"Six Feet Under"

Summary:"Do you know who's buried here?" Naruto asked the black haired boy standing near, who looking at the grave in front of him. "Yeah." Sasuke answered with a thoughtful expression after a few minutes of silence. "Me."

Pairings: Sasuke x Naruto; Itachi x Deidara.

Genre: Romance/Angst/Humour

Rating: M

Warnings: Yaoi. Lemon. Language. Violence.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto nor do I own the title... I don't own anything that is further mentioned in this fan fiction either. I only own the idea, together with my friend that is XD

"Death is a Bitch"


Death was a bitch. A royal cheap whore. A dirty slut that appeared at your doorstep at the worst time possible. Unfortunately death was a guarantee as well, the only certain thing in life.

It was the only thing Sasuke was sure about right now, as he walked through the winding, narrow paths of the cemetery. Thousands of identical grey and black graves lining the path, one placed tightly against another. Crude statues sending him sinister glances and those enormous trees with crumpled branches, adding even more dreadfulness to the scenery. Everything together seemed to say only this: death is always near.

But Sasuke knew this freakin well. He didn't need any warnings, nor did he need anything reminding him about it. The irony was, he felt strangely at home in this place. He wasn't scared, frightened or even slightly bothered. Quite the opposite, it was the only place he felt at peace at.

Finally coming to the most secluded corner of the graveyard, he stopped in front of the three, almost identical black graves. All of them were covered in dust, soil and leaves. All were dirty and neglected. But Sasuke didn't care, really. The only thing he found important about them was that they all bore the same family name: Uchiha.

Uchiha Fugaku. Uchiha Mikoto. Uchiha...

Sasuke turned his eyes away scowling deeply. He couldn't bring himself to do it after all. He thought one year was enough, but it wasn't, apparently. At least he came here, that was some progress... not that it really mattered actually.

Cold wind blew through Sasuke's dark hair but he didn't stir even an inch. He was lost in his own world, he rarely felt anything anymore. Despite the fact that he was still alive, he felt like he died a year ago... He couldn't even call his life a 'life', really. It was an existence, and sometimes not even that.

Sasuke managed from one day to another without any aim or purpose. He didn't know why he was doing it anymore. Maybe he really should have ended his miserable and pathetic existence. It's not like anything more awaited him in life... it's not like he deserved to be alive in the first place.

Sasuke sighed tiredly, those thoughts again... Just when he managed to somehow calm down, here, they were back again. Everything because he decided to come here. Great move, Sasuke, you certainly do put to a good use all that supposed intellect of yours...

Leaning down, Sasuke touched black, cold stone with his hand. He opened his mouth several times, trying to say something, but nothing came out. Finally he gave up, standing up straight and spearing one last glance at the graves. Then he looked at the horizon. It was getting dark, he might as well head to the club. He needed to ease some stress and seriously, there was only one way for Sasuke to do that... he needed to get laid.


Death was a bitch. A royal cheap whore. A dirty slut that appeared at your doorstep at the worst time possible. Unfortunately death was a guarantee as well, the only certain thing in life.

It was the only thing Naruto was sure about right now, as he walked through the winding, narrow paths of the cemetery. Thousands of different grey and black graves lined the path, one keeping the company to the other. Huge statues and those enormous trees with strong branches, fulfilling the almost spooky scenery. Everything together seemed to say only this: death is always near.

But Naruto knew this very well. He didn't need any warnings, nor did he need anything reminding him about it. The irony was, he felt strangely at home in this place. He wasn't scared, frightened or even slightly bothered. Quite the opposite, it was the only place he felt at peace at.

Finally coming to the most secluded corner of the graveyard, he stopped in front of the two, almost identical grey graves. They were neatly clean, had flowers and lampions on them. The only differences were the names they bare.

Namikaze Minato. Uzumaki Kushina.

Naruto smiled a sad smile.

"Hi mom, hey dad." He whispered, taking a rag from his bag and starting to clean the graves. There wasn't much to clean however, seeing as Naruto came here almost every day. When he was done, he replaced some of the already seared flowers and lit the lampions. Satisfied with his work, he sat back on the little bench that stood in front of the graves and looked at them.

