Dark Silence

By: Matrix Taylor

Type: Dark Romance

Rated: M (For Later Mature Content)

From: Christine Feehan's Carpathian series

AUTHOR'S NOTE: An idea I woke up with at 1:00 A.M.

Disclaimer: Any characters from Christine Feehan's book do not belong to me. Baby Gabriel, Michael, and Dyana are mine… As are any other non-cannon characters I introduce. Sooooo, please read and review!

PROLOGUE: Imperfection

Dyana quickly and quietly walked through the halls of Shands Hospital carefully concealing the small, white bundle in a coat she was wearing over her hospital gown. She used her mental ability to not only distract the doctors, nurses and other patients in the hospital but also shielded her thoughts from her lifemate, Michael. Their minds had to touch on a regular basis. She knew how unhappy and angry he would be if he realized what Dyana was up to.

For the last few nights since giving birth, Dyana had pretended to grieve for their son, who was a stillborn. But in truth, Dyana gave birth to an almost perfect Carpathian baby boy whom she named Gabriel. Dyana was ashamed that she had not been able to give birth to a daughter, but also because she gave birth to a deaf son. Dyana was afraid that the other Carpathians would disapprove of him. They would treat him different from their own children. Even Sara Marten, Falcon's lifemate, had psychic children, though hers were adopted… Human psychics that was stronger than her own Carpathian son… It was unacceptable.

He would be an outcast, as would she, should this ever be discovered.

And Dyana could never bring herself to simply take her own child's life. Even flawed, her child still deserved better then to simply be put to death because he was imperfect. So, she decided to do the next best thing…

Taking the elevator down to the floor she wanted, Dyana got off of the elevator with Gabriel still silently slumbering in her arms and hurried on, not planning to waste any more time then she had to. She only had probably about a good ten minutes left before the night nurse discovers her gone and begins looking for her missing charge. It would not be long afterwards that they will discover that Gabriel, her little angel, was missing.

It helped that Michael truly believed that Dyana actually lost their baby. But, this was only because of Gabriel being deaf. He could not hear his father's mental call, although she was sure that the infant can feel them. Then again, the baby's mental abilities were unusually weak. She had barely been able to connect with him while he had been in her womb.

Another flaw, Dyana thought to herself, her shame increasing. No other Carpathian woman had ever given birth to a less-than-perfect child…

With a sigh, she quickly found the laundry chute on the third floor and took one last look at her baby. Gabriel had his father's features and his dark hair. But, he has Dyana's blue eyes and pale skin. He was so beautiful, yet still he was flawed.

With silent apologies she knew that Gabriel would never hear, much less be able to remember, she kissed the baby's forehead gently and dropped him carefully down the laundry chute where he gently landed in the bend of soft towels and blankets below. Then Dyana silently slipped away again to her hospital bed to grieve for the son she felt she really had lost.

She would never try for a child again. Despite the severe need for Carpathian female infants, Dyana knew that she was not meant to be a mother. She had tried only to make her lifemate happy… And she had failed at that.

It was not until 8:15 AM that one of the Shands employees found the newborn among the sheets where he was crying for some milk…