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"Ms. Kaiou, we are aware that you don't have anywhere to go, but we simply can't have you stay here any longer. There are more children that needs place in this orphanage. You've already graduated from high school, can't you get a job?" Said the annoyed woman. "We don't have any place for a lesbian…" Muttered the woman, but Michiru heard it. She was not only irritated by the lazy girl in front of her, who just would eat without working, but also by the fact that to her, she was not normal.

"I'm sorry." Said the aqua haired girl, bowing to the annoyed woman. "I'll get my things and leave tomorrow."

The woman suddenly felt guilty as she saw the fragile looking girl said the last remark with a sad tone. "We – well, if it's just until tomorrow, I think we can let you stay." She coughed embarrassedly and went on her way out of the room.

The aqua haired girl looked at the closed door sadly.

How am I supposed to live now?

I just graduated from college last week

It's hard to find a good job only with a high school diploma.

I even need to stop school for some time because I'm too poor to pay for it

She sighed as she looked at the desk calendar.

I feel old

Kaiou Michiru, age 21, had just finished her high school. She took longer time than most people to graduate from high school since she stopped her studies for a couple of year to earn money for her studies. She had been in this orphanage for as long as she could remember. The children there were nice, but she was lonely as most of the children her age had been adopted long ago. A couple foster families had adopted her, but they returned her back as they didn't like her cold and mature attitude. Furthermore, the full time workers of the orphanage also preferred her to work for the orphanage, yet she declined.

An orphanage is nice

But I don't wanna be here for the rest of my life

Her declination only made their treatment towards her went from worse to worst. The workers bad mouthed her even though they knew that she heard them. There were also some male workers who tried to rape her before, but failed as she was lucky. Some people always passed by and helped her when she was in trouble.

Michiru looked at her wallet and sighed heavily as she only saw the 100 yen coin inside it. She decided to pack her things now and left the orphanage at dawn as she could not find the heart to say good byes to the children. She only had five old worn out shirts and three old worn jeans; they were all donation given by the orphanage's donators. There's also an old silver pendant, an old sketch book and her wallet. She didn't take more than five minutes to pack all of her belongings into a worn out rucksack.

The aqua haired girl crawled to the cold bed and let sleep took over.


"I can't work here anymore! You are too selfish and cold! I quit!" Said a maid storming out of the room.

A blonde teenager did not even bulge her eyes from her book. An old man beside her sighed.

"Haruka-sama, she was the last maid that we have."

"Then, go find another one. People can hardly resist money, Saizo. Just let them see where they're gonna work. I'm pretty sure they'll come willingly. Besides, that girl is ugly. Try to find some cute girls that look good in maid uniform, will ya…" Said the girl, sounded bored by the book and yawned. "I'm going to sleep. Find a new maid by the end of tomorrow. I don't want my dirty clothes stacked together in the basket. It stinks."

The old man sighed again before he started to clean the mess made by his mistress. Haruka walked out of the reading room and went to her comfy bed to get some sleep, leaving the old man by himself.

"It won't stink if you act a bit nicer to the maid." He said to himself.

Tenou Haruka, age 16. She is the sole heiress to the wealthy Tenou conglomerate which controlled most of Japan's economy. She finished her master degree in both business and engineering from Harvard University at the age of 14. Despite the brain, she's a lone wolf, cold, selfish, uncaring and had problems with her temper.

The caring old man earlier was Masamune Saizo, the only and head butler working in the Tenou household. He had known Haruka since she was born and treated her like his own daughter, especially after she had lost both her parents in an accident when the blonde was still five years of age. Saizo also had a black belt in Judo and Karate. Moreover, he could speak in five languages. His abilities sometimes made others wondered why he wanted to serve Haruka only as a butler, but what they did not know was that he was also like an acting father to the blonde.


Michiru was walking around without knowing where to go. In her mind, she only thought of how she would live from then. As she walked, she noticed that the wall on her right side had not change for the last thirty minutes. She looked the huge wall separating her from the other side.