"So, dad...today's the anniversary, huh?" Naruto said in a quiet voice.Exactly twenty-three years ago his father had died. "I really wish you were here... both of you."

The blonde fell silent for a few minutes. It was a really sad period for him, and the fact that he really had no one to share it with only made it harder. First, his mother passed away on the same day he was born, then his father died in a car accident. Naruto frowned lightly. Life was a bitch, death was a bitch... it was in a bitchy world he had to live, really.

Naruto sighed with resignation, moving his hand through his hair. He was in such a shitty mood now, seriously. He felt like getting drunk... no, smashed.

"Okay, I guess I'll be going..." He said, but before going away he touched the graves for a brief moment. "Love you..." Naruto whispered quietly and turned away, going on his way.


Sasuke sat at the bar sipping his drink slowly. He had been sitting there for the last two hours and still didn't see anyone worth his attention. Damn it, he really needed to have sex now. Were his standards too high? No, they were pretty simple actually: no girls, not too old or too young, no stinking breath or any other part of the body for that matter and at least vaguely nice face and body. This certainly couldn't be so hard to meet...

...or could it? Sasuke scanned the crowd with his midnight eyes once again, glaring at every girl that had a nerve to send him a flattering glance. Damn it, what was wrong with the population of Tokyo all of sudden? He never had this much trouble with finding someone...

"Wine, please." Sasuke turned his head to the side as he heard a pretty nice, male voice. This was promising...oh hell, was this promising. The boy was absolutely gorgeous, all uke-ish, even on the verge of being innocent. Blonde spiky hair, big baby-blue eyes and slim body. Yes, Sasuke decided that this was the one he was going to bring home tonight... and if Uchiha Sasuke wanted something, he freaking got it.

Naruto sat on the chair in front of the bar and waited for his order. Putting one elbow on the counter, he ruffled his hair even more and then rested his chin in his palm looking in front of him with tired eyes. Good thing tomorrow was Saturday, so he didn't have to do any homework for his university nor did he have to go to work. He could get his ass drunk without any consequences whatsoever... yeah, impunity was such a beautiful thing.

When his drink arrived, Naruto quickly tossed it off and ordered another one. Sasuke, who was silently observing the blonde until now, raised one eyebrow. It could be extremely easy or very difficult... either way, Sasuke needed to hide his bastard personality and start to act as a charming young man. He needed to get to the blonde before he was completely smashed, he didn't want to be sued for rape later on...

"Tough day?" Sasuke asked, glancing at the blonde and sipping at his Malibu slowly. It took Naruto a whole few seconds to realize that someone was talking to him. Turning he looked around... and his eyes stopped at the most handsome person he had everseen in his life. It couldn't be this guy talking to him... could it? God, Naruto really wasn't overdoing it, when he said he was perfect. Deep, cobalt black eyes, silky black hair cut in a strange fashion, incredibly pale skin... and this almost, dare he say it, angelic face. Naruto blinked. Maybe this day wasn't so shitty after all.

"Yeah... bitchin' at the university, perverted clients at work, shit like that." Naruto answered finally and took a sip of the next glass of wine that just arrived. Sasuke smirked slightly. Normally people were very shy around him, but this guy seemed somehow different. Who knows, maybe Sasuke would actually have fun during this...

"Really? Where do you work?" Sasuke asked, scooting a little bit closer to the blonde but doing it in such fashion, that he didn't notice a thing.

"Me? In a small Ramen restaurant, 'Ichiraku'. It's down the street actually, you know...um..." Naruto said frowning a little and realizing that he hadn't heard his name yet.

"Uchiha Sasuke." Sasuke said smirking confidently and gazing straight at the blonde. Naruto shifted slightly as he felt his cheeks getting a little hotter. God, this guy sure knew how to be freakin sexy.

"Uzumaki Naruto." Naruto answered, nodding his head and sending the brunette a little smile. They gazed at each other in silence. Then Naruto's grin widened. It was sly, but sincere."Are you hitting on me or something?"

Sasuke looked at Naruto amused. He didn't see that coming... oh well, it only made it all the more interesting. Leaning his elbows on the counter, the brunette smirked even more.

