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sokai n. the pairing of total pwnfulness; bliss

see also namixaskaiora

Blue is a boy color, everybody agrees, and pink is a girl color. So it would figure that a boy's favorite color should be blue, and a girl's favorite color should be pink. That is, if you're normal. And I definitely am not.

I could be like normal Selphie, who likes pink, and yellow, and orange equally, and he could be like Riku, whose favorite color is neutral green.

Normalcy is overrated anyway.

My favorite color is blue, and has been blue ever since I washed up through the blue waves onto the shores, with the blue sky above me and the blue birds chirping and the blue-green seaweed tangled in my hair, but none of that was the reason I liked blue. Sure, I loved to gaze at the ocean - who doesn't? But the real reason was what happened later, when a pair of eyes as blue as the sky found mine.

"Hey! My name's Sora! I like blue, what's your favorite color?"

l o s e y o u r s e l f i n t h e b l u e

I would never tell anybody this, nobody except for my two best friends, but I'm not normal. Which is kind of obvious from looking at me, but what I mean is my favorite color isn't normal.

I'm a boy. And my favorite color is pink. It hasn't been that way my whole life - at one time I was maybe a little more normal and liked blue and green and white, the colors I wore.

Until that day.

See, there's this girl. Of course, there's always a girl, right? But she's not just any girl, she's...different. When I met her, her red hair was tied back, and her white shoes were clacking together. Her green hair ribbon sparkled. But it was her pink dress, which she clearly loved, that stood out.

"I'm Kairi. Nice to meet you. Pink, of course, just like my dress!"

i w a n t t o d r o w n i n p i n k

So now you get it. My favorite color is blue, blue like the eyes that found me, truer than the sky, blue like his favorite color, blue, blue, blue, the waves, the sky, his eyes...

So you see why I don't tell anyone why I like pink, pink because of her dress and her favorite color and that little pink "unicorn" toy that she had, pink, pink, pink...

p i n k p l u s b l u e p u r p l e

Now as we walk hand in hand, a passing person wonders why Kairi's decked out in blue from head to toe and why Sora's wearing pink. And we reply in unison:
"Because pink and blue make purple!"

a/n: where did this come from? i was minding my own business and suddenly this hit me. stupid plotbunnies. anyhow, yes, i know it's usually red and blue, but i think pink and blue purple is neglected and doesn't get enough press. anyway, review. tell me if i failed at writing something fluffy.