Must belong to a very rich person

But, who could have a mansion so huge in the middle of Tokyo?

Michiru sighed.

They own a land as huge as this in the same country I'm in

But we're very different

The aqua haired girl's stomach growled.

I didn't eat anything before I left the orphanage

But what CAN I buy with just a hundred yen?

She resumed her walking and a flyer struck her face.

"What's this? Trash? Geez, and I thought that rich people know at least where to throw garbage in the right place."

Michiru was about to throw the paper, but a quick glance at the money posted on it stopped her from doing so.

In need: Live-in maid!

20,000 yen/hour


-Breakfast, lunch, dinner

-A furnished private room

We'll negotiate with you if you demand more than what's written.

Limited position.

Contact as soon as possible.

We need to interview before we can give the job.

Contact: Masamune Saizo

Tenou Household

2-1 Juuban 9-Chome,

Odaiba-ku, Tokyo 100-8799


Michiru's eyes widened as she saw how much she would get paid just for an hour.

This guy must have too much money!



This address is…

Michiru looked at the huge wall earlier and noticed that the address pointed the wall she had been seeing for the past half an hour.

I don't see any other building near here that might need a maid

She looked her life and saw a tall huge building that looked like a bank. There was only those two gigantic building on the street posted in the address.

Might as well try my luck

Cause if they accept me, I won't need to worry about food and a place to stay anymore

Maybe I could continue my studies after I saved up some money

Michiru walked with a bright smile on her face to search for an entrance to the huge property. She saw a phone outside of a huge gate with a monitor on it. The aqua haired girl grabbed the phone and heard a tone being dialed automatically before a voice came from it and the small monitor showed an old man who had that French chef moustache, wearing of what seemed like a butler suit.

"Tenou household, how may I help you?" Came an old hoarse voice from the receiver.

"Yes, well… I just saw the flyer that says that you need a live-in maid… So I was wondering – " Michiru felt nervous answering as she felt so poor and unworthy of speaking to the neat looking butler.

"Oh yes, the position is still available. Welcome! I'll tell the SP to let you in. Let's continue our introduction later then." Interrupted the man before he hung up and disappeared from the monitor.

[AN: SP-Security Police. That's how japs call body guards. LOL got this from Hayate not Gotoku. It's shorter to write so I use it.

Not long, the gate was opened and two SP came forward. One of them checked to see whether Michiru had a knife or some sort of things. Then, he nodded to the other one.

"We apologize for the inconvenience. But, this procedure is part of our job." The other one said while bowing slightly to Michiru.

"N – no… It's fine… I understand…" Replied Michiru anxiously.

"Come this way." The SP raised his hand and pointed Michiru the way.

Michiru nodded before she joined them walking towards the manor.


The inside of the manor was as glamorous as the outside architecture. The Victorian furniture was matching the grandeur painting, marble floor and the fascinating wall. The painting ranged from van Gogh till Picasso. The ceilings also had some painting of what seemed like a Pegasus flying freely in Eden which was painted using Rembrandt technique to complete the Victorian feel of the building. The diamond chandelier also helped to create the expensive atmosphere to the 100 yen girl.

Are all the paintings real?

God, I think you have just sent me to heaven

Whoever owns this place must be able to kill someone without getting caught by the police

Michiru's jaw dropped and she could not find the power to close it as she kept seeing more and more expensive looking vases and paintings. The SP stopped suddenly and Michiru almost bumped into one of them if it weren't for her quick reflexes.

"We're here. Enter through that door." Both SP bowed and retreated to resume their patrol.

Michiru nodded, but still dazed after she saw the luxury on her way there. She looked at the door with determined face.

My food is depended in my performance after I enter through that door

I can't fail!

She walked and opened the door. Michiru saw the neat looking butler she saw earlier in the small monitor outside of the gate.