"Maybe. Do you want me to hit on you?" Sasuke asked and Naruto let a small laugh at that. Then he shrugged his shoulders lightly, but suggestively.

"Maybe." Naruto answered and kept smiling. "So what are you doing here? Relieving today's stress as well?"

"Yeah, I guess you can say that..." Sasuke said, his thoughts going back to the graves he visited today. Then he shook his head lightly, he had more pressing matters than that. "Anyway, enough about that. You come here often? Because this is the first time I've seen you here... and I wouldn't miss you."

"You think so?" Naruto asked laughing sheepishly, slightly embarrassed at the compliment. "Nah, I rarely allow myself free time, let alone coming here and drinking... althoughtonight, I plan to get smashed like never before!"

"Hn...Some really perverted clients you have in that restaurant of yours, to be so determined." Sasuke said, looking at the blonde somehow interested. Naruto chuckled lightly.

"You can't even imagine! Like, take that guy who talks about penises all the time? Seriously, I bet his is so small that he have to make up for that all the time..." Naruto blinked at what he just said. Then looked at Sasuke, who to his surprise was chuckling slightly and grinned. "This is not getting awkward, is it?"

"No dobe. It's not." Sasuke answered, small smile still on his lips. Dobe... yeah, no matter where that came from, it somehow suited Naruto, with his 'rainbow and sunshine' personality.

"Hey!" Naruto said and pouted playfully, which—as Sasuke immediately noticed—was extremely alluring. "Where did that come from, you... you bastard, you!"

"Oh please, that's not very creative. Every person I ever knew called me that." Sasuke said, rolling his eyes but smirked nonetheless.

"Some strange pick up lines you've got there, really...but you know what, I just knew there had to be something more to you. You couldn't just be pretty." Naruto said frowning and shaking his head. Sasuke had to smirk at that. Leaning closer to the blonde, he looked at him suggestively.

"So you do think I'm pretty." Naruto blinked. Sasuke was so close he could feel his breath on his face... What was he doing, really? He wasn't just hitting on him, he—

"Heh. Tell me Sasuke..." Naruto grinned slyly as well and looked at Sasuke confidently, not bothering to move away. "Are you looking for a quick fuck?"

Sasuke was amused once again. For the second time in, what, twenty minutes maybe? And Sasuke was not an easy person to amuse, mind you. The blonde really was interesting.

"And what if I am?" Naruto thought about it for a second. Despite asking such question, he didn't really expect him to respond like that...

"Then let's get to it." He said and blinked immediately. Whoa, hold right there. Did he just agree to have sex with this complete good looking stranger? Sasuke looked at him in wonder, but smirked all the same. Who was he to complain, really. It only made everything so much easier.

"Then let's go." The brunette said, getting up and waiting for Naruto. The blonde hesitated weighing his options. He could either go home with some complete good looking stranger, have random sex and probably catch STD or HIV along the wayor he could just stay here, drink a few more drinks, have a nice chat with the barman and go safely home afterwards... Complete stranger it is. At least he was good looking...

"Okay." Naruto said and followed Sasuke out of the club. Sasuke led him to the parking lot and Naruto raised his brow at what he saw. "You've got a motor?"

"Yeah." Sasuke said, swinging one leg over the black seat and putting his helmet on. Then he handed one for the blonde. "Anything wrong?"

"No..." Naruto said, sitting behind Sasuke. He actually always wanted one as well, but never could afford it. "It's quite cool actually, you know? Damn it Sasuke, you're getting even cooler with every passing second."

"Hn." Sasuke smirked to himself, as he started the engine. "Just hold on tight—I mean it."

Naruto looked confused for a second, but when Sasuke pushed the accelerator and the motor jerk violently forward, he instantly got the message. Putting his arms around Sasuke's waist, he closed his eyes tightly. Something told him that it was going to be one hell of a ride...


The minute Sasuke stopped the motor in front of his block, Naruto jumped from it throwing his arms into the air.

"Earth!" He screamed, glad he finally was on something that didn't move. "I made it! I swear I will appreciate every aspect of my life from now on!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes again as he put the helmets away and walked up to the blonde.

