Fifteen-year-old Dick Grayson listened to his History teacher without interest. The world around him was like nothing. Yup. He was daydreaming. Again.

"Dick!" his friend Sara whispered to wake him up.

"You're going to get in trouble!"

"Sorry," he blushed.

"I have a lot on my mind." It's true. He had to rescue Batman and Commissioner Gordon from Joker last night, and Batman said Robin had a reward coming. Usually rewards for kindergartners that know three times three, but Batman's rewards were far better than getting candy. His rewards were getting a motorcycle, a car, maybe even a bigger room!


"Master Dick? It seems we're in a bit of trouble," Alfred said, "it seems Commissioner Gordon and Bruce were having a chat about Bruce keeping the Jhudora diamond here, when the Joker took them hostage."

"Anything else?" Dick asked surprised.

"No, sir. That's all we know," Alfred replied.

"Then it looks like Robin's gonna have to step into the picture," Dick said.

"Are you sure you can handle this alone, Master Dick?" Alfred asked as they got to the Batcave.

"Yeah. This always happens in movies," he replied. He changed into his uniform (IN A DIFFERENT ROOM!) and got on his R-cycle. When he reached Joker's hideout, he slipped in. He was soon met by Joker's henchmen. He totally kicked their butts. Then came Harley Quinn. She was a tough one to defeat, but he soon knocked her unconscious. He made his way up the stairs into the room where Joker was.

"Give it up, Joker!" he yelled.

"Don't you mean give them up?" he asked.

"Same thing!" he said as he took out his bo-staff.

"Eager are we?" Joker asked.

"Yeah! Eager to save Ba- Bruce and the Commissioner, go home, and go to bed!" Robin yelled.

"Tell me? Where is Batman? Or have you gone solo?" Joker asked.

"Uh- he's here," Robin said, staring at the cage where the Commissioner and Bruce/Batman were.

"Where?" Joker said.

"A lot closer than you think," Robin said. They fought for about five minutes when Robin finally knocked Joker to the ground (not unconsciously).

"You're finished, Joker," Robin said as he undid the lock on the cage and got the Commissioner and Bruce/Batman out.

"On the contrary…" Joker said as Harley Quinn sneaked (NOT A WORD! stupid teachers) behind him. She sprayed something on him that made him dizzy.

"Oh," he moaned as he lost his balance. He fell into Bruce's arms.

"Robin!" Bruce yelled.

"I'm fine. Just lost my balance," Robin said holding his head. He let it go a couple seconds later and caught Harley (who had been running). Soon the police came and took Joker and Harley to jail. Back at the mansion…

"Are you sure you're okay?" Bruce asked.

"I'm fine," Dick said as he got in bed.

"You know you're getting a reward for this," Bruce said turning off the light.

"I do now," Dick said as the door shut.

End Flashback