Hey everyone(:

so I was trying to write a chapter – well for anything really. My muse has been seeing someone behind my back, i'm sure of it and anyway, I decided to have a look over my old stories for inspiration and as I was skimming through You Can't Always Get What You Want I found myself grinning like an idiot as I remembered how much I loved writing that story. And an idea popped into my head. Why don't I write a squeal. It could just be a small fluffy story with them trying to deal with the kids or a longer one, still with them trying to deal with the kids but also their own storylines. I donno but I've always ended my stories with them becoming parents/having babies and I would love to write them already having them..

if anyone understood that LOL ...

So I just thought i'd post the idea here to see if anyone's interested.

I've got a couple of ideas but i'm not really sure, so if anyone would like to discuss or has ideas just PM me and I'd love to discuss them with you.(:

Enough rambling – sequel; yes/no?