I entered this poem in a contest and won!

Silent Angel

You see that girl lurkign int he dim shadows.
She stares at others smiling, laughing.
Will she ever be like that? Who knows...

Don't you wonder who she is?
Don't you ponder why she's all alone?
When she speaks, people fear her.
Such beauty with a sharp tone.

She's the one who listens.
She's the one who never complains.
She keeps her problems buried deep inside.
She never lets people know she's in pain.

Why does she do this?
Why does she keep so deadly quiet?
People look at her, wondering what she might do.
Will she shout? Harm someone? Start a riot?

In secret, on a stormy night, she loses control.
Her confined tears match the harsh rain.
When people try to help,
It's an action in vain.

Because she's a silent angel.