"Then appreciate my standing in the neighbourhood and shut up, dobe." He said, hitting the blonde in the head lightly and moving passed him.

"Teme! I'm just glad that I'm still alive!" Naruto yelled back and jogged a little to catch up with Sasuke. "Do you always drive like that or am I just special?"

"Oh, you certainly are special." Sasuke said sarcastically and Naruto send him a glare as they entered an elevator. "But I really believe we have some other matters to take care of..."

Just as he said it, Sasuke stepped closer to the blonde and grabbed the front of his shirt tightly. Glancing in the confused, blue eyes, Sasuke smirked to himself and sealed their lips. He was freakin sexually frustrated!

Naruto blinked in shock at first but then remembered why they were even here. It sure as hell included kissing... But seriously, he talked with the brunette so fluently, he felt like they were old friends, not random people in a need of a good fuck... because even if in the beginning it was only Sasuke who was looking for sex, Naruto was horny as well now.

Closing his eyes, the blonde put his arms around Sasuke's neck and pulled him closer, parting his lips. Immediately jumping at the opportunity, Sasuke slipped his tongue inside and explored Naruto's mouth. The blonde moaned, as Sasuke touched his tongue gently with his... God, Naruto was glad Sasuke lived on the last floor.

When the elevator stopped, Sasuke pushed Naruto out without breaking the kiss and slammed the blonde into the nearby wall. Moving away a little, he gazed into the half lidded blue eyes.

"Good so far?" He asked in a hushed voiced, breathing a little bit heavier than usual. Naruto smirked slightly, looking at the brunette as well.

"Yeah, but still... I bet you could do better." Naruto said, even though that was the best kiss of his entire life. Seriously, Sasuke had some major skill in this department.

"You bet I can." Sasuke answered slyly, once again amused. After opening his apartment, he pushed Naruto inside and closed the door behind them with a loud thud.

"Wow, some place you've got here." Naruto said amused at seeing Sasuke's place.

"Hn." Sasuke grunted simply, taking off his jacket, grabbing Naruto by his arm and pulling him to his bedroom. "You are free to admire that room."

With that the brunette put his arms around the blonde's waist and pulled him closer, capturing his lips. Naruto didn't waste any more time as well. Moving his lips, he encircled Sasuke's neck with his arms and massaged it with his fingers gently.

Sasuke pushed Naruto forward, aiming for his bed. By the time they made it there, he had already slipped his hands under the blonde's shirt, pulled it over his head and tossed it on the floor. His shirt soon followed suite and they both landed on soft mattress, Sasuke sitting on top of Naruto.

The brunette smirked down on the blonde, as he ran the tips of his fingers along his chest lightly. Naruto really did have a beautiful body. Slim, almost girlish... tanned and soft.

"Relax." He said and leaned down, kissing Naruto's neck in several places chastely. The blonde looked to the side. He wasn't that stressed, he had just never done it with a complete stranger before... although he didn't really feel like he was with a stranger when he was near Sasuke. Which was pretty strange since despite having an easygoing personality Naruto didn't have many friends.

"Who says I'm stressed?" Naruto asked smirking and moving his hips a little under Sasuke. The brunette gasped and looked at Naruto for a minute, before smirking as well and capturing his lips in a passionate kiss. The blonde moaned into Sasuke's mouth and put one hand in his hair, the other on his back, trying to pull him even closer.

When Sasuke had to let go because of the lack of air, he moved his lips to Naruto's neck again, then chest and stomach until he stopped just above the hem of his trousers. Removing them along with the underwear, he undressed himself completely as well and went back to kissing Naruto's body.

Naruto gasped and closed his eyes as he felt Sasuke's tongue move along his member. Putting his fingers into the brunette's hair, he massaged his scalp moaning lightly. Sasuke glanced at the blonde from his position between his legs. God, the sound he was making, almost like purring was so arousing, Sasuke was sure he couldn't get any harder now.

Giving the blonde's member a final lick, he moved back again, grinding their hips together and moaning in anticipation. Leaning down, he lightly bit Naruto's lip and slipped his tongue inside, kissing him roughly. After positioning himself between the blonde's legs, he pushed inside him, feeling Naruto's moan vibrating through his throat.

