Title: Legend

Rating: PG-13

Pairings: KuroganeFai, DoumekiWatanuki, SyaoranSakura,

Warnings: Yaoi, language, mild dark themes

Disclaimer/Notes: Don't own Tsubasa/Holic or the movie Legend.

The two of them had lay low on the grass, two silhouettes shine brightly on the hill top, they have been waiting for these two; waiting to capture them. The leader of the group stands from his hiding place amongst the forest greenery, his dark eyes fierce as he shouts for his followers to charge the figures on the hill. Both streams of light disappear in an instant, only the slight sway of flowers are the only testament of the being there at all.

The two have escaped again before they can reach them, their master will not be pleased. A flicker of light catches his attention, moving towards a large tree he picks up a silver hair, it glistens in his hand; maybe his master won't be too angered after all...

"It seems that young Flowright-san has decided to grace us with his presence today." A tall willowy woman said from her seat in the old cottage. Fai walked through the home's kitchen, grabbing a tart from the table before reaching the woman.

"Ah, Fai-san, it's good to see you, I have some fresh tarts in the oven." Said the young apprentice as he pulled a tray of heated pastries out, their smell enticing the blonde.

"I can't stay long Yuuko-san, and thank you Watanuki-kun your food's always delicious."

"You must have a sweetheart waiting for you, which reminds me...Watanuki don't you have to hurry those tarts off to Doumeki-kun?" Yuuko smiled evilly at the teen as he stammered and blushed profusely, Fai is relived that the subject has gone into safer territory.

"I will do no such thing, that bastard can starve for all I care!" Fai and Yuuko smile and give each other a knowing glance. Fai slips another tart into his pocket before nodding to his two friends.

"I'm sorry, but I have to go, I'll stop by tomorrow perhaps?" Fai looks over his shoulder as he stands in the cottage's doorway.

"The wileful heart invites despair, like blind men creeping in a dragon's lair." Yuuko's eyes were hooded as she spoke, smoke from incense wafted between them.

"I'll keep that in mind witch-san." With that Fai left, closing the door behind him. Watanuki stared for a moment longer before Yuuko reminded him of a certain hungry archer.

Fai left the old cottage and into the surrounding forest. The blonde wafted through fields of wildflowers and into a open glade were he began swaying with the flowers in the gentle breeze. Trees cast shadows over the flowers as Fai began to scan the area.

"Kuro-taaann...I know you're here...Kuro-chu?!" The blonde continued his trek through the forest, well aware of the figure watching him from the trees.

"Kuro-swan, answer me!" Fai cups his hands in front of his mouth to yell louder and to also cover up the smile on his face as he hears a familiar rustle behind him.

"Will you shut the hell up and stop calling me those stupid ass names?!" The taller teen glares at the blonde.

"Wahh, Kuro-myu scared me to death!" Fai clutched his chest as if he were about to faint.

"It's Kurogane, I told you that the first time we met and I always have to keep telling you that." Kurogane rolled his eyes at Fai's antics. Fai reaches in his pocket and while Kurogane is scolding him Fai shoves the tart in his mouth.

"What did you just do?!" The other's glare returns full force as he chases Fai across the glade, his hands outstretched and ready to strangle.

"I thought Kuro-min would like something sweet to eat." Fai yells behind him as he laughs.

After a few minutes more of chasing, Kurogane and Fai sit down in the meadow. By now small birds and other small animals are resting with them. The taller of the two having to constantly shake birds of his shoulders and yell at the squirrels and rabbits for chewing on his clothes.

"Kuro-puppy's so cute when he's loving on small animals." Fai chuckled as he scratched behind a small bunny's ears.

"I'll show you 'loving'" Kurogane made a swipe for Fai's head, but missed and fell forward.

"You know I could teach you to speak rabbit or blue bird, if you'd like." Fai cooes at a small blue jay on his out stretched finger. The little bird hops on the pale digit and answers back.

"I don't, just tell them to get the hell off me!" Kurogane lay down staring up at his friend. A sliver of light catches Fai's attention, looking down he sees a silver medallion hanging from Kurogane's neck.

"I see you're still wearing it, I didn't know you cared." Kurogane hastily tucked the jewelry back under his shirt and grunted.

"You're the one gave it to me and said I had to wear it."

"But we were little kids then." Fai laughed at the memory of a younger version of himself putting the necklace around a just a small Kurogane and declaring it a bond of friendship. Kurogane had then ignored him and went about playing with his wooden sword.

"Though it's still nice to know you still have it." Fai then patted black spikes of hair as his friend blushed faintly.

"...There's something I wanted to show you."

"Ooh, what is it?"

"It's a surprise, it's the season for them. They won't come here again for a very, very long time. It's in a secret place though...we can see them but you have to do what I say."

"Of course!" Fai stands up quickly, Kurogane following close behind. Kurogane pulls a red headband from his pocket.

"You'll have to be blindfolded."

"Don't you trust me, Kuro-san?"

"You know I do, idiot." Kurogane stands behind the blonde as he ties the cloth over blue eyes.