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Chapter One: Trust Me

"Brooke, Rachel, I really don't want to be here," Haley James told her friends as they entered the crowded club, the smell of alcohol, sweat and smoke filled the short girls nostrils and she scrunched her nose slightly.

"Hales, come on, it'll be fun." Brooke told her over her shoulder as she continued to push her way through the club, towards an empty table.

"But…" Haley began to protest before Rachel cut her off.

"No buts missy, tonight is about having fun, and showing you that there's more to do on a Saturday night than sit in our apartment and watch movies." The red head said as the three girls each took a seat at a vacant table.

"That's not all I do…"

"Listing to music and doing housework doesn't count sweetie," Brooke lay a hand over her friends and laughed when Haley quickly pulled back, sending the taller girl a glare. "And who knows, maybe you'll meet a guy." The brown-eyed girl shrugged as Haley turned to face her.

"I've already got a guy." Haley tells her friends and they simply roll their eyes in response. "What? I have!"

"Honey, I don't think Mr Waffles counts," Rachel says, and both her and Brooke laugh as Haley glares at her best friends. She uses the term 'best friends' loosely.

"I have Chase," she reminds them.

"You really think what you and Chase have can count as a relationship? You barely ever see each other." The brunette simply sighs, and leans back in her chair, there's no way she can win against the both of them. But if it was just her and Brooke or her and Rachel, then that'd be a whole other story.

"Right, I'll go get drinks," Rachel declared as she stood up and began to walk over to the bar, smiling flirtatiously at a few men as she went

Brooke and Haley laugh slightly at her antics, they continue to talk before Brooke laughs a little, "looks like Rachel's found hers," she nods her head in the direction of their friend and Haley laughs, the red head seems to have forgotten about their drinks and decided to flirt instead. Squinting her eyes slightly Haley can see that he's quite short, blonde hair and well built. Shaking her head with an amused smile Haley turns back to Brooke.

"And I've found mine," she says, her eyes fixed on a dirty blonde, "don't wait up," Brooke sends her a dimpled grin before getting up and walking over to him.

"So much for a girls night," Haley mumbles before also standing up. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Pulling at her dress slightly as she walked, damn Brooke. She'd told her that it was too short, but the brunette had simply told her to be quiet, and that she looked bitchin'. Finally making it to the bar she sits down on one of the stools, the man beside her smiles at her with a wink, instead of glaring like she usually would, she sends him a tight smile.

Brooke, Rachel, yous are so dead.

"…And then I was like, 'no that's wrong,' and he was all 'no it's not', and I was like…"

Haley nods her head, as the same drunk man that had smiled at her before rambled on. And I thought I talked a lot. She's been sitting here for about half an hour listening to him talk, well, pretty much a load of crap. God, if you love me, please give me an excuse to get away from him. Just as she said this, the sound of 'FM Static's' 'Girl of the Year,' could be heard from her handbag. Taking it from her bag she slid it up and smiled as she saw a text from Brooke, suddenly that smile dropped as she read. 'Haley-Baley, I got mine ;) can you find somewhere else to stay 2nite? Love You. B X' She sighed while sliding it back down and putting it back in her bag. God hates me. Stupid Brooke and her whorish ways!

"Excuse me?"

Her head snapped up, expecting to see rambling boy but he was leaning against the bar, passed out. She looked to her left and was surprised to see someone there. A hot someone. A very, hot someone. Unlike Mr Talkative, he was tall, dark and handsome. You could see his muscles under his tight long sleeve black t-shirt and broad shoulders, can you say McMuscles?

"Sorry?" Oh god she'd been staring, looking up she noticed a smirk planted on his lips, she felt her cheeks heat up at the fact she'd been caught.

"McMuscles, well that's a new one." Her breath caught in her throat as he said this, did she seriously say that out loud? Damn it! That was just meant for her to hear and no one else!

"I wasn't talking about you," Haley said coolly, before turning to face the bartender, ordering another vodka and coke.

"Really?" He asked, an amused smirk on his face, "who then?"

Haley turned to glare at him, he gave her a smug grin, as if to say she was talking about him. Not letting him have the pleasure of knowing he was right, she turned to the bartender, nodding her head in his direction. "I was talking about Owen," she told him, "thank you," she smiled as he handed her, her drink.

"Sure," he says, sounding unconvinced before taking another drink of his beer.

Her mouth opens, where did this man, this stranger have the right to accuse her of lying? Sure she was, but that's not the point! "So what if I was?" She asks him, in a husky voice, he turns to look at her surprised, hell, even she's surprised! Where the hell did that come from?

He smiles, this girl is defiantly intriguing, "what's your name?" Usually he'd never even bother asking a girl her name, he's usually the 'wham bam, thank ya mam' kinda guy, but there's just something about this girl.

