Dark Silence

By: Matrix Taylor

Type: Dark Romance

Rated: M (for later mature content)

From: Christine Feehan's Carpathian Series

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Chapter 5: Sublime

It's down to this

I've got to make this life make sense

Can anyone tell what I've done?

'Cause now and again I find myself so far down

Away from the sun

To shine into the darkest place

I'm so far down...away from the sun

To shine the light away from me

To find my way back into the arms

That cares about the ones like me

I'm so far down

Away from the sun again

~ "Away From The Sun" 3 Doors Down

Melissande was lost in a daze as she logged onto the computer and on the Ravenblack site on her computer once she got back home. Her heart was still pounding and her head still swam. For what probably seemed like the millionth time, she touched her fingers to her lips where she and ShadowNobody, no Gabriel, kissed her goodbye. Those blue eyes, swimming with emotions, gazing into her own almost hypnotizing. Again she wondered what it would be like to run her fingers through his dark hair and over his pale skin as well as every muscle. Quickly, she shook the thought away knowing better but still unable to help herself.

*RedRaven has logged in*

(Inumonkey): well look at what the cat dragged in? So how did it go?

(HannibalJoker): How did what go?

(Inumonkey): RedRaven and the Newbie met

*RedRaven blushes*

(HannibalJoker): Really?

*HannibalJoker is intrigued*

(RedRaven): It went fine...

(Inumonkey): You know I want details so spill. How did he look? Was he actually worth the trip?

(RedRaven): Think it's better if you PM'd me for details instead.

(HannibalJoker): LOL. Sounds like she got more then she bargained for my dear Inumonkey.

(Inumonkey): I believe you're right H.J.

(RedRaven): How was I to know that he was going to actually be hot. 0.0' Oops!!

(Inumonkey): Uh huh! So he was totally hot!? I want details. Now!

Melissande could not help but smile at her friend's persistence. Suddenly she got a PM from Inumonkey causing her to chuckle. She clicked accepting it.

(Inumonkey): Okay, want all the details. Spare nothing.

(RedRaven): Well...he's hot. I don't mean hot as in ordinary hot. I mean just to good to be true kind of hot.

(Inumonkey): And?

(RedRaven): He has nice dark hair that makes you want to run your fingers through it. He has the kind of blue eyes that almost seem to look right through you. You know...as if he is undressing you. He is definitely tall with pale skin. And…

(Inumonkey): And?

(RedRaven): And he's deaf as in hearing impaired. Although I have to admit that he does speak well for a deaf person.

(Inumonkey): You got to be kidding me right?

(RedRaven): *rolling eyes* I wished.

Inumonkey, on her side of the computer, contemplated this for a second before typing again.

(Inumonkey): So what else happened? Inquiring minds wants to know.

(RedRaven): Don't you mean perverted mind?

(Inumonkey): LOL. That too.

(RedRaven): LOL. Nothing happened. We just talked and really got to know each other.

(Inumonkey): So are you planning to see him again?

(RedRaven): I don't know yet.

(Inumonkey): You don't know?!

(RedRaven): He…We…

(Inumonkey): Something did happen between the two of you! How dare you try to keep me out of this?!

(RedRaven): Like it really concerns you, dear?

(Inumonkey): Uh oh… You only call me 'dear' when you're getting maaaaaaad….

(RedRaven): blushing madly I am not! And nothing else happened!

(Inumonkey): Sure! And exactly who are you trying to convince?!

(RedRaven): Read my lips! Nothing happened? And even if it did it meant nothing!

(Inumonkey): Ah ha! I knew it! Something did happen!

(RedRaven): INUMONKEY!!


A female in her early twenties silently watched as Michael's lifemate, Dyana, walked about in the forest of the Carpathians. This woman, who looked no older then twenty dressed in a long, flowing black gown with skin to match the Carpathian's own, kept pass carefully. It was clear though, that she was NOT a Carpathian. She was what the Carpathians called a corpse talker or necromancer. Her kind was hardly welcomed at all to tread with the Carpathians. They did not trust her people for good reason. The Carpathians are a very strong, prideful race. Although the corpse walkers desire the power the Carpathian males hold, she and other corpse walkers fear them enough to only cross one only when one is in a weakened state.

