Ritsuka lay on his bed sadly, feeling lonely. His thoughts only filled with one person. He sighed then picked up his cell phone, hoping for a message from his beloved.

Nothing. Ritsuka sighed heavily once again and then placed the phone on his nightstand. Suddenly the front door slammed shut. Ritsuka's knew that this meant mother was leaving. A rush of happiness flew through the young boy, as he raced to his cell phone. Just as he reached his room, a smile still plastered on his face, the phone rang. Ritsuka cocked his head to the side in confusion, but picked it up.

"Hello?" Ritsuka asked happily. "Ritsuka, I love you." The voice replied. "Hello Sobi." Ritsuka replied ecstatically. "Your mother has left hasn't she?" Sobi asked coolly. "How do you know this?" Ritsuka asked confused. "You sound happy, for once." Sobi teased. "Oh whatever." Ritsuka said annoyed. "Does this mean I'm aloud over now, I've missed you, Ritsuka." Sobi replied. "I guess." Replied Ritsuka. Suddenly an idea popped into his head, he smiled widely at this. "Just give me 1 hour okay?" Ritsuka asked excitedly. "Are you planning something special for me?" Sobi teased. Ritsuka just laughed and hung up. Yet before he hung up he heard Sobi say sweetly "I love you." Ritsuka smiled at this. "I love you too." Ritsuka whispered once the phone was hung up.

Ritsuka then ran into his kitchen. Ritsuka's plan was His plan, to make Sobi something sweet. Ritsuka ripped through the kitchen, to find nothing good. His frustration only growing. Then in the way back of the cupboard he saw, cookie dough mix. Ritsuka's tail wagged happily at the sight of this. He ripped it out of the cupboard and began cooking.

1 hour later

"DAMN YOU MIX ALREADY!!!!!" Ritsuka yelled stirring the batter with intensity, stabbing the wooden spoon into the bowl viciously. Sobi quietly entering at the same time this was being shouted. Sobi giggled to himself and walked into the kitchen. Inside was a picture perfect scene. Dressed in a pink apron and a white hat, Ritsuka was in the middle of the kitchen, stabbing a bowl of "cookie dough" and the kitchen was covered in flour, sugar, icing and batter "could he get any more feminine?" Sobi thought to himself laughing. Ritsuka turned around and his face became forty different shades of red.

"Oh, Sobi what are you doing here, you ruined it!" Ritsuka yelled, shaking the wooden spoon at Sobi. "I'm right on time." Sobi said laughing. Ritsuka's faced bunched up in anger, and then he slumped to the floor in sadness. "I wanted to make you something sweet Sobi." He said sadly. Sobi smiled, could this boy get any cuter?Sobi thought to himself. Sobi then picked Ritsuka and hugged him tightly. Ritsuka sniffled slightly.

Sobi then turned Ritsuka around, so they faced each other. Sobi gently whipped the tears that streamed out of Ritsuka's eyes.

"The only thing sweet I want it you." Sobi said softly, kissing Ritsuka.

My first Loveless Fic! Hope you enjoyed the fluffiness!

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