Ok, so this is my sequel to 'Dear Naruto'. This is in Naruto's perspective, I wrote it in a Naruto-ish way, so if I use words that seem a little wierd thats an 'official non-official Naruto word of doom'... You'll understand when you read it. Ok, so "this is talking" and 'this is thinking' and 'this is Naruto's official non-official words of doom'. Got it? Good. Oh, and if you don't like yaoi than you know were you can stick it.


Naruto scratched his head in confusion. 'Why would Sasuke be at Ichiraku Ramen shop?' Naruto thought. Naruto had just been on his way to go get some in-between lunch and dinner ramen, like he does every day, when he spotted the young Uchiha survivor. Only, for some reason the normally cool and collected Sasuke was not looking like himself. He was figiting anctiously and looked like he was waiting for someone, but the strangest of the Uchiha's un-Uchiha-ish actions was that he was siting on one of the swivel chairs of Naruto's favorite restaurant. A ramen shop. Uchiha Sasuke HATES ramen and would frequently remind Naruto of this fact any time he would ask him out to said restaurant. 'WAIT! I do NOT ask Sasuke out! I simply like spending time with his handsome self... alone... over dinner...' "SHUT UP BRAIN!" 'Oops, did i say that out loud?'

"Naruto!" Sasuke's voice broke through Naruto's 'hitting-himself-out-of-humiliation' session and he looked up at his friend. 'Why does Sasuke look like he's going to pee himself?' Naruto thought as he watched Sasuke shift his feet and bounce up and down nurvusly. It reminded Naruto strongly of the 'potty dance' he would do when he was little and the older kids would block the doors to the bathrooms at school, telling him that monsters don't go in the bathrooms.

Naruto shock his head from his thoughts when he realized that Sasuke was trying to talk. "N...Naruto? Uumm, can I... I mean I... Uuuum... HERE!" Sasuke shouted the last part as he thrust a smooth envelope into Naruto's hands. Sasuke's head seemed to be suffering from extreme gravity exposer, Naruto noticed, because Sasuke's face was down-turned and his bangs were covering the majority of his face.

'He looks like a puppy thats just been yelled at. Its almost cute... AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! STOP IT BRAIN!IDO NOT THINK SASUKE IS CUTE!' Naruto's face turned red. 'Oh, sh&t. I DO think Sasuke is cute... Is that ok? We are both boys after all and Sasuke and me already have a less than stable friendship. If he knew I...well... like him, would he hate me? Ok, its desided. Sasuke can't know.' Naruto looked down at the letter in his hands. He started to open the letter, but before he could even get the thing open it was pulled from his hands.

Naruto looked up to see who took the letter from him. A masked face looked down, teasingly, at him with the letter in his hands. "No passing letters in class boys!" "KAKASHI-SENSAI! WE ARN'T EVEN IN CLASS!" Naruto shouted up at his sensai as he jumped for the letter he held in his hands above his head. Naruto started to panic. 'I can't reach it. That letter is from Sasuke, I have to get it back. Damn, why do I have to be so short!' Naruto made one last jump for the letter, but in mid-air he felt a hand on his head. The next second his face made friendly with the dirt. Looking up, Naruto could see a back fliping Sasuke about to preform a perfect 'boot to the head' on the pervy sensai. Before the sound of contact could reach Naruto's ears Kakashi was on the ground,the letter safely in Sasuke's possession and Kakashi's back was now also makeing friendly with the dirt.

Naruto was the first to sit up. "SASUKE! Why'd you do that? Its just a le... Are you ok Sasuke? Your all red and your hands are shakeing." Naruto got up to check on his Sasuke. 'Sasuke. You've been acting so wierd today.' Naruto put his hand to Sasuke's forhead to see if he had a fever. Sasuke got even redder under Naruto's touch. That did it. Sasuke ran, letter pressed against his chest.


Sorry for the cliff hanger, but if it makes you feel better this means there is a next chapter comeing! Well, if that doesn't make you feel better than maybe this will! If I get enuff requests for it, I'll have some Kakashi/Iruka in the next chapeter! Well, i hope you liked it!

p.s. it makes be smile if there is a yaoi fan-boy reading my stuff!