Author's Note: Here's a dark story with a different kind of twist. Hope you like it. Ulyferal is acting as my beta for this story.

Dark clouds spread themselves over a large metropolis known as Megakat City. They blocked the moon and stars making the night an inky blackness except for the bursts of lightning streaking across the sky at irregular intervals followed by rumbling, window shaking thunder.

It felt like an omen of evil as rain began to pour down in sheets like the sky itself was crying in fear. Through this maelstrom, a cross-country bus struggled to navigate the wet slick highway into the city bringing newcomers wanting to start a new life and heading for the terminal to pick up Kats wanting to leave this city under siege from super criminals.

The driver leaned closer to his windshield hoping in vain to see the road a little better through the spattering rain that the windshield wipers was barely dealing with. He would be glad to reach the terminal. It was some time after midnight and this was his last run for the night until he left again in the morning. He took a quick glance in the rearview mirror at the single passenger he still had aboard. The Kat had dark brown fur and had short black hair with golden eyes that held a strange glint in them. He didn't know why, but the stranger made him uneasy and sent a shiver up his spine. He would be very glad to dump this guy at the terminal.

Turning his wipers to max he was relieved to see the terminal finally loom in the darkness. He swung the huge bus in a sharp turn and pulled into his usual spot. "Megakat City, last stop," He called then climbed off quickly so that he didn't have to deal with the stranger.

The stranger slipped his backpack over one shoulder and debarked. He squinted against the rain as he walked down from the terminal ramp to a bus stop. He was fairly soaked by the time an empty city bus finally pulled up. He climbed aboard and dropped a bus token into the slot and took a seat a short distance from the driver.

The city bus driver was tired. It was the end of his shift and he was ready for home. He was glad he didn't have anyone waiting at home so he could just grab a bite and flop in front of the TV. The last passenger was a bit strange. He looked into his rearview mirror for a moment and met a cold, scary pair of eyes. A chill ran down his spine and he swallowed nervously.

'Woah! What a creepy guy!' He thought uneasily.

His route took him through a half dozen stops but the passenger didn't seem inclined to get off. This made the driver even more nervous. Finally, though, the stranger seemed to have seen something through the window and reached for the cord.

The driver brought the bus to a smooth stop and the passenger shouldered his dark backpack and came forward and took two steps down the steps then stopped before getting off, to look back up at the driver with those scary eyes. This made the driver even more nervous. Something just wasn't right about this Kat. Everything in him said this stranger was dangerous in some way.

"Is s-s-something w-w-wrong, sir?" He asked, so rattled he actually stuttered.

The 'kat' suddenly smirked and it wasn't nice. It had an evil twist to it.

"You're afraid of me aren't you?" The 'Kat' drawled slowly in a voice that could freeze water.

"Uh...n-n-no sir! I…" The driver tried to deny but was interrupted by the stranger.

"Liar. You are afraid...that's good. It means you know when there are dangerous creatures around." The 'Kat' said with that evil smirk still twisting his lips. He looked away a moment before turning back and saying, "I would have let you live if you had told the truth but since you didn' will be the first victim from my kind to be visited on yours."

The driver never got the chance to scream as a high powered jolt of electricity was sent through his body, killing him instantly. Even dead, the body still twitched then burned. The stranger didn't cease his attack until the unfortunate victim was totally crisped. Pleased with himself, the stranger stepped the rest of the way off the bus and walked into the rain.

He walked back down the street toward a house he'd seen through the bus window. He was even more soaked then before. He turned his head up toward the sky and smiled.

"So, this city is used to the strange and bizarre. That's a good sign. Then they won't notice when they are overrun by another race until its too late." He said aloud in amusement. He stopped at the house and studied it a moment in the rain and gloom.

It was abandoned, the paint was peeling and the roof needed repair. The lawn was nothing but dirt and the door was hanging open. Still smiling he walked up the crumbled sidewalk and through the door. He closed it behind him and dropped his backpack onto the dirty floor. There was no carpet, only a dark and pitted wood floor. The windows were so grimy you couldn't see out of them. Everywhere you looked was decay and despair.

"I'm home." He proclaimed loudly with a pleased look at his new abode.

His voice echoed eerily around him. He had returned to the city of his birth. His smile vanished as he remembered his past. His family was in shreds. Father and mother were dead...killed by the one he hunted down and killed. His twin sister had vanished somewhere in this benighted city. But the last straw was when Kat kind had killed his mate. The reason was for money! They had killed her even though she had done what they had asked her to do...they still killed her. Fury, anguish and hatred had consumed his soul since that terrible time and now he was back.

"Amy." He whispered his mate's name before turning his golden eyes to the window to stare out into the dark night. "My kind will no longer be persecuted. We will take over this city and enslave them to our will just as they had done to us long ago." He swore.