There she is, standing on the other side of the canyon to me, her deep hazel eyes set on me… boring into mine. It's been about two years since I last saw Mika, but I have missed her every single second of them and still wish I hadn't left her and even now as she stares at me unfalteringly my heart skips a beat. I know why she's here: she's come to try and get me to come home, but it's too late for that now.

She hasn't changed much. She's grown up that's for sure, and there's a new determination in her deep hazel eyes which I can see even from this distance which wasn't there before. She's not going to go home without a fight. Her long hair is billowing in a mildly strong wind which only seems to be affecting her, only adding to her impressing stature… I notice her outfit has changed: she no longer wears the tight leggings underneath the small skirt and top instead opting for baggy trousers (not unlike a jounins… could she-?) and a long top which disappears underneath the belt of her trousers, with long sleeves which don't seem to be attached to anything.

I want to get closer to her, to see her close up and study how much she has actually changed over the time we've been apart. I know I've changed and I secretly hope she is as curious about me as I am about her. I want to feel the caress of her skin against mine, the delicacy of her voice echoing deliciously in my ears again and the aura which automatically hovers around her smile and makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up… I still feel them sometimes just thinking about her. I can feel an unusual tingling sensation all around me in the air, the earth, the grass beneath my feet and realise it's because of her power: her control over the elements has got better since I last saw her. It's to be expected, I know I have certainly advanced, but the fact that she has progressed still takes me by surprise.

Suddenly she picks up her left hand and jumps off the edge of the canyon and begins to freefall towards the ground far below. I can't help but reach after her even though I am perfectly aware that she can look after herself, but I still start down the rocks after her. I know she wants to see me… she did come all the way out here for a reason and I doubt that it was to say hi to Orochimaru.

When I reach the bottom she is standing in the same position as she had been at the top, lazily watching my progress with a blank expression; I think she doesn't want to get emotionally involved. I agree but cannot help but feel the inevitable tug in my chest as I finally get a better look at her.

We're now on either side of an unimposing river which is flowing lazily past us, ignoring our very presence as it continues it's never ending journey to wherever it leads to. She's still staring at me blankly, her deep brown eyes passing over me, assessing me, working out whether or not she can take me. By the defiant look on her face it seems she probably could. I want to say something to break the silence between us, but for some reason I can't find anything good enough to say and decide to stay silent.

"Come home Sasuke." she says bluntly, her pretty voice as neutral as the earth we're standing on but her eyes deceive her emotions to me. I want to give in and just go home with her, but I keep the bigger picture in forever at the front of my mind.

"You know I can't." I start to say but she cuts across me like a hot knife.

"Don't give me that tripe." she spits loudly, frowning irritably now as though she's talking to a disobedient child. I might be offended except I'm not. I remember when I was in her situation, trying to get her to come home with me… it seems like such a long time ago now… "You know perfectly well you can. You just refuse to." She's got a point, but I ignore it. She's so pretty… I can't help but notice her perfect skin marked only by a small bruise just below her left eye, her dazzlingly deep hazel eyes, her beautiful lips, her long plum coloured hair… her self-assured expression only adding to her charm. "You nearly killed Naruto." she reminds me, her voice softening slightly. "But in the end you didn't. Why not just have come home with him?" she knows why. "Because you're too stubborn!" she yells, making me frown at her for the first time in such a long time but she just glowers back at me unfalteringly. She's doing it on purpose… and I'm letting her do it! "All because of your stupid brother!!" she yells again, getting more and more wound up and dragging me down with her, she came for a fight and she's going to get a fight if it's the last thing she does. "Forget about him!! Move on! I have." Mika had almost as bad a time as I did… she was betrothed to my brother but she fell in love with me, and he punished us both.

"You don't know what you're talking about." I growl, trying to keep my calm for as long as I can even though I know that what I said makes no sense. "You didn't come here just to talk." I add, trying to get her to make a move first: I don't want to start a fight with her. She looks down at the ground in frustration.

"Please come home, Sasuke." she answers after a long pause, her voice suddenly quiet… almost pleading. As I look closer I see that her expression is indeed that of beseeching, no more demanding: she's begging me now. "I've missed you so badly… I-" she looks down at the river again, trying to find words for a situation which should never have occurred. She looks back up at me, not smiling but still with that imploring expression defining her even features. I slowly shake my head, desperately wishing it could be different, but knowing deep inside that I can't go back… not now. She bites her lower lip and slowly closes her dark eyes before letting her head loll gently forwards onto her chest; I want to go and take her in my arms, apologize for what I've done for her, tall her that it will be alright and that she'll be fine without me… but I restrain myself. "Well then I guess this means…" her voice is so quiet I'm inclined to lean forwards to hear her, instead I just frown in concentration. "we have to fight." she finishes, looking back up at me with a determined expression adorning her face, her eyes narrowed at me and her lips tight.

Everything seems to slow down as she lifts her hands in unison, her eyes boring into mine, growling in concentration as two columns of fast moving water lurch towards me- and for some reason I'm remembering the night I left…