"Ah, welcome mademoiselle. My name is Masamune Saizo, head butler of the Tenou household." Saizo bowed gentlemanly.

Michiru blushed slightly as she had never been treated so polite before. She bowed abruptly.

"Ni – nice to meet you! M – my name is Kaiou Michiru. Erm… I have just graduated from high school… though I'm already 21 years old… Uhm…" Michiru felt as if she was spinning around, not sure of how to act and what to say. So she just blurted out mindlessly.

Saizo chuckled at the sight of the future maid acting so nervously. Michiru realized that she had just acted like an idiot as she said something unusual for an introduction.

She looked down and whispered, "Sorry…"

Saizo just smiled as he knew how most commoners would act after they had seen the elegant and glamour interior of the manor. "It's fine, mademoiselle. Please have a seat and let's get on with the interview, shall we?"

Michiru nodded, still blushing from her idiot act before. She sat down at the seat in front of the head butler.

"We don't require a certain type of education when we employ a maid or butler, but any type of talent could maybe help your job. So, would you mind telling me what your specialty is?" Asked the head butler politely.

"I ca – can play violin and draw…" Michiru was not sure whether her talents could help her job or not.

"I see. The mistress likes to listen to classical music. Maybe you can play some songs for her." Suggested Saizo.

"Ye – yes. I would be glad to play some songs, but I don't have a violin now." Michiru looked down as she knew that a violinist sounded weird if she did not have any violin.

The only violin I ever play is the old cheap one the orphanage has

"No problem, mademoiselle. I'll take care of that. By the way what about cleaning, washing and cooking?"

"Uhm… I've been living in an orphanage and I always clean and wash the things I have used myself. I can cook but I don't know whether it'll suit the mistress' taste or not." Michiru tried to explain as briefly and understandable as possible.

"Oh, need not worry. The mistress rarely eats, she usually just have some salad for dinner. The one that you have to cook is the SP. There are around 100 SP here. Of course I sometimes cook. But, my main job is to serve the mistress."

Michiru sweat dropped as she heard the number of people she had to cook everyday.

"Masamune-san – "

"Please, call me Saizo, Kaiou-san."

"If you will also call me just Michiru."

"Very well Michiru-san. What did you want to say?"

"I was wondering do I need to shop the food for 100 people too…" Michiru looked at Saizo with the horror of carrying raw food for 100 people.

"No! How can you imagine a gentleman like me, ordering a girl to carry things! We usually call the farm that the mistress owns the night before and have them to send the raw vegetables and meat for the next day."

She has her own farm!?

"I se – see…" Michiru did not know whether she had to surprise for the fact that her future mistress owned a farm for daily needs or that she still had not fainted when she realized how rich the mistress she would be working for.

"Well, I think this interview is done. Congratulation and welcome, Michiru."

Michiru's face turned from anxious to a relieve expression. She bowed gratefully for the choice the butler had made. "Thank you very much! I'll work hard!"

Saizo smiled as he saw how passionate Michiru was. "Your welcome. Now come with me. I'll get you your maid uniform and also, show you around the house."


Saizo showed Michiru around after he had given the girl her uniform. So, Michiru was being showed around while carrying her new uniform plus the worn out rucksack hanging on her shoulder.

"This is the dining room. We only used it when there's a party as the mistress prefer to eat in her room."

I wonder what the mistress is like…

They resumed walking towards the parlor.

From what I've seen, she must be artistic…

"This is the parlor. It's messy right now as the mistress had just used it to play video games."

Michiru looked at the games which were mostly racing games.

A little wild?

Saizo walked again while Michiru stared at the games confusedly before she realized that she had spaced out and continued to follow the head butler.

They stopped in front of a huge expensive looking door. "This is the reading room and the next door leads to the library. They are connected by a door joining them together in the inside of the room."

Artistic and wild?

Do all rich people have strange personality like this?

