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The Royal Idiot

Written by purpleblush017

. : Prologue : .

People might think that I'm the most idiot person in the whole village, or even in the entire galaxy. That if there's a contest regarding the dumbest one, I'd sure win first prize, hands-down.

Well, I couldn't blame those people who think so. I can surely admit that I, Uzumaki Naruto am not the best pickle in the jar. I even have to repeat the same grade thrice. I was also given the title 'dead-last' for literally graduating as the last in class standing.

When it comes to things that need using the brain, I'm damned. People would often retort and say that I don't have a brain to begin with. Well, let I'll tell them a little something—I'm just a slow learner. Period. Say another word and I'll Rasengan your ass to the next village.


Anyway, as I was saying, I may probably be an idiot. But there's someone who I know that could really surpass my legacy. Someone who is definitely clueless with regards to his own feelings. Someone who lives within the safe border of his walls. Someone who doesn't accept things outside the portrait of the ninja beliefs and teachings.

Who is this person you ask? Drum roll, please.

(Drum roll)

The acclaimed heartthrob, voted no. 1 hunk in the Konoha Haven Magazine (must be some kind of porn magazine women are into), the cocky pain in the ass ANBU captain, one of the most self-conceited bastards of Konoha today, the last lineage of his family, the person most women dream about while having wet dreams, the person people loved to hate and hated to love.The one and only—

Uchiha Sasuke.

Yes. Aside from his looks and his intellectual superiority, he outranks me when it comes to stupidity and idiocy.


Because he let anger and hatred envelope his life to the point he lost control of it. When he had finally defeated his damnated brother, it was then, I knew, he knew that the road he took was misled. It took him, what—three years! Three years just to figure it all out! And people call him smart? Geez.

You still don't believe me, don't you? You still think that I'm more than an idiot than him. Right? Well, let me prove you wrong.

Sasuke-teme tells people to go take a hike somewhere and leave him alone. But what he really needed is their presence, our presence. The loving warmth that he's longing for. He rejects the sole thing that can give him the solitary finement that he mostly needed.

Speaking of rejection, he keeps on rejecting the most obvious thing in the world.

He loves.

"Stop telling nonsense. This is a waste of my time." Sasuke-teme told me and ran off when I mentioned it the first time. I grinned at that moment. Because no matter how he tried to hide it, I saw the faint blush on his cheeks. That damn bastard just gave me the evidence I need to support my theory.

Uchiha Sasuke, the same person who claimed he has no heart, as ironic as it may seem, is capable of loving. That, in his own sick and twisted way, he cares deeply.

Too much that he doesn't even realize it. Too much that to him it just became habitual. Too much that he'd become blind to his own feelings.

And that's what made me believe that he deserved the no. 1 Idiot trophy than me. Because I noticed. Because I saw the evidences. The truth behind the lies. The real thing behind the high walls of his security.

The little secret I'm keeping to myself, planning to use it as blackmail later on.

Uchiha Sasuke is in love. So madly in love with the person he vowed to never fall for. In love with the person he not only once but twice tried to kill. In love with the kunoichi everyone dreamed of having. In love with the person who started shielding herself from love.

Eh? You ask for the evidences that I have gathered? Isn't it obvious enough? Didn't you see the way he looked at her? The way his eyes soften, how he reacts when he's with her. Didn't you see it? Well, too bad for you. But don't worry, there's no stopping the love tonight.

Can you feel the love tonight? The peace the evening brings. The world for once, in perfect harmony…

No matter how people try to avoid it, the inevitable always happen.

Uchiha Sasuke seems unconsciously in love with Haruno Sakura.

Thus, the Hidden Leaf Village will soon crumble into pieces.

And I, Uzumaki Naruto, will definitely have fun. Payback time, teme!