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A black hole ripped open in the sky of Karakura Town as Grimmjow JeagerJaques, Sexta Espada, stepped out. Growling, he lowered his reiatsu to an acceptable level and looked around, waiting to see if his nanosecond of unrestrained reiatsu had caught any wandering Shinigami's attention. Of course, if it was his little Berry…He smirked at the thought.

A second passed and there were no sharp spikes in reiatsu to indicate any Shinigami headed towards. Satisfied, he quickly made his way to his Ichi's place. He really hated the short distance from wherever his Garganta open to Ichigo's room. But there really wasn't a choice if they didn't want to be caught by anyone.

Quietly, he stopped at the roof of the house just across Ichigo's room.

Fuck, those damned Shinigamis were all gathered in his room. Grimmjow cursed silently.

Then he observed.

Ichigo seemed fairly tense and nervous today. As though he didn't really like the topic of conversation the group of Shinigamis was now sharing. His brown eyes darted to his window several times and it was only after the fourth time did he see Grimmjow on the opposite roof, shrouded by the shadow of the night. His eyes had widened slightly and Grimmjow had to duck down when his redhead friend turned to see what had caused Ichigo's reaction.

He silently slipped off the roof and landed on the pavement. Scowling, he slid his hands into his pocket and leisurely walked off towards the shops in the Town. He might as well linger around for a while more to see if those irritating Shinigamis would clear out to let him have his fun.

Grimmjow grew slightly uneasy as he continued walking. They would have been caught if he had forgotten to stop to check. It was getting harder and harder for both of them not to arouse any suspicion. Aizen, Ulquiorra and Nnoitora had probably caught on to his frequent trips away from Hueco Mundo, if Nnoitora's snickers were anything to judge by. Aizen didn't seem affected in the least though, only smiling his blasted all-knowing smile.

And if they were not careful, the other Shinigamis would find out too. He doubted that they would be as gracious as Aizen. Ironically.

Mumbling darkly under his breath, Grimmjow wondered how the situation had changed into this. In the past, all he did was just to open the portal straight into Ichi's room, fuck him senseless and leave. Now, he had to tread so very carefully just to ensure that there would be future fucks.

Somehow, Ichi seemed to really have grown on him. The urge to just fuck him senseless was replaced by something else as time passed. Something that Grimmjow wasn't sure what it was until too late. And even when he thought he knew what it was, he couldn't accept it. He didn't want to admit it. It was…ridiculous.

But as he spent more time with Ichi, he couldn't deny the feeling any longer. The one where he had the urge to see him everyday. The one where he didn't want Ichi to be sad or to be hurt. The one that wanted Ichi by his side every minute.

Grimmjow smirked wryly. He had done something thought impossible of Arrancars.

He had fallen in love.

And he hated to admit it aloud. Hated the way it made him sound weak and human. Not to mention, sappy. And hence, thus far he had not told Ichigo anything.

He wasn't blind. He knew that his refusal to admit it made Ichigo somewhat insecure. As though he wouldn't know when Grimmjow would stop looking for him. Grimmjow had seen this in Ichigo's eyes every time he made a visit to his room. The relief that appeared in Ichigo's eyes told him that much, even if it appeared for only a split second.

Of course, he could be relieved that Grimmjow had not been killed. But Grimmjow doubted so, since he had continually reassured Ichigo that Aizen didn't care much about his Arrancars' private activities as long as it didn't interfere with his plans.

Still, a hint of Ichigo's emotions always made Grimmjow feel guilty.

And he hated the feeling. Almost as much as he hated admitting aloud how much he cared for the Berryhead.

The sudden bright lights and noises that intruded on his senses startled Grimmjow out of his uneasiness. Unknowingly, he had walked straight into the shops area in the Town.

Snarling inwardly, he was about to turn around and start the trek back to his Berry's place when he decided otherwise. He might as well spend some time here since the Shinigamis hadn't looked ready to end their meeting just yet when he had looked in earlier. As long as he avoided the bodies, he would be fine. He knew some of the people could probably see him, but he didn't care. If there were any questions, he could always say he was going to some masquerade party as a monster.

Because that's exactly what he was. A monster.

He grimaced. It was unusual for him to be so…angst. He was more to the type of head-butting into situations first before thinking.

He glanced around him, noting the people around him. There were big groups of punks, small groups of closely-knitted friends and plenty of couples.

Argh, he did not need that now. The word 'couple' was enough to give him a headache.

He looked more closely. Many of the couples were holding hands, hugging each other waist's and just enjoying a simple conversation. Thinking back to his and Ichi's relationship, he gave a weak smirk. He couldn't see a point of similarity of their relationship with that of a normal couple.

For instance, most couple started off dating first, getting married and then having sex. Or the last two interchangeably. For them, it was fucking that started the whole thing off in the first place. They had never held hands and hugging each other waist's were only limited to after-sex high. And there really wasn't a simple conversation, most of it were just teasing and arguing. They hadn't got that sentimental yet.

Then again, an Arrancar and a Vaizard don't usually make a couple at all.

Briefly, he wondered if Ichigo ever wanted to go on a date but never had the chance to, since Grimmjow just wasn't the type to do such things. Following that trail of thought, he wondered what kind of date would Ichi considered ideal.

Then he shook his head. He was an Arrancar and though Ichi was a Vaizard, he was with the Shinigamis. Their relationship wouldn't last so there was no point dwelling on such trivialities.

Though, if given a choice, he would really like the both of them to become a normal couple. Fat hope. Their little time together doesn't allow them to date nor to get married.

Grimmjow paused in his thoughts. Where had that last idea come from! He was an Arrancar, for god's sake! A fricking Espada! And he was thinking about marriage like the common man next to him. Marriage equals commitment and everyone knew that the word 'commitment' and 'Grimmjow' did not go in the same sentence unless accompanied by the word 'cannot' or 'no'. God, what had he become!

He sighed wistfully. It would really be nice if he could have a calm peaceful life with Ichi though, one without having to constantly worrying about the upcoming war or about being caught. One where they could be free to do what they wished…Like a normal couple, dating, marrying, having children…

Grimmjow suddenly stopped his aimless walking.

Having a normal life huh…

Well, he can't do much about the children part but…He smirked as he recalled his conversation with Ichi some weeks back about a certain someone. Plans formed in his mind, some too sappy for his liking, and he made his way to the woods near the border of the Town.