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Chapter One: No-Good Tsuna

Sawada Tsunayoshi, commonly known as Tsuna to the few friends that he had, was currently sitting on a bench, awaiting the bus to arrive. People beside him tapped their high-heeled shoes or dress shoes against the smooth concrete of the sidewalk, anxiously wishing that the damn bus would just come already because they can't be late for their jobs AGAIN. Meanwhile, cars rushed to and fro before Tsuna, some exceeding the speed limit as they raced against time.

At 7 o'clock in the morning, it seemed everyone was busy- everyone except Tsuna. Tsuna let out a long and weary sigh, suddenly slamming his face into the palms of his hands. It had been the 10th time now that he has been fired from a series of jobs, one after the other. Not that this was much of a surprise, Tsuna reflected, as his life had been always like this.

In his school days, he was always known as "No-Good Tsuna". He wasn't good academically, and indeed, he failed almost all his classes. He wasn't exactly athletic either. In fact, his most dreaded class of the day was gym, because for some reason, whenever they played a ball game, which was always, the ball always somehow found its way to his crotch. It was like his gonads were a magnet for balls. His luck was even worse, if such a thing could be possible- during their school festival, of all the roles he could have picked from the "role hat", he had to pick the one of the clown who people had to throw balls at in order to win a prize.

Actually, it was a miracle he graduated from school at all. He always managed to pass by one point to the next grade after studying non-stop (without sleeping or eating) in the week before the exam. It wasn't that he was lazy or anything before any of his other tests-in fact, he was quite hard working. Every night before an exam he would study until it was the next morning. The only thing was that, no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn't get the material that was taught.

After somehow passing college, he was sent out into the world. But, of course, as his academic records were anything but exemplary, any "good" jobs refused him. This being so, he asked for jobs at random places. So far, he had worked as a waiter at "The Mirage" a run-down restaurant located in downtown Namimori, but had gotten fired because his bad luck caused him to trip on air and send a plate full of spaghetti crashing down onto a food critic's head. But really, Tsuna thought, the critic should have thanked him, after helping him cover the sizeable bald spot on his aging head. Then, Tsuna had been hired as a construction worker, after the boss took pity on him, but then he got squashed by the wooden beam he was carrying off the truck. After that, he was hired as a day care worker, and that had actually gotten along pretty well, as the kids liked him, but then a co-worker got jealous of his sudden success and framed him by teaching Lambo, a kid under his jurisdiction, to point his middle finger at his mother. Well, that was what really happened, but Tsuna thought that it was his fault for showing them an episode of Spiderman and forgetting to tell them that Spiderman kept his middle finger down, not up, when preparing to shoot out his webs. After that, he worked at an ice-cream store, but then he forgot to close the door of the refrigerator in the back tightly and the all the ice-ream melted the next day.

He then worked odd-jobs, such as cutting random strangers' yards, but when he almost, somehow, ran over his toe with the lawn mower, he thought it would be in the best interest for himself that he resign from such a deadly job. He worked at a local McDonald's afterwards as the cleaner of the bathrooms, but then he ended up flooding the entire bathroom and was kicked out of the restaurant…literally. By some twist of fate, he got accepted as the secretary of a desperate boss of a small, new business, and he was good at the job too, but one day, important documents that could have resulted in the business flourishing suddenly disappeared, and he was blamed for it. He then found that he could actually make soup, Japanese foods, and some western pastries when he was staying at his mother's one day, and found a job quite easily at "Madame's Pastries", a bakery in a small but peaceful town located in a reclusive part of Namimori. It wasn't that his cooking was exceptionally exquisite, and really, it was at most, decent, but when Madame Pomney, the owner of the store, tasted a small portion of his sponge cake, she had remarked that, though his cooking was barely that of a third-rate chef's, for some reason, whenever she ate his cooking, she felt somehow really happy and light. This view was shared among the rest of the small bakery's patrons but then the bakery had to close, and Tsuna spent many happy days there, but the bakery was forced to close when a new and more modern bakery opened right next door to "Madame's Pastroes" and stole all but its most loyal customers. He then worked as an errand boy for "Gyoza", a small Chinese restaurant, and after a while, he proved to be quite efficient at his job, but more importantly, dedicated. However, he was let off when the Chinese restaurant got a delivery truck and as he didn't have a license, they hired someone else, since they simply didn't need him anymore. Tsuna didn't really mind this though- he felt genuinely happy as the Chinese restaurant was growing more and more in popularity and he truly cared for the owner and the employees. After all, it was one of the few places where the people there treated him kindly.

