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"Hello Sasuke." Ino said as she picked herself up off the floor.

"Ino, whats wrong? You look frantic." Sasuke said, stepping to one side to let the panting girl in.

"S-Sasuke..*huff*... I-I think Sakura, she's going to do something. Something bad Sasuke." Ino flopped down onto the chair Sasuke offered her.

"She loves you Sasuke, she is really upset right now and I have no idea what she is going to do." Ino's head dropped as she began to explain what had happened that morning and even told Sasuke how she felt for Sakura. 'Sakura needs help right now, and I can't help her without Sasuke.'

Naruto tiptoed out of the ramen bar hoping against all hope not to draw any unwanted attention to himself, particularly from one pink haired ninja. Glancing around the corner Naruto found himself face to face with non other than Sakura Haruno herself, her glaring eyes level and only inches from Naruto's fear stricken ones.

"AH! Don't DO that Sakura! You scared me half to death!" Naruto was backing up against the nearest wall in an attempt to put some distance between him and the pink anger filled inferno before him. His belly did a nasty turn when he couldn't even get out of arms reach.

"That's Sakura-SAN to you Naruto, and your lucky I'm in a hurry, cause otherwise you would be much more than half way to death I guarantee you that." And with that Sakura left with nothing more than an angered wave of her fist in his face as she continued down the road.

'I think I would have pee'd myself if she stayed much longer! Hmmm, so if she isn't looking for me than were is she going? Sasuke's place is on the other side of town and Kakashi isn't even at home right now. Oh well, at least I was spared!' Naruto crossed the road but then thought better of it and went back into the ramen shop for another round.

"Kiba-san, Shino-san, I think there's someone coming. S-shouldn't you... uh, stop f-flirting now?" Shino shifted slightly and looked up at Hinata.

"Shino's just fixing my face paint Hina-chan, that doesn't count as flirting." Kiba said, causing Shino to smudge red paint across his cheek.

"Oh, o-ok. S-sorry about tha-that then..."

"HINATA! Hinata-chan! Come here, I gatta tell you something!" Sakura shouted as she slid down into the hidden training field. It was a steep drop going down to the grassy gully, just steep enough to were even a better ninja had some trouble just walking down. It normally wasn't a good place to train, more like a really deep ditch, but now that it was raining so much on and off the past week it was perfect for practicing stability and balance.

Hinata tried to get up, but slipped a little and ended up back on the log she had been resting on. They had been training sense sun up so frankly, she didn't want to get up. "What is it Sakura-chan?"

"Uh, I sorta wanted to tell you in privet, but you look really tired out. You don't look like you know yet though so I gatta tell you."

"Tell her what Sakura? I bet its some dumb girly crap." Kiba, ever the charmer said, getting himself a light nudge from Shino to hold still.

"Naruto and Sasuke were making out in town today! I thought you should know seeing as you... Oh Hinata, I'm so sorry. Maybe it was a bad idea to say anything to you." Sakura patted the shocked girl on the shoulder, her plan to get Naruto into trouble with the quiet girl working perfectly so far.

"Hinata? Are you ok? I know you really liked him." Shino said, getting up and kneeling before the quiet girl and putting his hands on her knees.

"Hinata, say something. We need to know your ok." Shino didn't like the blank look on his team mates face. Kiba could only look on as his friends tried to get Hinata to say anything.

"I... I guess tha-thats alright... He was brave. Very brave in order to t-tell the one he loves how he feels. I-I t-truly admire h-his strength and now I know just how far I still h-have to go to be as good as N-Naruto-san." Hinata turned a stern look onto Sakura and Sakura couldn't help but to feel a twinge of fear and gilt.

"Sakura-chan, I w-would never try to brake up Naruto-san and Sasuke-san, just be-because of my feelings for him. It is wrong of you to try to use my feelings for Naruto-san that way. We are both still y-young, we haven't meat everyone we are going to meat in our lives Sakura-chan. Chances are there is somebody out there better for us than Naruto-san and Sasuke-san. Yes, they will be different, but thats not a bad thing. I hope you move on Sakura-chan, because I would be very sad if I don't." Hinata wiped away a few tears from her eyes and got up. The stutter in her speech had slowly gone and she was now visibly stronger.

Shocked, the small group watched as Hinata made her way out of the gully. Once out of sight Sakura hung her head in shame. 'What was I trying to do? Am I really that horrible?'

"Sakura, you better go. I have the feeling you have some 'stupid girl crap' to work out." Kiba said, for once some wisdom shining through his crude words.

'Kiba's right. I need to do some really deep thinking right now.' Sakura lifted herself up and left the gully in an almost ghostly manner.

"Now hold still Kiba, I have to fix your face paint." Shino said, kissing each cheek before wiping away the smudged paint.


Hinata looked out at the setting sun through her bedroom window, hugging her pillow to her chest. 'I think it was about time I moved on anyway, I've learned so much from Naruto-san but now I have to learn the rest for myself. I'll be ok, being un-attached works for me anyways.'

A small smile began to form on Hinata's lips as the sun set on the old day. Tomorrow would be a new day and Hinata was already a new girl, stronger and ready for whatever was going to happen.


Sakura sat in her room looking at her clenched hands. She was shocked with herself. When had she became so shallow? 'I don't know what to think anymore, what am I going to do?'

Tears began to fall from her eyes like rain drops from a tree being shook by the wind. That's what she was, a cherry tree who was so shaken up by the cold wind that it may not recover from the shock.

Reality was caving in on her. She had tried to rip two people apart by manipulating the feelings of another. The one she loved was in love with another. She couldn't stand the sight of the broken, mean girl in the mirror. How had it gotten to this point?


Sakura jumped, letting out a quiet yelp at the sound of her front door being banged on down stairs.

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