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This is a weird little scene that's been on my computer in one form or another for a while. Still trying to get a feel for writing Riddick. I suppose you can consider this a little bit AU.

Sweeter than Fear

Riddick had known Carolyn Fry for precisely one day and one night.

He sometimes wondered if she could see him from whatever place the dead ended up. If she could, Riddick imagined she would be looking pretty smug around now.

Look what I did to you, Riddick – you aren't such a complete bastard after all.

And then he'd think it was a shame you couldn't kill a memory.

In any case she would be wrong.

Riddick was sure now that if she'd lived he would have destroyed her. She made it far too tempting.

Sure, Carolyn had wanted him, as messed up as she'd been after that crash. But she'd been frightened too – of him, of herself.

That fear was a drug, a siren song that had been calling him for as long as he'd known what sex was. He craved that heady bloom that rose in tantalising waves from her skin, the quickening breaths and her pulse kicking into high gear when she realised that she was alone with him.

Fear – beautiful, addictive but not sustaining. Death had been kinder to her than he would have been in his drive to elicit that primitive response.

But then he'd discovered something sweeter, more seductive, than fear.

Desperate and afraid, she would have said anything to reach him.

"There's got to be some part of you that wants to rejoin the human race."

She had wanted him to be more than a cold blooded killer, needed reassurance that there was something redeemable in everyone, needed hope that she could be redeemed too.

Riddick had laughed at the absurdity of it. She hadn't understood a goddamn thing. She thought he had gone back with her for Jack and Imam because she had persuaded him that it was the "right thing to do." Nothing more than an aberration no doubt, but what she was aiming for.

The truth hadn't been quite so noble.

Riddick was rarely motivated by anything but self-interest and self preservation. It was a need to control the situation more than a willingness to risk his life for theirs.

They seemed hell bent on survival, especially Carolyn, and if some rescue ship turned up or they somehow made it then so did he. Stories of him would be told and a new round of cat and mouse with mercs, cops and whoever happened to be holding a grudge would begin.

Besides he wasn't oblivious to the practical advantages of travelling with two such harmless looking companions. If he had them where he could see them he could kill them later.

And in the mean time he would get to play with the pretty, guilt-ridden docking pilot who seemed to think he could be a good man. He looked forward to proving her wrong.

Crazy odds never fazed Riddick and he was totally confident of his decisions right up until the second he moved aside that rock and heard, "Never had a doubt!"

That was when he started to develop a taste for something other than fear.