Was the whole Stargate 'thing' worth what they went through...what they were put through? Jack ponders this post season 8.

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Spoilers: Anything from Season 1-8 is fair game.

Just a little fluff-bunny that's been sitting in my head for a few days. Of course, season 9 and 10 don't exist, though I must say one of my favorite eps did come from Season 10 (200), to me...Stargate ended with Jack and Sam on the dock, and believe me they weren't just talking about fishing then. (in my mind anyway). So I take a bit of creative license with that.

So this story happens...sometime after that scene. :) Fluffy as always. Okay, maybe not Persian Cat fluff...maybe shag-pile rug fluff.

I know I promised new chapters to all my stories this week, but a girl at one of my jobs called in sick (with the flu) so I've been working 9 hour shifts every day since I updated Moebius - Before The Credits rolled...been a long week in other words. I SHOULD have time this week to get it all onto my laptop.

I've been asking myself this question for years. Was it worth it? The whole SGC experience, was it really worth it…I mean in the grand scheme of things? I lost a lot at the SGC, especially during my first year as CO. With every man I sent through that gate that didn't return, I felt a tiny bit more of my humanity being stripped away…and to be honest, by that stage I didn't have much left. I lost friends…like Kawalsky…like Janet, even though she was like Hitler with the needles, she was a friend, loyal to the very end.

I also gained so much at the SGC, I got my life back really…if it weren't for that first mission I wouldn't be here today…I would have swallowed that bullet a long time ago. And for that I will always be thankful, because the SGC…it was an adventure of a lifetime, something humanity has dreamed about for as long as they have studied the skies. Traversing the galaxy, exploring new planets, meeting new races and flying in great big honking spaceships with even bigger guns! I met Daniel, and watched him transform from a naïve scholar to a brilliant negotiator in even the toughest of situations, without ever losing sight of the goal. I met Teal'c, the backbone of our little family, silently supporting us all…and he was one that was always there to lend an ear if we needed to talk, always. And Carter…god…she hit me like a tidal wave, right from the get go, of course she was beautiful that was the first thing I noticed. But she has a fire, a spark that I saw hidden beneath the calm military exterior. And of course that incredible brain of hers...can't ever forget that.

So back to my original question, was it worth it? Was it worth the pain…from the bullets, from the staff weapons and from losing friends, was it worth the emotional and physical suffering we went through, from mind stamps, to torture to being brought back from the dead (several times in Daniels' case.)

To me, the answer is easy. And she comes in the form of 7 pound, 8 ounce baby girl. Who I just know is going to have her mamma's eyes and brains, and her daddy's untamable chestnut hair. For 9 years I questioned whether it was worth it…and in one instant, when that nurse handed me my baby girl and she blinked up at me and wrapped her tiny hand around my finger and my wife, my gorgeous, beautiful wife blinked tears of joy back…I knew my answer…it was so worth it. Every moment of pain, or heartache, and…everything we went through, all the years of waiting, and hoping and longing all of it…it was worth it for this one single moment.

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