Letting Naruto get use to the sensation, Sasuke moved to his neck and sucked on in, leaving bruised marks. When the blonde nudged him lightly with his arm, Sasuke started to move, slow thrusts quickly transforming into more forceful ones. Sasuke bit his lip and rested his forehead on the blonde's shoulder, as Naruto arched his back.

"Nhn... Sasuke..." Naruto moaned closing his eyes tightly and gritting his teeth. God, this felt so freakin good...

Sasuke moaned loudly as he felt himself come inside the blonde. Pulling out and collapsing on top of Naruto, he breathed heavily, feeling a sticky and wet substance on his stomach. Smirking, Sasuke glanced at the blonde who lay under him with closed eyes, also inhaling deeply.

"So did I win our bet?" He asked in a tired voice. Naruto smiled wearily and looked at Sasuke as well from the corner of his eyes.

"You bet you did." The blonde said, moving a hand thorough his hair and then placing it on top of Sasuke's back in a hugging manner. The brunette let his eyes close. God, was he tired...

Naruto, immediately noticing that Sasuke was already falling asleep, somehow managed to pull the duvet and cover them with it. Sighing tiredly, he spared one last glance at the man he had just met a few hours ago. He never thought something like this would happen to him, but damn was he glad. Sasuke really seemed like an extremely interesting person... rude and impolite, but still interesting. Naruto didn't regret any of tonight's actions in the slightest...


Naruto's eyes fluttered open slowly. He looked at his surroundings... it wasn't his home. The blonde's eyes went wide and he wanted to scream but felt something heavy dropped over his waist. Looking down he noticed a pale arm... then felt hot air on his neck...

Sasuke! Right, now he remembered everything... Naruto grinned to himself calming down, as the memories of last night events came back to him. The blonde's grin dropped however, as he wondered what next?

How did people behave after one night stands? Was he suppose to disappear right now or wait until the brunette woke up, have a chat with him and be on his merry way? Naruto frowned lightly. What was going to happen to him and Sasuke now? Sure he wasn't stupid enough to think that the brunette wanted a relationship but there was something between them, something very interesting...

But what was he supposed to do now, really? He wondered if Sasuke was still asleep... he lay on his side, so he couldn't see. Okay, Naruto decided to just lay there silently and pretend to be asleep...

"Dobe..." The blonde blinked as he heard a low grunt from behind him. The arm from around his waist disappeared and he felt the weight on the mattress shift a little.

Turning to lay on his back, Naruto looked at Sasuke. He was sitting on the bed with his knees bend and his elbows resting on them.

"How did you know I was awake?" Naruto asked, grinning sheepishly. Moving his black eyes to the blonde, Sasuke smirked.

"You were hyperventilating." He said with a smug expression.

"Oh..." Naruto laughed slightly embarrassed. "You know, that was my first time, I didn't really know what to do."

Sasuke blinked a few times trying to process his words. He didn't mean he—

"No! I see you got it wrong already!" Naruto said hurriedly, observing Sasuke the whole time. "It wasn't my first time having sex, please. It was my first time doing it with a complete stranger, you know."

"Oh..." Sasuke nodded, feeling somewhat relieved. Then he sighed and started to look for his clothes. "Okay, come on, I will make... you some...breakfast..." Sasuke said, every next word coming slower than the last one.

What. The. Fuck. Was. He. Doing?! He never ever let people even stay after having random sex, let alone chat with them in the morning and offer them breakfast! What was happening with him? And what was that? A smirk, a smile, a fucking chuckle? He didn't do that!


"Get out!" Sasuke screamed, pointing the doors with his hand, his eyes wide. Naruto blinked a few times, trying to understand the situation.


"Didn't you hear me? Get the fuck out!" God, he needed to get rid of the blonde now! This wasn't normal, for him to behave like that...

Naruto, still confused, opened and closed his mouth several times but couldn't find any words to say. Maybe Sasuke was a nut case after all... Then again, he couldn't help but feel a little hurt. There, everything was perfectly fine one minute, and in the second he went crazy on him.