Haley smiles, for the first time tonight, "James," she smirks as he raises his eyebrows, "last name bases." She explains. "You might be some axe murderer for all I know," she shrugs a teasing smile dancing along her lips as she takes a drink from her glass.

He chuckles, "well I'm not,"

"How do I know you're telling the truth?" She asks, crossing her left leg over her right. He feels his breathing speed up a little as her dress rides further up her thigh. Okay, since when did woman have this affect on him? It's meant to be the other way round. Pull it together!

He leans down, making sure his hot breath makes contact with her earlobe, smirking when he hears her sharp intake of breath, before whispering, "you'll just have to trust me,"

"I have a boyfriend," she says, wishing that her words would've come out stronger than they did.

The blue-eyed man simply shrugs, "he's not here," he points out, lifting his beer bottle up, and her mouth opens slightly, the corners of her lips twisting upwards. She raises an eyebrow at him, a lopsided smirk on her lips and lifts her glass and knocks it with his bottle.

"No he's not."

"So what did you do?"

"I kissed her, duh!" Haley giggles a little as she says this, maybe she's had a little too much to drink. They'd both been talking for about an hour now and were both having a great time. They'd still not told each other their names but, hey, they're having fun!

Nathan groans a little, "now that's an image I'll remember." She gasps a little and smacks his arm playfully and he chuckles.

"We had no money for gas and we were stranded in the middle of nowhere, so if this creepy guy came up to me and said if we kissed then yes, I'd kiss her!" She giggles as he groans again. "Sorry, is it getting hard for you to control yourself?"

"Hard is defiantly the right word," she lets a laugh out at this. "What? It's not funny!" This just makes her laugh more and soon he joins her. "Whoa," he comments as she nearly falls off her stool but he grabs her before she can fall. Before she knows what she's doing Haley grabs the collar of his shirt and pulls his head down to hers, a jolt of electricity running through both of them as their lips connect. He smirks as she lets out a barely audible moan as his tongue runs along her bottom lip. What was she doing? She doesn't even know this mans name, and vice versa! But there's just something about him that makes her want to act spontaneous.

"Maybe we should take this back to your place?" he says breathlessly as he rests his head against hers. Usually it'd just be out to his car but there's something about her, that she deserves more than a quick fuck in the back of his SUV. She shakes her head.

"Roommate's," she explains and he nods, "yours?" She grins as he nods, grabbing her hand. She grabs her handbag before he practically pulls her out of the club. The finally make it to his car, a lot of groping and kissing along the way. "In a rush to get home?" She comments as he speeds out of the parking lot. He simply sends her a smirk before returning his eyes to the road.

This is wrong. There was a little voice in the back of her head that kept repeating that, but there was another that was saying do it! And to tell you the truth, the second one was winning. She had Chase, but maybe Brooke and Rachel were right? I mean they hardly ever saw each other, and that's not what a relationship. She's jolted from her thoughts as the car stops at an apartment complex. They both get out and heir lips are attached again as they try to make it up the steps without falling, just needing to be close to each other.

"What about your boyfriend?" Nathan whispers breathlessly as they make it to his door, usually he wouldn't both even asking questions but like he said before, she deserves better than that.

She looks up into his electric blue eyes and all thoughts of Chase simply wash away, "he's not here," she smirks while repeating his earlier words.

"No he's not." He grins before fumbling with the keys as she begins to trail kisses up and down his neck. Finally managing to open the door he instantly picks her up and she wraps her legs around his waist. Pushing her back against the closed door, trailing hot wet kisses up and down her exposed shoulder, while she runs her hands up and down the taught muscles of his back under his t-shirt, she was right, he was fit! Suddenly she's snapped back to reality when he begins to pull the strap of her dress down, before she knows it the words are spilling from her lips. "What's your name?"

He brings his head up to look at her, "Nathan," his voice is muffled as he reconnected his lips to her neck finding her pulse point the feels his pants grow tighter if possible as she moans his name. "What's yours?" He ask breathlessly as he begins to walk them back to his bedroom, her still in his arms.

"Haley," she wasn't going to tell him her name, but there's just something about him that makes her want to tell him everything. She quickly rips his shirt from his body and begins leaving hot open mouth kisses along his chest and neck, grinning when her name spills from his lips. Is it wrong that, that made her feel good? Happy even?

He lays her down on the bed, before lowering the zipper at the side and ridding it from her body. His eyes grow a shade darker as his full breasts come into view, in her lacy red bra. What was this girl doing to him? Sitting up, Haley pulled him closer through the belt loops on his jeans. Purposely pushing down on his hard length, "Haley."

It was wrong. All of this. And she knew in the morning she'd probably regret it, but the way he was kissing her and saying her name, well, how can something so wrong feel this right?

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