a/n: well here it is the final chapter. i think it could have been better but well the point was a small epilogue just to cap things off. anyway i'd would like to thank my reviewers for giving me the confidence to post this! its been a blast!


The gentle knock at the door was a little unexpected. The doctors and nurses generally didn't bother knocking and everyone important was already there. Lois was sitting up in the hospital bed with a lap full of presents. Martha was seated in a chair next to the bed admiring a blanket the General had sent Lois. Chloe was seated on the end of the bed helping Lois to unwrap all the goodies. Clark was walking slowly around the hospital room a small pink bundle cradled in his arms. So when the knock came at the door they were understandably confused. When the door opened and Lana poked her head in they were a little shocked.

'Hi,' she greeted nervously. 'I heard the news and thought I'd come by to say congratulations.'

She held up a big soft teddy bear and smiled uncertainly. After a moment of shocked silence Martha seemed to snap back.

'That's very nice of you, Lana. Would you like to meet my granddaughter?'

'It's a girl?'

'She's a girl,' Martha smiled, she had that look that all new grandmothers get, the one that says she thought this new baby was the most perfect thing in the whole entire world.

Lana approached Clark hesitantly, aware that everyone was watching her. Its not like she could blame them, she had spent the last five months trying to avoid them. Seeing the small baby Clark was holding she couldn't help grinning in awe. She looked first to Clark and then to Lois.

'She's perfect.'

A little taken aback by Lana's behaviour it took Lois a moment to respond.

'Thanks Lana.'

'So what's her name?'

Clark looked to Lois for permission to be the one to tell the first person outside of their little family.

'Isabella Lara Kent.'

'I like it,' Lana smiled.

It was then that the other people in the room realized just how much it had taken for Lana to come here and it meant a lot that she was making the effort. This was her way of letting them know that she had come to terms with it and she was now happy to accept her role in Clark's life and that she at least wanted to make a go of being friends.

Lana approached Lois on the bed and handed her the soft bear. A look passed between them and Lois nodded.

'Thank you.'