Now, he got fired from his zoo-keepers job when he entered the "in construction", Safari zone, where a black panther and a dangerously poisonous, but rare snake attacked him simultaneously all at once for some unfathomable reason.

Tsuna sighed as he got up from the bench when he saw the bus coming. "Oh well", he thought, "I would have had to wake up at 4 every morning for that job anyway…so maybe this is for the best."

Tsuna stepped up 5 inches from the edge of the sidewalk, just in time to receive a wave of mud as the bus slid past him and into the bus parking zone.

Tsuna stared at the advertisement for some singer on the side of the bus for awhile incredulously.

Then he sighed and trudged up the stairs of the bus, tracking mud through the floor of the bus. The bus driver, a woman with a voluptuous figure and a doll-like face glared at him, but upon seeing his tormented eyes snapped her rosy mouth shut into a thin line, pitying the poor man.

As he stood among the passengers of the bus, ignoring the disgusted looks they sent him, he wondered what it was that he was going to do next.


Miura Haru slammed her hand flat against the mahogany coffee table, causing the pencils and Styrofoam coffee cups to jump up slightly, her huge, almond shaped eyes narrowed.


Tsuna "eeped" in fear and managed to stutter out, "Y-yes, H-haru?"

"STAND UP FOR YOURSELF!" Haru slammed one foot onto the desk and pointed with an index figure up at the glaring yellow lights on the ceiling in a rather inspiring heroic pose.


Haru slammed her foot on the table again for emphasis while Tsuna backed away from the chair and let out a frightened, "HA-HIII!"

"You know what? I'm going to call those stupid people! I'm complaining for you!" Haru said, determination flickering in her golden-brown eyes, though calmer now.

But as Haru ran for the phone on the other side of the room, Tsuna launched himself after her, grabbing her legs to prevent her from going any further.

"Haru, don't call…please? Even though it might not have been entirely my fault, in a way it still was. I should have been more careful- and the people are probably scared that this would happen again so they fired me…I'm sure they had my best interests at mind…so…H-haru, p-please?"

Haru stared at Tsuna's warm, wide, brown eyes for a second before slinking to the floor and cupping Tsuna's cheek with her hand.

"…I understand, but Tsuna, I just…I just…"

"I know…I'll work harder next time." Tsuna said, a soft smile gracing his lips.

Haru looked frustrated and opened her mouth to say something, but Tsuna grasped the hand on his cheek and squeezed it slightly, and she quieted.

A silence stretched on for a few minutes before I-pin the other girl in the apartment they were in suddenly popped up and said in a cheerful voice, "ENOUGH! DRAMA! CUT! I BRING WITH ME… FOOD!"

Haru abruptly jumped up, shouting equally as loud, "FOOD?! COME, MY FRIEND! I SHALL HELP YOU PREPARE OUR FEAST!"

Tsuna raised himself up to help but then both girls turned on him and said in quiet, scary voices, "Sit."

Tsuna plopped himself immediately while both girls, now humming, skipped into the kitchen. Settling himself down beside the coffee table again, he sighed, tapping his red pen against the newspaper's job section. Chewing lightly on the cap of his red pen, he glanced at the girls working in the kitchen out of the corner of his eyes.

Since there were no doors separating the kitchen from the living room (where Tsuna was currently situated) and the dining room, Tsuna could clearly see the two girls bustling about. He smiled fondly as he watched the girls help heat up the dinner that I-pin brought with her.

Haru and I-pin were one of Tsuna's only friends. Haru had always been with Tsuna since middle school. Though they had attended different schools, they had met on the way to school one day, and by chance, Tsuna had saved Haru's life. Ever since then, from middle school to high school, she had aspired to be Tsuna's wife. However, when they reached college, they came to be a mutual, unspoken understanding that their relationship was only that of close friends, or at the very most, brother and sister.

