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It was a sound like no other that Ultra Magnus bellowed when that fatal shot hit him. The ground shook with a groaning finality; the last place he would touch, function and feel in the tangible universe. He had been many places and seen many things, all of them encompassed by this war. A flickering thought danced across his processor, one he'd had many times before. One where he wished he could see the universe without war. He'd never have that chance now, but hopefully his efforts would ensure others did. He had lived and breathed war, wherever they had gone, it followed. It tried to crush his ideals, hungered to corrupt him, but could not do so. Ultra Magnus never faltered in his beliefs, it was for that reason that he was a pillar among whom many rested on. Even as he lay dying before his time, being kicked and beaten by Decepticons, he absolutely believed that someday there would be peace and harmony. War could not go on forever; time changed everything. No enemies were timeless, he firmly believed.

The beating suddenly ceased. Instead, it was replace by a large foot, square in his back.

"You've died for a worthless cause, Ultra Magnus," The voice snarled.

Magnus turned his head, resting it on the hard floor, "I've fought for peace and justice…until the end…for what I believe. My death…will not be in vain,"

"Can you say the same for the many other Autobots that have died horribly? Has anything changed? No. Think of all those who have given their lives up for your pathetic, lost cause..."

"Your words…do not fool me…Galvatron." Magnus struggled to speak, feeling like his entire chassis was caving in on his internal systems.

"You are dreaming Ultra Magnus, as you always have been," Galvatron chuckled darkly.

Magnus ignored him, continuing, "No Autobot dies in vain…we risk our lives so that… many more may live…in the future!" Magnus could feel himself slipping further. Things were beginning to close in around him, his world was gradually disappearing… But Galvatron would not let him go peacefully.

"FOOL!" Galvatron cursed, forcing his foot further into Magnus' abused back, "Admit you are wrong, and maybe some of your comrades won't suffer as much! It is why you are dying right now!" Galvatron paused, "You were wasted with the Autobots Ultra Magnus…such a pity. Under my rule, Cybertron will prosper. It will become the most powerful body in the universe, advancing my conquering of everything else.

"Where does it end…Galvatron…your greed will ultimately lead…to your own destruction…as it does with all tyrants…" Magnus could no longer see. Every word was an effort.

"Never! My way is the only way! In the throes of death, you must see the errors of your ways! Admit you were wrong!" Galvatron pounded him.

"'Til all are one," Magnus uttered, fading.

"Say it!" Galvatron shouted, adding another blow.

"'Til all…are one…"


"'Til all…are one…" He said until he spoke no more.

A/N: Originally, it was Metgatron in this part instead of Galvatron, but i realized that didn't make much sense for continuity sake (I have no idea why this didn't click with me in the first place.), so that has been edited.Thanks for reading, reviews are always appreciated! The next part will focus on Sunstreaker, which I'll be doing after completing chapter 5 of Energon.