The female corpse walker was so deep in thought that she never took notice that Dyana stopped and now sensed her presence. Dyana was dressed in red and gold silk brocade. The Carpathian female's dark hair flowing just past her shoulders in waves. Red and gold boots worn on her feet to match her assemble. Dyana was definitely beautiful. You would have never expected her of such treachery.

"Come out Corpse Walker! I know you are there!" Dyana says just loud enough for the woman to her but not enough for her voice to carry.

"It is only my lady, Lyriette." The woman replies, stepping into the light to reveal herself.

"What are you doing here?" Dyana sneered, her eyes glaring at her like piercing daggers.

Seeing Lyriette before her, an unchanging beauty for corpse walkers like her age slow thanks to the souls they are known to devour, reminded her of the painful secret she continued to keep to herself. The young female corpse walker just happened to be there that night when she "lost" her one and only son Gabriel. In exchange for silence and being her eyes and ears, Lyriette was granted permission to have her soul once Dyana passed on. Thus so far, Lyriette has been keeping her word.

"I came to warn you about your son." Lyriette simply responded.

"Silence!" Dyana snapped. "My son died a long time ago."

Lyriette lowered her voice but just enough where only she is able to hear.

"The Carpathians have found him. Discovery of your plot, your denial, is imminent, as is your demise. Our deal is almost at a close… I can feel the power of your soul in my veins, Carpathian. So long has that power been denied me…"

Dyana mused for a quick moment that Lyriette sounded like some ridiculous villain of the movies from the 1950's….

"Don't get your hopes up just yet corpse walker! Besides…Carpathian matters are of none of your concern witch." Dyana replies.

"I beg to differ…but at the moment, I'm content with watching you squirm. So unless you have a plan or anything else to do, I will be taking my leave." Lyriette says as-a-matter-of-fact.

"You should learn to mind your tongue. I have work for you to do. But I first need to know what Carpathians we are dealing with." Dyana responded, disliking the corpse witch even more.

"One of the most feared Carpathians, Gabriel and Lucian for now." Lyriette informed her.

"Gabriel and Lucian? Indeed, this will be a bit tricky. I need you to do a little bit of "interfering". Try to keep them from Gabriel as long as you can." Dyana instructs.

"The hell I am! Even I know of the power of your ancient ones who still roam this plain. If you're trying to send me to my own death, I rather have some…reassurance." Lyriette exclaimed.

"Tell me, what do you want in exchange?" Dyana asked, weary of making another deal with the dark haired young witch.

"Let's up the stakes shall we? I have had my eye on a certain Carpathian for a long time. Allow me to exchange his soul for your lifemate's own after I take yours and I shall grant you your request." Lyriette proposed. "Unless…of course…you want your poor male counterpart to suffer once I yank away that pretty little soul of yours as my own. Think you can live with knowing that you are the reason your male counterpart dies?"

"Before I agree, which Carpathian do you have in mind?" Dyana asked, quirking up one beautifully arched eyebrow.

"An infant who would gain all of his memories, all of his knowledge, and will be a warrior for the light. A life for a life…an infant." Says Lyriette.

"Hmm…." This was Dyana's only response. She knew that it was very risky, especially compromising a child Carpathian. They were already a dying race. Nevertheless, the ultimate price she would pay if anyone ever found out her terrible secret. The only other way was to confess, however, that would be like committing suicide. Honestly, Dyana was not ready to die yet. "Alright. I agree."

Lyriette stuck out her hand and Dyana reached out and grasped it momentarily. However, the moment was just enough to seal the deal as she felt the familiar thrumming of dark power shoot through her before returning to its owner. A small smile tugged at the other woman's mouth.

With a smile tugging at one side of her lips, Lyriette dropped her hand away and turned around. She walked back towards the shadows with a new bout of anticipation.

"I will take care of our little problem. I'll be seeing you!" Lyriette says before allowing the shadows nearby to completely swallow her making the young woman disappear.

Hidden in a deeper part of the shadows, remaining unseen or noticed by either woman, another watched…

(Inside The Bookstore)

Gabriel, Lucian and their lifemates watched as the Gabriel hurried away. The young girl looking confused as she left a few minutes later. Although the younger Carpathian left in a rush, both ancient Carpathians can still feel his aura nearby indicating that he did not stray far. Of course, the younger Gabriel continued shielding so no one can intrude into his personal thoughts. Of course, his lifemate was an open book. Her thoughts remained unguarded and easily accessible.

