Chapter Eight

"I've been disowned." Anna explained angrily. "Cast out. And humiliated. And I know Kamek put her up to it."

Peach remembered the conversation last night, but didn't think it wise to mention.

"I suppose it could have been worse." She muttered. "I didn't think he would actually stoop to something like that. Some family. Self-serving, self righteous, two-faced…" She trailed off as they reached the castle.

Peach was relieved she was talking again. The whole trip back had been absolutely silent, Anna fuming, angry enough to make Kammy on a bad day look tranquil.

"I suppose I should have expected as much." She said at last. "Anyway, at least we made it back. Toad's probably worried sick."

Peach was surprised by this sudden change in demeanor, but decided to let it go. Well, except for-


Anna shook her head. "Not your fault. I had it coming anyway. And besides, it's not like I planned to go back, really. This is my home now."