"Naruto, I mean it." Sasuke growled and Naruto noticed that his eyes narrowed dangerously. He really was serious. Getting up and gathering his clothes, the blonde got dressed without another word. Finally ready, he headed towards the door, but looked one last time at the brunette.

"For all it's worth, I really did enjoy last night." The blonde said in a dull voice and stepped away from the bedroom, closing the door behind him. When Sasuke heard the front door close as well, he sighed tiredly, collapsing on the bed.

Looking at the ceiling, he moved his hand through his hair. Seriously, what had he gotten himself into this time?


Sasuke really didn't know what that thing with the blonde was, but he wasn't going to think about it, he simply didn't want to. He was just going to ignore it.

Because if Sasuke was good at something it was ignoring. Ignoring things, ignoring thoughts – you name it, he could ignore it for you. It was a virtue he mastered more than perfectly and that was something, mind you. The 'Art Of Ignoring', as Sasuke liked to label it in his mind, wasn't even fairly easy – it took a sharp and intelligent mind, lots of confidence and a strong will. Because to ignore things successfully you had to first notice them and then tell yourself that it was something entirely different then you happened to have thought in the beginning – and you had to do it in such a convincing way, that you would actually believe it.

So yeah, Sasuke was pretty damn proud of himself as he walked through the narrow paths of the cemetery with a smug expression, actually believing that he wasn't interested in the blonde and that he most certainly didn't want to see him again.

Anyway, he had other things in his mind... the moment Naruto left his apartment he started to think about his visit at the graveyard again. So, not being able to stop and not having anything else to do, he decided to come here again and think.

Stopping in front of the three familiar graves, Sasuke looked at them dully... and heard a loud gasp from his right. Moving his head to the side, Sasuke saw...

...no one other, then Naruto.

Sasuke narrowed his eyes instantly. What the fuck? Did he follow him here or something... no, the shocked expression on the blonde's face said everything. There was only explanation as to why he was here as well...

"You!" Naruto screamed, pointing his finger at the brunette. What was going on? Didn't he kick him out only this morning? And now what, he wasfollowing him?

Sasuke rolled his eyes as he could see the thoughts going through the blonde's mind. God, what a weird situation this was...

"No, I didn't follow you here, dobe." Sasuke said, and turned his eyes to the graves again, planning to ignore the blonde of course. Just his luck, the person he just had random sex with had his family's graves right next to his...

"Tch. Like I care if you did, teme." Naruto scoffed, crossing his arms on his chest. Was he pissed? Of course he was pissed! Sure, the sex was just for one night, but that didn't mean he had to be treated the way he was!

"What are you, five?" Sasuke asked sarcastically, when he heard the blonde's tone. Seriously, did he miss something and were they in kindergarten again?

"Maybe!" Naruto said, sticking his tongue out and pouting a minute later. Sasuke observed the blonde looking stubbornly in front of himself, shaking his head lightly. No, he decided, he really didn'tcare.

Naruto glanced from the corner of his eye at the brunette. He wanted to receive some kind of reaction from the brunette, damn it! When he didn't hear anything after the next few minutes though, he turned to look fully at Sasuke... and his face went sad immediately.

He was standing there, his head slightly down and his back slouched. His face dull, almost emotionless... almost, because even from Naruto was standing, he could notice something sparkling in his eyes. Something extremely sad and full of regret and guilt.

Deciding to forget about his hurt pride for the time being, Naruto moved towards Sasuke slowly. Stopping next to the brunette, he glanced at him.

"Do you know who is buried here?" He asked in a calm, tender voice.

Sasuke didn't respond for a few minutes despite hearing the question. He was so deep in thought, he didn't even pay attention to his next words.

"Yeah." He said and smirked bitterly to himself. "My parents... and me."

In all his great intellect, Naruto didn't see that coming. Not really knowing what else to do, the blond turned his eyes slowly to the names engraved on the stones.

Uchiha Fugaku. Uchiha Mikoto... and Uchiha Sasuke.


A/N: Okay, here is the first chapter of my new story! Of course there gonna be more... much more XD It's my first SasuNaru by the way, I always wrote SasuIta only... Anyway, I hope you enjoy it, cause I'm really satisfied with how that turned out!