"How could he just leave her sitting there?" Jaxx snapped a bit outraged as she watched the younger Carpathian leave.

"This coming from the queen of leave me alone," Lucian responds.

"Fuck you," Jaxx responds.

"You've done that already love," Lucian replies. "And do it so well."

Lucian bent low to kiss Jaxx. His lifemate returned it with just as much love.

"Oh get a room you two!" Francesca replied as she and her own lifemate witnessed the display of affection.

Gabriel chuckled as he pulled his own lifemate closer.

"We cannot fault him. Until now, Gabriel has never been around another Carpathian." Lucian's twin responds. "For the most part, Gabriel has been learning things on his own."

"Poor Gabriel…." Francesca says, thinking again on the fact that the younger Carpathian was abandoned at such a young age.

It made Francesca wonder about the race of loyal Carpathian males that she has known her life through. The thought of Gabriel not wanting their child made her shiver and brought a pain to her heart. As if he could read her mind, the ancient Carpathian male wrapped his arms tighter around her.

"I would never abandon you or our child." Gabriel whispers in her ear.

"Promise?" Francesca whispered, already knowing he could hear her.

"I promise." Gabriel responded.

"And I also promise you," Lucian says, also catching the stray thought of his own lifemate.

They both smiled, wondering what they ever did to deserve such great guys.

"Now we have a bigger problem. How are we going to get him to come with us to see the Prince? He does not trust us." Gabriel pointed out.

"We are stronger then him. We can use our Carpathian gift to persuade him." Lucian suggests.

"He's already damaged! We really don't need to make it worse!" Francesca pointed out.

"I don't know. He seems to take to Francesca pretty well." Jaxx says as-a-matter-of-fact.

Gabriel lets out a low growl as he hugged Francesca tighter, suddenly making her a smidge uncomfortable.

"Need…air supply…here!" Francesca says, struggling a little against her lifemate.

He loosens his grip a bit so that his lifemate was less uncomfortable.

"Oh. Sorry." Gabriel replied.

But, he still held a less yet firm grip on her, eyeing every guy with a look that said, "She's mine."

"You don't have to worry. I'm not interested in your lifemates. Besides, they're waaay too old for me." The younger Gabriel responds through mind-speech. Then added as an after-thought, "No offense to you Jaxx and Francesca."

"None taken." Francesca says.

"Thanks," Says Jaxx.

Of course, this earned her a scolding look from her lifemate.

The chuckle of the younger Carpathian echoed in each of their minds.

"Where are you?" Lucian asked as he looked about.

At the same time, he is trying to touch minds with the abandoned Carpathian. However, it was still with no avail. Glancing at his twin, Lucian realized that Gabriel was doing the same.

"On the move," The younger Gabriel responded. "But don't worry. I promise I won't stray far."

Both of the female Carpathians chuckled. However, both the older Gabriel and Lucian were not as amused. After all, time was of the essence. Plus, the Prince of Carpathians hated waiting.

"I take it you are unaware of just how serious this situation is?" Growled Lucian.

"Don't get your fangs in a twist. I'm just walking her home." The younger Gabriel responds.

Jaxx and Francesca in gasp were unable to believe that anyone else were able or insane enough to speak to the older Carpathians in such a manner.

"Watch it young one unless you have a death wish!" Lucian snapped.

"Now what fun would that be? You did just find me after all. I definitely hope you're prepared to explain to your Prince how I met my untimely end." The younger Gabriel says as-a-matter-of-fact.

"You do know that if you're following her without her knowledge that it's stalking right?" Jaxx says redirecting the conversation as to not encourage both Francesca and her own lifemate's wrath.

"It's only stalking if I get caught." Says Gabriel.

"True." Jaxx responded with a single shrug.

"Just do us a favor and be careful." Francesca tells him.

Then the two ancient Carpathians and their lifemates could no longer feel the younger Carpathian touching their minds. The only thing that remained of the abandoned Carpathian was the dark aura most Carpathians left behind.