Saizo continued explaining the huge mansion for around two hours. He always get excited when explaining the manor he works in that he often doesn't realize that the person he explains it to is already tired.

"And this…"

I've been listening him for like two hours already…

How big is this house anyway!?

"This is…"

After another half an hour, Saizo stopped as he noticed that it was already time for lunch.

"Michiru-san, it's time for lunch now. Shall I show you your room so that you could change into your uniform?"

"Yes, please."

They walked until they reached the end of the west wing of the manor. Saizo opened the door to Michiru's room as he saw that both of her hand was busy.

"Here's your room. Please join me for lunch in the kitchen. Shall I wait for you here? The manor is quite confusing for newcomers."

"If you don't mind… I'm still confused even after you showed me around the manor…" Michiru blushed as she felt ashamed of her sense of direction.

Saizo just gave the girl a smile being the gentleman that he was. "Very well, mademoiselle." He bowed curtly.

Michiru entered her room and closed the door. She put her worn out rucksack on the bed and proceeded to change her clothing. The maid uniform had so many laces that Michiru wondered how she would be able to work without them distracting her.

Did the mistress decide on the maid uniform design herself?

Does she like cute things?

Michiru smiled as she imagined that how cute her master would be.

This is going to be fun

Who knows maybe she turns out to be cute…

After battling with the uniform' laces, Michiru finally was able to finish it. She decided to tie her hair into a pony tail so that her hair would not disturb her work.

She came out and met Saizo and eventually both of them went to the kitchen to make some lunch. It took around an hour to finish making enough food not only for both of them, but also all of the SPs.

After lunch, Michiru went to wash the dishes but was stopped by Saizo.

"Michiru-san, it would take you until tomorrow to wash all those dishes by hand. You can just use the dishwasher over there." Saizo pointed to the right.

Michiru saw the largest dishwasher she had ever seen.

That's a dishwasher?

More like a dishwashers that belong to a giant

Michiru nodded. "So – sorry… I didn't realize that that's a dishwasher…" Michiru felt ashamed of her commoner's intelligence.

"Yes, it was made especially for me after all the maids left…" Saizo looked down horridly and broke

"Left?" Michiru looked at the head butler confused by the said word.

Why would anyone want to leave?

It's hard to get a live-in job like this…

"Ye – yes… well, that's…" Saizo tried hard to show that he preferred not to answer it.

Michiru waited to get some explanation, but did not get anymore voice coming from Saizo.

"-Ehem- Most of the quit because they're not loyal to the mistress. The mistress is still 16 years old. So maybe they don't like being ordered around by a teenager." Saizo's last remark was not actually a lie, more like another point of view of why the maid quit.

Michiru felt a bit suspicious, but decided to shrug it off. After all, she was still new and did not know the whole thing. She could only nod to show that she would not ask anymore.

"By the way Michiru-san, I understand you haven't fully know where things are, but could you start working immediately? We are short in people."

"Sure, after all I already get some food."

"You can ask around if you're lost. Some of the SPs sometimes patrol the inside of the manor. Excuse me then, I have other chores to do."

Michiru smiled and bowed before putting the dishes into the dishwasher.


Night came fast for Michiru as she was too absorbed in her works. She had just finish cleaning a dusty huge room which seemed like a guest room.


There's like 100 rooms in this manor…

Some of the room is so dusty…

The mistress must don't use it so often and they really are short in people

I haven't seen any maid ever since I came…

Only a couple of SPs and Saizo-san

Michiru was carrying a bundle of clean bed sheets. She arrived in front of a huge wooden door that looked more grandeur than the other. She opened the room and saw how messy it was compared to the other previous rooms, yet it had less dust.

Is this the mistress' room?

She looked around and saw a motor sport magazine and saw nothing feminine in that room.

This looks more like a guy room


Haruka arrived home after attending a meeting which lasted from morning till late at night. She parked her car in the garage. The blonde had so many cars that they were uncountable and almost all of them are sports car.