It was sort of embarrassing to Tsuna that in their relationship, he served as a younger brother, but it made sense. After all, Haru was everything Tsuna was not-she was smart and talented and always bright and vivacious. While Tsuna had only attended Nanimori Middle School, a standard school at best, Haru had attended Midori Middle School, a prestigious all-girls school who accepted none but the best. Not only that, while Haru had gone onto a well-known and revered university, Tsuna barely made it into a community college-and now, Haru was establishing a reputation for herself as a brilliant fashion designer.

On the other hand, Tsuna met I-pin when he was working at "Gyoza". I-pin was the daughter of the owner of the small Chinese restaurant, and often worked part-time with him as a delivery person after school. Though I-pin was only in high school and sixteen years old, she could take care of herself really well and was a legend among Chinese martial artists in the area. Even though he had long since been let off from the staff of Gyoza, I-pin always visited him whenever she could. When he confronted her about it out of curiosity, she had just smiled at him and said, "Because whenever I am around Tsuna-kun I feel happy." He never questioned her again.

Currently, I-pin had swept all the papers on the coffee table with practiced ease and grace with a flourish, and then sent a red tablecloth made of silky fabric fluttering onto the small table, snapping Tsuna out of his reminiscent thoughts. Haru then promptly settled down their dinner in one smooth motion and provided Tsuna with his chopsticks.

"Ah! Hold on, I have to wash my hands." Tsuna stated with panicky movements, as always.

"Oh, alright." Haru said slightly less cheerful than usual, bringing back the proffered chopsticks and laying it carefully onto a pile of napkins.

"We'll wait for you." I-pin added.

"A-ah. Arigatou." Tsuna said, a bit confused at the unusually solemn expression on his friends' faces.

He quickly washed his hands with soap and then ran back into the kitchen, where he suddenly found his instincts screaming at him to run away. He took a step back as Haru and I-pin narrowed their eyes at him even more.

"Sit down, Tsuna." Haru commanded tersely.


Haru laid her chin on her interlocked hands and scrutinized Tsuna carefully.


I-pin coughed lightly then turned to Tsuna, placing her hands onto her thighs in a lady-like fashion.

"After much debate, Haru and I have determined the best way for you to get a new job."


Haru leaned forward and said, "We have decided to…"

"Attend a…" I-pin continued.

"CONCERT!" They both screamed.


"A concert?" Tsuna managed to choke out after a few seconds. Of all the ideas his friends have conjured up for him, this would have to be the strangest. Okay, this wasn't as strange as when they believed that if he stood on one foot the whole day and hopped around the supermarket, he would get a job, but this was a close second. But there was that time when they thought letting a Beluga whale kiss him would ensure good luck to him forever…okay, so maybe this wasn't as strange as some of their ideas but still.

"Yes," they said simultaneously, looking truly serious, "We are going to go to the concert The Guardians will be holding here in Namimori tomorrow!"

"The Guardians?! Aren't those tickets really hard to get?"

"I have connections." Haru replied simply.

The Guardians was the most popular band as of now. As it was made up of the most major figures in the entertainment business, it wasn't such a surprise that this band made it big. With Takeshi Yamamoto, one of the star players of a strong and favorite baseball team of Japan playing the guitar, Sasagawa Ryohei, a champion of many boxing tournaments playing the drums, Lambo, a new and upcoming teen idol on the electric guitar, Hayato Gokudera, both a model and renowned doctor as the keyboardist, Rokudo Mukuro, the actual singer of another band called The Six Paths as both the guitarist and singer of The Guardians, and finally, Kyouya Hibari, a cold but popular actor in a lot of fighting, violent films as the other singer, it was expected that the band would be a hit. It wasn't only because of the fact that all the band members were popular that they made it big- their music was genuinely good.

"I still don't get how this is supposed to help me get a job…."

"After the next concert, they said that they were going to hold job interviews backstage for the position of their manager…I can't believe you missed it- it was all over the news and at my school, they kept squealing over how they would try out for it."

"So we thought, with your personality and talents, you would be chosen, no doubt."

