Oh yeah...this is it. The next failed chapter of a break in sanity.

Try thinking outside the triangle.

Summary: So...the wendigo? Did it ever hear of at least a loin cloth? Werewolves and Tarzan figured fine.

Warning: I like to swear...and So does Courtney ;)

Disclaimer: Yes, you can clearly see what little state of 'sane' I have left, ya really think they let crazies own things...big things?..nope.

The girls were asleep, thank God, or whatever it was who managed to give them a few hours peace.

Oh yeah, it was Sam. Sleeping pills in the coffee had worked out great and now not only were these girls going to be rested, as soon as they woke up they'd be high energy kill machines and...hey wait? Why was it a good idea again?

"She'll kill you, ya know?...and her friend will...bite you or something"

Sam scoffed, turning playful eyes to his brother. "She wouldn't hurt me. She says I'm cute, she said. 'Nothing bad happens to beaut boys'" Sam grinned.


Sam shrugged. "I think it's english"

Dean frowned, his foot heavy on the accelerator.

"Oh but Dean, Courtney? As soon as she discovers what you've done, you won't ...function anymore"

Dean gawked. "No...I didn't, it was your idea!"

Sam chuckled. "Actually, you said it first-I was just brave enough. But there's one thing you don't have on me...so I can win this"

"Oh yeah, and what's that?" Dean laughed.

Sam waited a moment, smiling. "I've got the puppy look down" He beamed. "You've got the masochistic look, flowing"

Dean frowned, his lips curling up. "You know, one day you won't have that puppy look, you'll have an angry terrier look"

Sam laughed and turn up the radio, the girls had messed with it earlier and now all it played was Adam Lambert, which Dean had growled about but denied singing the lyrics to 'for your entertainment' later on.

"So...Courtney" Sam muttered. "How do you...what do you think of her?"

Dean sent wide unblinking eyes in Sam's direction.

"Don't talk about that here. She's like...asleep right behind me"

Sam's eyebrows knitted. "So?"

"Dude- she could have like...cameras in the roof or voice recording, she might not even be asleep, stop talking about her"

"Why, is there something you don't want her to know?...Dean?"

"Just shut up. Okay? I like my...area...to stay intact. She's amazing, okay?...but shhh...she could be listening"

Sam looked nervously over his shoulder and the girls were sprawled over eachother, legs and arms joined in a wild array, with their mouths open, breathing loudly, clearly asleep.

"So...you think you might hook up with her?"

"Sam! Hut-say in the hush-nay!"

Okay. point taken. They could be listening.

"So you really like her? That's good Dean. Means we might get to live a while before we end up leaving"

Dean paused, his eyes never straying from the road. "Yeah...ugh...about that, we might be taking them with us..."

Sam checked over his shoulder again, a hesitant look showed them still both asleep, but then again, who could tell? "Okay...yeah. Hush-nay"

Dean nodded and rocked the chevy changing gear.


"Yo! Courts...I have some juicy gossip"

Courtney flailed, pulling her starbucks coffee from the table and dashing over.

"What?...is it the demons? do we have a lead on them?"

Fiona pursed her lips. "For the last time, the invisible ninja's hiding in the bananas are not in your hair, and there is not secret FBI lettuce infused with truth serum...No! I've got some scoop on you lady!"

"Me! look...I didn't know it was yours and I'm sorry-...wait...what is this about?"

"Dean- he likes you...he really likes you...lalalalaaa la yeah yeah he likes you!" Fiona then decided to sing loudly in Courtney's face.

"So- I knew that jerkface, when we kinda...ya know...had the 'moment' together back in the shed...duh!"

Fiona pouted and glared, narrowing her eyes as Courtney looked away, she knew that face scared her.

"Yeah- he likes you so much, I heard them talking about taking us on the hunt with them. Permanent hottness...so duh!"

Courtney blinked.

And then permitted loud flailing screams that peirced the very sound barrier.


"Did you hear something?"

The man frowned, there was nothing for three miles and his farmhouse sat in the middle of his fields.


