By Serena Kenobi

Rating: T

Summary: A loss of memory... a strange and dark savior... the galaxy's fate is forever changed. Post ESB AU. That's about all I can give without giving too much away.

Author's note: Other stories of mine will be updated. This is a plot bunny that wouldn't go away. I hope you enjoy. First posted on TheForce (dot) net's fanfic boards.

Disclaimer: If I owned Star Wars, then why would I be writing fanfiction?


I heard screaming, and blood was dripping down my face and into my eyes as I awoke. I gasped for breath, but it wouldn't come. I coughed violently, and then I felt the air rush into my lungs. It hurt terribly, so much so that I lowered my head to the ground where I lay half on my stomach, half on my side. My legs felt funny, and so did my head. My head felt almost as if it was humming, and my ears were buzzing with sounds. I heard a crash and the ground that I was on rocked suddenly. My fingernails scraped into the steel floor as I tried to grab something – anything.

As I closed my eyes and tried to block out the chaos around me: the yelling people, the sparking machines, and the shaky ground. It didn't really work. I guessed it was time for me to try to get to my feet and see if I couldn't find out what was going on. I raised my head, ignoring the dark brown streaks of hair that were falling into my eyesight, and slowly lifted my upper body up into a more sitting position. Now fully able to turn my head all directions, I looked around at the mess I was in.

I was on a ship of some kind. It was badly damaged – at least, the part in which I was. There was nobody to be seen, but I heard yelling far off. Somebody was mad about something, or just in pain. I seemed to be in a cargo hold, maybe. I didn't know.

But then I realized something. Something very disturbing.

Why didn't I know?

That thought spiraled into more questions, and I came to a sudden conclusion.

I didn't knowanything.

I banished all these thoughts from my mind as I decided to find the other people on board. They had to have answers, the answers that I needed. I shakily rose to my feet, but cried out as a sharp wave of pain hit me, and I sunk back down to the ground. The ship rocked again, and I was launched against a wall. I groaned and lay there for a moment. After I had caught my breath, I got down on my stomach and lifted myself up with my arms. I dragged my lower body along through the open, almost nonexistent door and peered out into the dark corridor.

I'm scared of the dark, Daddy.

I sucked in a breath of air and blinked. What was that? I paused, wondering if the moment or feeling would return, but it didn't. I glanced to both ends of the corridor, weighing my choices and seeing which one was the wisest direction to take. When I heard another cry from the right, I knew.

The pain in my body and especially my head was growing, and the buzzing noise in my ears was becoming louder, but I pressed on, not knowing where I was going or what I would find once I reached wherever I was going. After about ten minutes and fourteen crashes into the wall, I came to a doorway. I looked inside and gasped. There was a man lying on the floor. He seemed to be unconscious. I dragged myself into the room and turned him over on his back. There was much blood around him.

He must've had some kind of accident, I surmised. I felt for a pulse, and to my relief, there was one. I shoved him gently. "Sir? Sir, can you hear me?"

He didn't answer. The pulse was growing weaker, and to my alarm, so was I. It seemed that I would join him on the floor in a moment if I didn't get help.

"Sir, you need to wake up," I choked. "Please…" My arms were begging for relief as I struggled to stay upright. Tears began to soak into my eyes, and I suddenly screamed, "Somebody help me! I NEED HELP!"

Unexpectedly, there was the most vicious shudder, and I lost my balance and slumped to the ground. Then, the ship was calm. I heard some kind of strange noise from overhead, and I distantly realized that my head was bleeding again as a new trail of red liquid ran down my forehead and cheek. Then there was a clanking noise, but after that, silence.

I lay there on the floor for a moment, waiting, listening. The only noise I could hear was my own ragged breathing.

But then, I heard it. No, them. People. Footsteps. Boot steps, more like, but that meant help.

I'm being rescued!

I tried to scream, but my voice seemed unable to work for some odd reason. I think my lungs were deprived of air, or they were damaged. I couldn't get anything out except for a hoarse whisper. "In here," I breathed as my eyes flitted shut for a second and then reopened.

Then… something happened. I couldn't explain it. I heard things… felt things…sensed things.

Someone was coming. Coming for me.

I'm here! My mind screamed for my voice. I'm in here!

I felt surprise, shock, and some kind of darker emotion that made me shudder with fear from the other being with whom I was connected. That dark feeling caused me to close my mind, and I turned my head into my arm, wanting to block out what I had just felt.

Then came the footsteps. Closer, closer. Thump, thump, thump. There were many of them.

Whoever they were.

I listened and turned my head towards the doorway, but I was too tired to move anything else. I was barely staying awake. My eyes began to darken, and my vision began swimming…

I barely registered a dark shadow falling over me, but I couldn't lift my head to see whom it was. There was a voice, an odd voice saying something, but I couldn't reply or hear much.

"Lord Vader… found… injured… medical …"

One of the last things I heard was a strange noise coming from above me. It sounded like a whirring… or a wheezing… Then, someone else spoke. "This must… Princess… take… star destroyer…"

As the noises became muddled together and my eyes darkened, I whispered, "Who am I?"

I drifted away into darkness.

That's the first chapter. Free Yoda plushies (if you like Yoda, which I don't) to whomever guesses the narrator's identity.


- Serena Kenobi