Tsuna kept quiet but in his head, he thought, "What talents?"

There was a moment of silence before Tsuna voiced his opinion.

"But I've heard rumors about The Guardians- their managers usually resign of their own accord after a week or so- and the maximum time that a manager has stayed was one month. One time I even heard that one of the toughest managers in Japan resigned and ran out of the room crying in relief. I definitely CAN'T do this."

"But you're really patient, Tsuna, and you might not be as tough as some guys, but not many things can get you to resign even if they are mean. I mean, insults bounce off you, and the only thing that can get you scared is brute force and "scary" stuff. Besides, it's not like you always resign from your jobs-usually you get fired."

Tsuna withered to the floor in self-pity after getting smacked by the harsh truth. It was true though that the only thing that could make Tsuna resign was if something scared him enough. Insults usually didn't hurt him much, as all throughout his life he had been bullied and called "No-Good Tsuna".

"Still, I don't think it's worth going through all that trouble just to try out for something I might not even get into. The chances of getting picked are slim to none."

"It's still good to just try…besides, you get to go to a free concert. Their music ROCKS."

"And also," I-pin slammed the newspaper that Tsuna had been looking through for jobs onto the table, took a red marker from the floor, circled a huge ad on the top, and raised an eyebrow at Tsuna.

Tsuna frowned but speculated the paper anyway. His eyes comically widened and his jaw dropped when he saw the salary for the manager.

"Holy-! SO MUCH!" Tsuna gaped at the sheer number of zeroes behind the six. He'd never seen so many zeroes together in his life! Okay, excluding the time where he got back ten of his tests at once…but that was beside the point.

As a last resort, Haru said, "You know Sasagawa Ryohei is in the band right? Did you know he's the brother of the popular idol, Sasagawa Kyouko? If you manage to get on the good side of him, you might get to meet your crush"

Sasagawa Kyouko had been the crush of Tsuna ever since middle school-even then she had been the prettiest girl out of the entire school and many guys liked her. I mean, who wouldn't? Not only was she kind, she was also innocent, kind, smart, and athletic. But even though they were in the same class, Tsuna had never had the guts to even talk to her, fearing that she would blow him off- no matter how kind she was, he was still No-good Tsuna after all.

That was why it came as no surprise when, while he was struggling to get a steady job, he heard by chance that she had become a popular idol.

Still, despite that, the possible chance that if he became the manager of the band, he would get to see his crush proved to to much of a temptation for Tsuna, and he fell for the bait, hook, line and sinker. Tsuna sighed and said, "I guess it wouldn't hurt to give it a try…"

Almost immediately, both girls squealed and hauled Tsuna to his feet.

"We must get you ready! Appearance is very important you know!" Haru chirped.

"Yes! Yes! Ooo! Remember that outfit we brought him last Christmas? You know, the one he blushed over and never wore?"

Tsuna paled at the mention of that outfit.

"Yep!" By now, they had entered Tsuna's room, and Haru ran to his small closet, ruffling through it until she found what she was looking for at the back of the closet.

Tsuna attempted to run at the sight of that THING, but I-pin grabbed him with her iron grip, putting her skills to good use.

"Sex appeal! Sex appeal!" I-pin chanted excitedly as she giggled and bounced on the balls of her feet.

Tsuna looked about ready to faint. "I refuse to wear that! I REFUSE!"

"Oh stop being such a girl…" Haru replied, shaking the outfit on its hanger as if to provide emphasis. "It's not that bad…" And it wasn't, but for poor, conservative Tsuna, it proved to be too much. The outfit consisted entirely of black leather. The top was a sleeveless tank top and the bottom was a pair of pants that clung to Tsuna's shapely, almost feminine legs. The outfit also came with numerous belts that were supposed to go on the upper parts of his arms, around his thighs, and one short but big belt was supposed to act as a collar.

"Oh well," I-pin suddenly said, "We'll just have to make you wear it then."

"Wait, what?" Tsuna said fearfully. "What are you doing?"

Haru and I-pin advanced on him with evil eyes.

"W-wait, Haru, I-pin…" Tsuna only managed to say that much before they pounced.



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