire?"

"No idea, un." Sasori hadn't really told him anything about it.

"There's another group of people that have been trying to capture and or kill us on some occasions."

He nodded in understanding since he knew what that was like.

"Now as you may have guessed we are not like a majority of our kind in existence. We have something that makes us stand out a little bit more." His eyes narrowed slightly. "But we still have some of the problems that normal vampires have."

"Like being stabbed in the heart with a wooden spike right, un?" He read about it before.

"Something like that." He gave the blond a brief questioning look before continuing. "Now, what you would do is use your abilities against these people since you have not nor would you be turned into one of us."

He understood since if these people came equipped to fight them, he stood a better chance and first time around there's a chance he'd have the element of surprise on his side.

Leader continued. "In return you will become an Akatsuki member and like the others be under our protection. You will also be living with us and be Sasori's partner."

"Okay, un." Not really sure what else to say. It sounded better than what he had been doing previously.

"Ah, yes, we also sometimes take on bounty's for money whenever the time arises. You are dismissed."

He got up to leave and had his hand on the doorknob when Leader spoke again. "I know you're not fully human, but we don't question pasts here. Remember that."

He had a feeling there was something else to the mans words but left quietly. ///////////\\\\\\//////\\\\\\\///////\\\\\\\\\//////\\\\\////////////

He left the room and Sasori was leaning against the wall across the hallway. Looking up his face had that same impassive look as earlier. "Well?"

"I passed, un." He smiled at saying it but remembered one other thing. Suddenly not sure how Sasori would take it. "And he said I'm your partner, un."

This got more of the vampire's attention since he locked eyes with the blond for a moment. "Follow me then." 'I don't need another partner...' He wouldn't say this to the blond since he hadn't exactly done anything to earn his wrath just yet.

Taking off down the hallway he followed the red head. He wondered for a moment if did something wrong by saying he was his partner.

Reaching the end of the hallway he followed him up a staircase. They stopped a few doors down from what he knew was Sasori's room. Sasori turned the handle and motioned for him to follow.

"This will be your room, brat. It's a little dusty but none of us have really used it before."

"You mean it, un?" This was better than the smaller room he had back at the lab.

Sasori looked at the younger male, he seemed a bit cheery for someone taken to a house full of vampires, not to mention just getting through fighting just barely an hour ago. He could wonder what made the blond this way but asking about each others pasts was a big no-no around the place.

"Probably best for you to see the other members so they don't try anything. Especially Zetsu, he might mistake you for dinner." The red head made a motion for him to follow again. ///////\\\\\\///\\\\\//////////////\\\\\\\\\\\/////////////\\\\\\\\\

While the two were headed toward the kitchen once again, they saw a tallplant looking man being followed by the orange masked man from earlier. The aforementioned masked one saw them and came over.

"Tobi heard that you passed and that you'll be around for awhile." He held out his hand to the blond who had a hesitant look on his face all of a sudden.

He cautiously shook the others hand. "Tobi right, un?"

The plant man walked over to them, he looked at the blond almost like he was dinner. "You can't eat him Zetsu." Deidara looked over at Sasori who was standing to his left.

"So we take it you will be around for quiet sometime." He said and Deidara could see that half of the plant man was white and the other half black with seemingly glowing yellow eyes, with green hair and looked like he standing in a Venus fly-trap. He too was wearing a cloak and left the blond to believe that that was the uniform or something along those lines.

There was a brief name exchange and then Sasori and Zetsu agreeing about not wanting to be late for something, the blond wasn't sure what they meant but they continued on towards the kitchen. ////////\\\\\\\\\//////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\///////\\\\\\\\/////////// \\\\\\\//////////\\\\\\\\\/////////////////\\\\\\/////////\\\\\\\\\\

A man with long white hair tied off at the end surveyed the remains of his lab. "So, this is all that's left, eh." he asked more or the less thinking out loud. He shifted the clipboard under his arm as he looked at his two companions.

One man with dark brown, messy hair and green eyes, though it was hard to nearly impossible to tell since he was wearing sunglasses. The other, a woman with evenly cut shoulder length red hair and brown eyes.

"Do you want us to send out the tracking squad?" She questioned while crossing her arms.

"Not yet. We need to set up at the new base first." He turned back to the ruins of the former lab. "Besides, a creature like him won't be able to hide very well on it's own."

"Understood." Her gaze lingering to the rubble.

"Let's go. There is nothing salvageable left here."

The three turned and headed to the van parked nearby.


It was around two in the morning and Sasori had yet to be able to sleep. He had been looking out into the night for awhile now. The moon was shining brightly amongst a sky full of stars.

Before they left to go find their dinner, Pein had made the announcement thus making it official the blond was his partner.

He wasn't sure about having Deidara for a partner, while he had brought him there, he wasn't one hundred percent sure what to expect.

Broken from his reverie of thought with a light tapping at the door. "Come in." He knew who it was.

Deidara quietly entered closing the door softly behind him. "What is it brat?"

"I wanted to thank you Sasori Danna, un." He said looking down at the ground. Ignoring the 'brat' comment.

The name caught his attention. "What did you call me?" he looked at him awaiting the answer.

"Well, you saved my life, un." Sasori could read the blonds face, there was something else there. "That can't be the only reason, you already repaid that when you willingly let me feed from you." His eyes narrowing slightly.

"That's one reason. That and you're one of the only people who hasn't been well...mean, un." He gave a half hearted smile not wanting to elaborate further on it. "Good night Danna, un." He left before Sasori could ask him anything else on the matter.


Authors Note: I wanted to add more here but decided that kinda looked like a better ending for this chapter.

Oh, and for those who are curious. Next chapter will have a time skip of one month, the aforementioned vampire hunters will be coming and a much bigger idea of what Dei is shall be revealed. Expect fighting.:3.

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