A high pitched wailing spread through the air and knocked them off the porch.



"Eh, Courtney love, have you seen my socks?"

Courtney pulled a face. "No, did you bring any?"

Fiona nodded. "Yeah, they were in your bag! Have you seen em?"


"Courts, don't lie...swear to me you haven't seen em..."

"I haven't fucking seen them Fi, okay?...I might've burnt them...it discourages the smell of human so the wendigo won't even come near us" She winked.

"oh." Fiona gave Courtney a look, like she'd kill her or hug her, she wasn't sure. "Nice one" She grinned.

The boys were unpacking the car, stuffed in a side road and hidden under a thick canopy of trees, if it wasn't for the trail off to the left, nobody would even know the car was there.

"Yo, Sam...remember to bring the back up flares, and...do they have guns?" Dean turned in time to see Courtney pull out a sheath, and a bullet belt as she loaded her shotgun, and Fiona clipped a flare gun with sights to her hip.

"Okay...I guess they do"

Weapons and supplies loaded, Dean grabbed the last minute tent and locked the chevy, meeting up with the girls and giving a questioning glance to their arsenal.


Courtney beamed. "It's full of flammable powder, I shoot once and anytime you guys hits it, whooossh...toasty wendigo bones"

Dean smiled. "Good idea, have you faced a wendigo before? I know you hunt but...I don't know what you've hunted..."

Courtney waved him off and started up the trail. "Yeah, well...this'll be a good adventure, Fi needs some target practice anyway" She laughed.

Fiona raced up behind her friend. "You say that again, I just might sleep naked on you, yeah! Deal with that!"

Courtney pulled a face. "Whore!"


"Girls!" Sam said, hands showing no harm. "Can we not attract it's attention?" He winced at the hurt looks they both pulled and kept them inbetween themselves as they walked the trail, the last time they'd faced one of these things it hadn't minded taking Dean in the daytime.

"See, shivilry so isn't dead" Courtney said quietly.

The foursome followed the trail, leading it under dips and arcs in the cave walls and back up as the slope steepened a little, then back onto flat land, the sky coming in through the trees became a darker blue and as Dean reached the first spot where the first hiker was found...mauled, it was dead silent.

"Whoah, where'd the wildlife go?" Fiona asked, eyes darting around.

"We're over its territory now, if it's here, it'll find us...c'mon lets set up"

Sam started drawing the protective symbols around them, clear and precise in the dirt as Dean did the other side and the girls set up camp.

Both tents were easy to prop up, even if they looked like they'd fall at any minute, Courtney assured them it would not, if no-one moved them.

Finishing the last curve of the symbol Dean sniffed and frowned, the familiar smell climbing his nostrils and he whirled on the girls...cooking...bacon.

"Where'd you even get that?" Dean asked, mouth watering and wildly blinking at the array of pots and pans above the fire they'd suddenly concocted.

"Courtney" Fiona smiled, stirring some kind of spicy sauce in a pan. "She's the queen of camping! My god, we even have beer"

Dean's mouth quirked, "Don't mind if I do" Courtney handed him a bread bun out of nowhere and Fiona slipped in the bacon as he took a bite.

"Can't hunt without any dinner...besides, old stretch bite-strong will smell it and come quicker"

Sam was handed a paper plate and took different foods from each of the pans.

"Are you two like...survival champs?" Sam asked.

Courtney and Fiona looked at eachother. "No, we just like food" They said innocently.

Fiona pulled out some cheesecake and started chewing on the large round edge.

"mmm...'oh..G'd...eeeesse!" She groaned.

"Are we not sharing?" Courtney asked, staring at Fiona with dark eyes.

Spitting a crumb from her lip and obeying, the cheesecake was handed over ans Courtney finally smiled, taking off a piece and promptly shoving her hands in her hoodie pocket.

"Oh God, that was good" Courtney grinned, looked to Fiona and the girls both blushed as they looked at both Winchesters.

"We fancy some sex"

The woods fell silent, the Wendigo stalking the area abruptly stopped, its eyes widening.

It gulped.

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