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Chapter One

As close my eyes and I drift off to sleep, I dream that I'm laying here in our warm bed with your strong arms around me and you reach out and touch my belly and feel our child move beneath your hand and you whisper "Soon my little one soon you will be born.

I close my eyes and think of you and then I see your loving face and hear the words again as you say to me "I love you my loving wife." Tears fall down my face as I remember how we first met and how we fought like cat and dogs at first, then as time went on I grew to love you as much and you loved me.

Our child moves again and I feel you hand rub my belly and I can feel your smile as you bend down and place a kiss right over where our child lays and then the baby settles down. I love to dream of us together and every night to you come to me and it is like the way it use to be.

You hold me and we laugh and you tell me how much you love me and our child, then as the sun begins to rise and I start to awake I look for you but you're no where to be found. I open my eyes and then I realize that it was only a dream and I touch my belly and our child begins to move as if the baby can tell how sad I really am.

There is a knock on the door and as I say "Come in" the door opens and there stands Ryou and he smiles at me and says "Good morning." I smile back and then as if he can tell he walks over and takes my hand and he softly says "I miss him too."

Then as if on cue the baby starts to move and I smile and Ryou reaches out and places his hand on the spot and says "It won't be long before this little comes into the world."

I close my eyes and softly say "I wish that Bakura was here to witness our child's birth."

Ryou reaches out and wipes my tears away and he says "He's here with us and I know that he's so very proud of you and he will see your child born."

Three days later our son is born and he comes into the world screaming and then as they place him into my arms he quiets down and I whisper "Don't cry little one mommy and daddy are here."

Then our son stops crying as he looks up as if he can see his father standing there next to me. They ask me what your name will be and I say proudly "His name is Amir Bakura Ryou Obed."(I don't really know what Bakura's real last name is so I'm giving him the last name Obed.) Our son smiles as if he likes his name and as I close my eyes you stand there and you say "I love you my Tea for giving me a son any man would be very proud of."

Ryou and the others come in and as I hold our son for all to see I close my eyes and your standing right next to us and I smile and our son goes back to sleep knowing that we will always be there for him.

As our child grows he starts to ask "Where's my daddy" and it brings tears to my eyes and then I smile and I tell him "Your daddy is in heaven with the Angels and he looks down on us and he sends us his love everyday.

Amir looks up towards heaven and he whispers "I love you too daddy."

Bakura died protecting not only Tea, their unborn child but Ryou too. He will be missed and loved by everyone who knew him.

Every night Tea closes her eyes and goes to sleep and she is once again in the arms of the man she loves...

THE END……………