Orochimaru glared furiously out of the only window in the room, his arms crossed in anger, his tongue massaging the roof of his mouth as he went over the events in his mind lividly. He closed his eyes for a moment as he turned to look at the younger boy before opening them, licking his lips delicately as he tried to find a calm way of expressing how he felt.

"I don't need to tell you I'm disappointed." he managed in barely more than a growling whisper. The young man shrugged uninterestedly without even giving the Sannin the satisfaction of looking up. "You-" Orochimaru tried to say, but had to stop himself before he lost his temper.

"He wasn't trying his hardest." piped up an unneeded comment from the young man with the glasses, standing in the corner opposite the boy. "Him and the girl are… ahem… involved."

"THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!" Bellowed the pale skinned man, spinning around to glare wide eyed at the silvery haired young man who had last spoken. Orochimaru took a moment to recompose then glanced back up at the dark haired boy who hadn't even moved. "What have you got to say for yourself?" He growled lividly. "Sasuke Uchiha?"

Sasuke walked over to the window, which his sensei had sprung away from when he'd shouted at Kabuto, and sighed sadly. There wasn't much of a view; it was only ground level so he could only really see a couple of yards away, but the idea that in that direction Mika Tikaake would soon be waking up made his heart rate slow down mournfully. He could hear the pale man's voice as he continued to rant at him furiously, but his mind was far away still caressing his beloved's body, exploring every curve and every kink of her heavenly being.

"I was fighting her with my full power." he whispered without tearing his eyes away from the emerald blades of grass. "And still she was just as good as me. Possibly better, but she still may have been holding back." Right now she would be opening her stunning brown eyes and spotting the note, growling furiously in anguish and rage as she realises what he's done, realising she has to go back to Konoha alone again… get on with her life without him. He closed his steely blue eyes and letting his face fall to the dusty floor, feeling the warmth of fresh tears seeping through his eyes and down his cheeks. "Maybe your favourite swap wasn't the wisest move you made sensei." he smiled bitterly and looked up again, searching the all too close horizon for her perfect form, her unspoiled voice, her flawless face. But he knew that he had burned that bridge; he couldn't go back now.

He tried to pretend to himself that he did it for her, to protect her from the pain he was going through. But deep down he knew that it wasn't for her, it was for himself: trying to ease his pain by pushing her away. He hoped it had worked, even if it killed him that he had left her.

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