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Chapter 1: School:


I sighed pulling into the school car park.

I didn't want to leave the warmth of my truck. Winter in forks was the worst- freezing cold temperatures, fog everywhere, dangerous roads and snowball fights.

Looking out the window I took in the weather conditions. The blizzard that had formed hadn't gotten any better and I could barely see the car parked next to mine because snow was getting blown around everywhere.

I had my heater on full blast and was more than happy to stay in my truck for an extra 10 minutes, but I knew if I did I would be late for the beginning of the school day.

I wanted to get my journey across the car park over with as soon as possible.

I pulled my keys out of the ignition and quickly opened my door, only to be greeted by a freezing cold gust of wind that felt like a thousand needles to my face. The powerful wind was pushing my open door all the way back, and almost off it's hinges.

I reached across the drivers seat and grabbed by book bag slinging it over my shoulder. I then hurriedly closed my trucks door.

Subsequently, I turned and began my trudge across the car park towards the schools entrance.

Thank goodness I had put on warm clothes today. I was wearing one of my favorite t-shirts that said 'Bite Me' on the front. On top I had on a plain black hoody, and layered over that a maroon knee length coat.

I was wearing a pair of jeans and black khaki boots that were lined with wool on the inside.

My hair was out and my outfit was complete with a simple grey scarf and matching gloves.

As I walked across the car park all I focused on was reaching the warmth of the school.

I was fighting against the wind, trying to stay upright as I continued to stumble all the way across the snow covered area.

Finally reaching the building entrance I swiftly opened the front door and entered the crowded hall.

I was instantly enveloped in warmth. I let the heat spread throughout my body, gratefully enjoying the high temperature and friendly atmosphere.

I pulled off my scarf and gloves and hastily walked towards the locker room.

Somehow I managed to find my locker through the thick wall of students.

I entered my combination and pulled open the door. I placed my book bag on the shelf and then took off my coat, folded it and placed in the centre of my small locker. After that I neatly placed my gloves and scarf on top of my coat in an efficient pile.

From my book bag I pulled out the books I needed during first period and my small pencil case. I closed my locker.

Turning around I saw my friend Angela sanding right in front of me.

"Hey Ang." I said. "How did your date go with Ben last night?" I asked raising my eye brows.

'It was okay, I guess' she shrugged and quickly turned away. I was taken aback; this was not the answer that I was expecting.

I managed to catch her arm and spun her around to face me.

'Don't play with me, how was it?'

She shook her head and blushed.

'He kissed you didn't he?' I asked eyes wide

'Yeah' she said softly

I stood there, my moth agape until I finally managed to say something;

'Oh, I am so happy for you!' I squealed rapping my arms around her, though a sharp pang of jealousy ran through me.

It seemed easy for Ang to be able to find love that she knew was meant for her.

Even my best friend Alice had found someone. When her brother Emmett had come from collage he had bought his girlfriend Rosalie, and his best friend Jasper.

That's how Alice had met Jasper, 'the boy of her dreams', and it was obvious that they were meant to be together.

Why couldn't I have someone like that?

I tell you why. Because I was an ordinary, boring girl who wasn't worth someone's love. Well, that's what I think anyway.

Although Angela wasn't as beautiful as Alice, she still had Ben. If only I could be like them.

Bella stop thinking like that! I told myself angrily.

Just then two boys walked past us, deep in conversation.

Not interested I looked away but Angela kept on looking at one of the boys, which I soon recognized as Ben.

I noticed that Ang held an expression of love and longing on her face and that she wanted to go and approach him. She turned to me with questioning eyes.

I leant forward and whispered 'Go get him, tiger'

'Are you sure?' she asked uncertainly.

'Yeah' I said nodding.

She began to walk away but stopped

'Bella?' she said coming back, 'On Saturday night a masquerade ball is being held and I'm going with Ben, I thought you might want to come? I know dancing isn't your thing but I thought you could bring Alice knowing that she's never one to miss a party.'

I grimaced. Ang had it right, Dancing and Parties were not my thing, but I didn't want to disappoint her.

"Yeah, ok," I said "I'll come."


She quickly hugged me and then began walking towards Ben.

When she reached him she laced her fingers through his. He looked down at her and kissed her on the cheek, she blushed lightly.

Before I had a chance to walk away I heard a familiar voice call my name, I didn't have to turn around to know who the person was.

'Hey Bella' Mike Newton said walking beside me 'How are you today?'

I stifled a sigh, typical teenage Mike Newton always thinking that he can get any girl that he wants. Three guesses to who that girl currently is?

I'm sorry to disappoint you Mike, I thought but you're not going to get me…

'I'm fine Mike' I said tiredly bracing myself for the next question.

'Are you doing anything on Friday night, because if you aren't then…youcangotothemovieswithmeright?' he said the last part really fast with a keen smile on his face.

I sighed; 'Mike listen I'm pretty busy tomorrow night with study, you know for the calculus exam we have on Monday?'

I knew that we had no calculus test coming up, although Mike didn't. And besides, I did have a lot of studying to do so technically I wasn't lying; simply twisting the truth…wasn't I?

I watched Mikes face to make sure my lie hadn't hurt his feelings too much.

His face fell when I mentioned I couldn't go out with him, but almost instantly lit up again, "what about Saturday there's a masquerade ball you want to come with me?'

'I'm sorry but I'm going with some friends. Angela and Alice?'

'Oh, ok. It's cool' he said walking away.

I stood there looking after him, feeling a little guilty.

Unexpectedly the first bell suddenly rung and I quickly dashed down the hall and to the direction of my home room.

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