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A/N: So I had other stuff written but I didn't like those so I had to write something today. I know this has been done before (at least in other fandoms) and it's probably a little cheesy, but I hope you like it. I had a little trouble with X but finally settled on something. Zelophobia is the fear of jealousy.

Anything to Zelophobia

By saphiretwin369

Anything – He'll do anything for her.

Best friend – She's his best friend.

Care – He cares about her more than anyone else he's ever known.

Dread – Something that fills him every time she's in the infirmary or missing.

Everything is what he willing to give up for her.

Forever – That's how long he'll love her.

Gorgeous – That's how he describes her and what she looks like to him even when she's sick.

Happiness – What he tries to give her every day.

I Do – The two words he's certain they'll both be saying one day.

Just friends is what they were for a long time and he's glad it's over.

Knight in shining armor – He will always try to save her and hopes she considers him her knight in shining armor.

Laughter – He loves to hear her laugh and can always get it out of her.

Mad – He becomes mad when someone tries to hurt her.

Nothing can ever come between them no matter how big.

Overjoyed was how he felt when she told him she loved him.

Pledge – He pledged to love her and only her for forever.

Question – When she asks him why he loves her, he has a list a mile long of reasons to give her.

Respect – He respects her.

Smile – He loves the sparkling smile that she reserves only for him.

Trust – She trusts him, will tell him anything, and he likes being the only one to know all her secrets.

Understood – She is the first person to ever truly understand him.

Valentine's Day is his favorite holiday just because it gives him an excuse to buy her a gift and then kiss her.

Whenever she needs him, he's there for her and he always will be.

Xmas – Another holiday that he likes because he can show her just how much he loves her.

Yelling is something that occurs between them, but by the end of the day, they are still together.

Zelophobia – He becomes jealous when anybody shows interest in her even though he knows he has nothing to worry about.