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Bella POV

I woke up to my love sitting there. We were engaged and life seemed to go perfect for us. He agreed to go all the way with me after our wedding.

"Good morning love," he said looking up at me with that crooked smile I just love.

"Good morning," I smiled back.

"Let's get you some breakfast then we will go over to my house, if that's ok with you?"

"Yep, let's go!"

We went downstairs and I ate my breakfast. After that we got in his car and drove to his house. On the way, I couldn't help thinking about my life. I get the guy I love and he's going to change me. Life is perfect…..

Just then my phone rang and it was Lucille.

"Hey Lucille," I said trying to process why she was calling.

"Hi, Bells, we need you now!!" She said seriously.

"Ok, I'll be there in about 10 minutes. Are the rest of you there?"

"Yes we are, see you then…."

I hung up the phone. Oh yea my life's just perfect…. NOT! That's the other part of my life. I have to keep it a secret at least for now. I guess you could call me an angel. I am one of 4 special angels. We have the powers of vampires and other creatures, but we can fly. So basically we call each other winged ones.

"Edward, I'm sorry, but I have to go and I can't tell you where. I'll be back later."

"No Bella, for the last 2 weeks, you've been leaving. Are….are you cheating on me?" He said his voice cracking. God I wish I could tell him.

"No Edward, I would never do that. I will explain later. For right now I have to go whether you want me to or not."

"Fine, bye my love!"

"Bye," I said as I got out and ran into the forest.

I started running full speed which is faster than Edward. I got my wings back and felt myself flying.

When I got to where the rest of them where I slowed down.

"Where have you been Bella? We almost went on without you!" Lucille scolded me.

"I'm sorry Lucille, Edward wouldn't let me go. He wants an explanation…" I said sadly.

"Ok, well you should tell him after we finish the war." That came from Kate.

The 4 winged ones consist of Kate, Lucille, Sam, and me. I am actually 150 years old. Charlie and Renee are winged ones too. Charlie was the king and the leader of the winged ones a long time ago. Renee was the queen and the head of the 4 of us. After a while they stepped down and Lucille took the place.

We fight the demons which are basically out to kill the winged ones. Then after they kill the winged ones they go on to the vampires. That's bad considering I am marrying one, so they will go after the Cullen's first.

The 4 of us started flying to where the demons were. We are in the middle of a war and they won't leave us alone.

I took the head master of them, John, because he is the most powerful. I am the most powerful out of our group, but I am slower than Lucille so she's our leader. I'm pretty much our 2nd leader. I killed John in a heart beat and went to help the rest out.

After we were done, I went back to the Cullens.

"I guess I should tell them the truth soon…." I said to Kate on our way back.

"You can wait until the end of the war to tell them," She replied looking at me hopeful. She didn't want to see me hurt if he decided to leave me.

"Yea I think I will do that, but he thinks I'm cheating on him!"

"Wow, he seriously thinks you would do that." Lucille said laughing.

When we got back to the Cullen's, we all slowed down and our wings went away. We can do that by saying in our mind, wings away.

I went up to the house and knocked.

Alice answered the door and said to come in. I told her I would in a minute. She decided to come out to meet my friends.

"Well guys, it was nice today," I said looking at them.

"Wait, you guys don't have to leave, you want to stay?" Alice asked as the rest of the family came out. Edward came over to me.

"Hey, welcome back," He said in my ear.

"Thanks, I'm sorry about earlier, I just had some things to take care of."

"Ok guys, since you are probably wondering. These are my friends Lucille, Kate and Sam," I said pointing at them.

The Cullen's all introduced themselves. Emmett decided to be funny and went up and hugged them all.

"So are these the girls your cheating on Eddie with Bella?" Emmett snickered while looking at an angry Edward.

"I was with them today, we had some problems we needed to take care of." I said choosing to ignore Emmett's comment.

"Ok, Bells, we need to go…. She's calling us again!" They said laughing.

"Have fun, tell Veronica I said hi," I said as they started running at human pace. Veronica is our trainer. She is the one who trains them for our wars. I don't need to be trained that often because I'm the oldest and I have the most experience.

"I'll call you to tell you when we need you again," Lucille shouted towards me.

The Cullen's all went inside and Edward took me to the meadow. I wish he knew what I was, it would make things a whole lot easier…..

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