Well, i'm not actually sure what to say here. Perhaps that i don't own Scar or Lex, but the story is my own.

And incase anyone would comment on this story: please don't kill me with your words. ' I haven't written anything in years, this is my first fanfiction and i believe you can imagine how hard it is to translate a story to a foreign language. But try to enjoy. I promise it'll get better the more i write.


The last great adventure left to man.

Last to many of her comrades at least. A year had passed since Lex had travelled to the icy pyramid, but time still hadn't dimmed the painful memories.

And it probably never would.

She would carry them with her for the rest of her life as well as the two scars on her cheek. The mark of the hunters, which had been burned into her face by a humanoid she had named Scar. Surprisingly, she was somewhat proud of it. Despite the fact that these hunters bluntly took advantage oh humans, Lex had managed to form a special connection with one of them. So after seeing the serious injuries Scar had suffered from the battle with the alien queen, she felt sincerely sad. The appearing of a gigantic mother ship had nevertheless saved the wounded warrior. At least that's what Lex was hoping for.

She had seen the other hunters carrying their half-unconscious comrade into the bowels of the spaceship, but after that, his fate was a mystery to her. Both that and the fact why she cared so much. Still every now and then she found herself fiddling with the metal spear that Scar had given her just before he'd been taken away. At that moment there had been something in the hunter's eyes that Lex couldn't forget.

The journey to earth had never felt so long. Scar was cleansing his equipment for the second time after the take off. Of course Scar wasn't his real name, but that is what the female human had called him. After he had recovered, the young predator had asked some of the elders who knew the human language to teach him.

For strategic reasons.

He was one of the few that had passed the maturity ritual and got to go on a hunting trip so soon. He wasn't allowed to go by himself though. Luckily another young warrior had offered to come with him. Scar was looking forward to the upcoming battles. From what he had heard, his travelling comrade was an excellent hunter. Scar couldn't wait to prove he was better.

Still there was something disturbing his concentration. They were returning to earth, and somewhere among countless amounts of people was that female too. It was a foolish thought, but what if they were to meet each other again? Surely she had seemed weak at first, but soon Scar had seen her exceptional courage. Especially when fighting the alien queen. He was ashamed to admit, but he never could had survived there without the help of the human. In spite of the shame, he felt strangely fond of that female. How great it would be to get to hunt with her by his side some day. In time, maybe even as his companion.

A sudden crash interrupted Scar's pondering. He had been so focused on his thoughts, he'd lost his sense of time and space. The embarrassed warrior picked up the knife that had fallen from his hand and let out a few irritated clicks. Well, he still had lots of time to spend. He might as well check his equipment again.