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'This is boring. Is this the best TV these days has to offer on a Saturday afternoon?'He thought to himself as he watched the two living dolls fight on the TV screen.

The Alice Game tournament was one of the most popular sporting events of the century and many people entered the winter and summer champion's trophy for each country. After two years the winners of the two summer and two winter tournaments from each country, would compete in a world tournament so that they would become world champion.

How the tournaments worked, was the leading living doll/medium pair from each area over the entire country entered in doll-to-doll combat, the loser being eliminated after defeat. Majority of the living dolls sometimes including the winner, get badly ruined when they get engaged in these battles. Not that many of the mediums care that much for their living doll, all they have to do is stand on the sidelines and shout commands at their doll.

'I've been watching these fights since I was a young boy. I probably got sick of watching this stuff after a while' he thought as he switched off the TV screen and went over to his desk to try to do some homework.

But his thoughts wondered back to the living dolls that he had seen on TV.

'I remember that when I was a kid, dolls were just inanimate girls play toys. But when I was about six or maybe seven, a company started selling dolls that could, supposedly 'live' and have 'personalities', based on the legendary Rozen Maiden dolls. The world went crazy for them and after a year or so; everyone seemed to have one, two or even more. Some people even had entire households full of these living dolls. Then, someone thought of 'Alice Game' tournaments using the dolls 'power' to fight against other dolls.

The only downside to having these living dolls is that after three years their 'Rosa Mystica', which was a white crystal inside a set of rose vines, would expire and the doll would stop moving. Unless, of course, you got them a new one. But, unfortunately, if you replace the Rosa Mystica, the doll would forget everything they had been taught by their master, and they needed to be re-trained.

The only dolls in existence that don't require new Mysticas and re-training are the original seven from the legendary Rozen Maiden series. However, Rozen Maidens are only a legend and no one knows if they really exist. But if someone did manage to find one, people would literally pay millions just to own it. It's not like the living dolls that do exist aren't already expensive enough.

You can buy them everywhere and there are countless shops selling their own series of living dolls that claim that theirs are 'better' than the others, but really they are all the same.'

He had been so lost in his thoughts about living dolls that he had forgotten all about his homework.

'Oh, well, I can leave that for tomorrow, I have all Sunday to get it done' he sighed as he closed his textbooks and booted his computer to see if any of the forums he had signed up on had any new posts.


Authors note:

I hope this wasn't too much info for you to take in! Please tell me if that confused you! And yep, you don't know much about the main character yet that was intended, so stay tuned for next chapter and you'll find out lots about him!