My neck and butt hurt after sitting in that chair for like eternity

God, I should bring some pillows on the next meeting

Two SPs came towards her and opened the car door before they greeted her. She ignored them and made her way to one of the secret passages that led to the manor. The blonde made some changes to her house every year, mostly some trap doors and secret passages as she felt that it was more fun walking around in a house full of secrets. Of course she always knew where to go as she was the one who planned the traps and secret passages and only she knew how to deactivate the traps.

Haruka pushed of what seemed like a secret button on the wall. She just walked straight to the front and shortly after that, she had arrived of what seemed like her bathroom.

The blonde turned on the taps so that the water would fill the bathtub before she took some magazine from the magazine rack near the towel rack. She opened her neck tie and opened her pant before she had begun to unbutton her shirt. Suddenly, the door that led to her bathroom opened, revealing a gorgeous aqua haired girl in a maid uniform who had the most beautiful blue eyes she had ever seen. They are filled with innocence yet at the same time; there were so many sorrows in them. Haruka froze as her deep emerald eyes was forced willingly to drown in that blue eyes.

An aqua haired goddess!?

The aqua haired girl blushed as she saw a boyish yet feminine person, striping in front of her. But most of all, her blush came from the sight of the blonde's breast slightly attracting her to touch them.

Bad hand!

I should tie them with something…

The magic was broken when Haruka dropped her magazine as she lost her grip at the sight of a beautiful girl in maid uniform. The uniform which did not look so attracting when other girls wore it had made the aqua haired girl looked so sexy and delicious.

At the same time the magic was broken, Michiru bowed to hide her blushes.

"So - sor – sorry!" Said the girl with a voice that sounded like she had just watched a porn movie.

She looked up, but avoided the blonde's gaze and looked to the bathtub.

"I.. no – noise… bathroom and… that – "

Haruka grabbed her in a lock quickly before she could say anything more. As a result, they looked like a couple who was getting ready for some naughty action. The blonde' lips was almost touching the other girl' now, but her eyes looked straight at Michiru. Haruka looked at Michiru as if she was about to eat the innocent goddess.

With her husky voice she whispered with her lips almost touching Michiru's, but her breath was already making Michiru to melt. "What's your name?"

Michiru could not feel her face anymore as it became too hot from the sensation. "Kaiou… Michiru…"

"Michiru…" Repeated the blonde with her charming smile plus the husky voice. That had made Michiru almost fainted if it weren't for her desire to find out what could happen in their position at that moment.

"I'm Tenou Haruka, your new boss…" Haruka noticed that her charm had bewitched the poor maid and decided to play a little with her. "I would love to devour you now, but my bath is waiting for me. Or… do you want to help me strip?" She winked and said the last question with the sexiest voice she could make.

Michiru felt like there was no more oxygen in the room. She was tempted to say 'yes' but there's a part of her that prevented her from doing so as she had just realized it by now that she was in her new mistress' bathroom, watching her stripped. The realization made her to wiggle out of the blonde's grip and walked briskly towards the door before turning around and bowed to the person she suspected was her new mistress.

"I'm so sorry!"

She resumed walking briskly until she was out of the bathroom and eventually the bedroom. Michiru's knees lost its power and she broke down, still blushing and trying to suppress the abrupt heat which was resulted from the blonde's touch. Michiru did not have the slightest thoughts that she could get fired as she saw the blonde almost naked instead; she declined the earlier offer because she could not imagine what her hand would do to her new mistress if she accepted it.

That's my mistress?

She looks more like someone I want as a girlfriend!

I can't believe that 16 year old brat could make so damn hot with just her touch!

That brat is going to be the end of me


Haruka was already naked and wet in the expensive looking bath tub, surrounded by bubbles and smiling mischievously.

"Michiru, huh…"

The glint of mischievousness increased.

"This is going to be fun…"

The blonde could not wait to 'play' with the new maid.


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