Author's Note: This is back to being in Bella's point of view, in like, heaven. So, uh... yeah. Sorry for not updating, my internet was all busted and stuff, so please don't kill me. Oh yeah, and note that up there in heaven, Bella and Edward have like, no idea how much time passes and everything, because they're, you know, dead? So, yeah.

I sighed, content. Edward was beside me, whispering to me how much he loved me, softly in my ear. It just couldn't get any better than this. I didn't know why I had once feared death. Perhaps it was just the thought of Edward's absence that had always gotten me frightened. I truly loved him more than anyone else, ever. How had I lived without him?

"Bella, what are you thinking?" he asked, for the millionth time.

"About how lucky, I am, to have you," I breathed.

He laughed, "I still cannot believe my own good fortune. What have I ever done to deserve you?"

I rarely stopped to think that we were both dead. What did it matter? As long as we were together, I could've taken on hell and more. Physical pain I could handle. But being away from Edward was my only fear.

"Do you remember how you used to sing my lullaby to me, every night? And how I'd always fall asleep, no matter how many times I'd insisted I wasn't tired?"

"How could I have forgotten?" he asked, "You'd always say that you wanted to stay up just a little bit longer."

"And that one time that Charlie almost caught us?" I remembered.

"Oh, yes. It's a good thing that you don't fill your closet out as much as Alice or I would've had a hard time hiding myself in there."

"I love you," I told him, something I'd been repeating for the past... who knows how long?

"Silly Bella, I love you too," he told me.

"You know, I don't even regret dying sometimes," I said suddenly.

"My life would've been worthless without you in it, Bella."

"Well, now I'm just glad that you wouldn't have to have killed yourself when I died."

There was a brief, comfortable silence, and then I said, "I wish I could see how Renée, Jake, and the others are... coping."

"You can, love."

He showed me how we could see what the 'living' were doing; it seemed like he was pulling apart a clump of fluffy white clouds from under our feet. I could see what looked like Renée's house. She was not crying that much was clear. But she didn't appear happy, either. She was handling things better than I had after Edward had left me. She went about her daily business, and I could tell that she was keeping happy for herself, not an act for someone else to see.

I watched Renée for a little bit, as she walked to the grocery store. Something like that seemed like a miracle to me, now. Being dead, of course, I didn't eat. I almost laughed at the thought of stuffing myself with food, when it would probably go right through me.

Suddenly, the scene changed. It was not Renée I was seeing, but Jacob. He was laughing, a small child following him. I wanted to hear what he was saying, and then suddenly I could. I gave Edward a look that said, 'why didn't you tell me before?!' I focused my attention back to Jacob.

"Sorry Sarah; wait a while; Daddy's busy," he said.

"But Daddy!" the little girl yanked impatiently on his hand.

Did that mean...? Yes. Jacob had moved on. I was a fool to believe that he wouldn't. I wondered who the little girl, Sarah's, mother was. Had Jacob imprinted, or did he love this woman out of his own free will? That sounded a bit odd, so I cleared my mind of all confusing thoughts and went back to what Jacob was doing. All of a sudden, it seemed that whatever Jacob had been doing seemed to speed up.

"Lillian," he said, kissing a woman on the cheek, and then putting a bag of groceries on the ground.

"You big old lazy oaf!" she said, playfully hitting him on the shoulder, "Don't just leave that there!"

"Of course, milady," he said, making a show of being her servant, and picked up the bag.

"Daddy, come!" Sarah tugged on his arm again.

"Well, better go see what my little Sarah wants," he told Lillian.

And then the 'vision' was gone. Edward was by my side.

"I'm so glad that he's happy," I said truthfully.

"Even after he hurt you?" asked Edward.

"He never meant to," I said, trying hard to believe what I was saying.

"Moving on," Edward told me, almost as if turning a switch. And then I was seeing Lauren, Jessica, and Angela.

"I am glad that bitch is gone, like you know?" Lauren asked, waving her hand around in the air.

I snuggled closer to Edward, trying to block her hurtful words, and succeeded by simply looking up into Edward's eyes.

"You can't really think that!" Angela defended me, loyal even though I was no longer there.

"She looked like she was in actual pain, and everything," Jessica said.

"Well, whatever. Now she can be with her Eddie forever and ever and ever; isn't that what she wanted anyway?" Lauren said.

Edward grimaced at the name Eddie. No doubt it brought painful childhood memories that would've been hilarious for me to watch.

We explored the lives of all the people I had known while I was alive—even some of the kids from back in Phoenix.

I was happy that my death hadn't affected them much. Even my own mother was okay, after a month or two. When I was satisfied, I turned back to Edward.

Being dead certainly had some advantages—such as the fact that Edward no longer had to worry about my safety, and could actually kiss me without breaking all of my bones. Being with him was I could ever have asked for. Heaven would be worthless to me without Edward. With Edward, I would never again be afraid. I would be happy forever with my Edward.

Author's Note: Was that a good ending? I feel like I've dragged my story way out of proportion and I should've ended it after Bella died, but I just didn't feel like saying goodbye to my plot and having to start all over. I hope this won't let you guys down. March Break has just started for us, so I'll probably be able to have a good few chapters done for any new story I may decide to be writing in the future. Edward and Bella forever!!!