Title: "Come On & Follow Me..."

Author: LegolasLover2003 aka Ashley

Category: Film - "Ned Kelly"

Genre: Poetry/Tragedy

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I do not own any rights to "Ned Kelly". I just write fanfiction and fiction about the event.

Author's Note: This poem was written by me, at work, on Janurary 22nd, 2008 between the hours of 6:00pm and 6:30pm, us mountain time. It was written as a tribute to the actor, who portrayed Ned Kelly in the film... Heath Ledger. Heath was found dead today in Manhattan from, as of now, unknown reasons (though an over-the-counter drug overdose is currently the most likely reason). He was 28 years old... only 6 years older than I am. He will be greatly missed... As many of you know, I've written "Ned Kelly" and "The Order" fanfictions. Heath was one of my favorite actors.

Come On & Follow Me...

There is a wall before me,

As the trees pass by.

I see outside the window,

Now I wonder why…

Of all those times,

Of all those jobs,

Did it come to this?

Of all the laughs,

And all the tears,

All the sorrow,

And the woe.

I wonder now,

What of the boys?

What of my good friend Joe?

I know he's gone,

Shot before my eyes,

Dead upon the ground…

And yet I fear,

To find his form,

Whenever I look around.

They'll string him up,

Cause a scene,

Make me wonder why…

I couldn't see,

I couldn't do,

We shot him in the eye.

It all began that fateful day,

Out at the Stringy Bark.

That day in which the constable'd

Looked about for larks.

We sealed our fates,

The powder flashed,

The smoke was in our eyes.

I saw my mates,

Dan, Joe, and Steve,

Waiting for my cry.

We left,

We ran,

We rushed about,

Ahead of the black trackers.

But we couldn't outrun

The chief inspector

Or his iron clackers.

The sound of the train,

Click clack,

Click clack,

Rings now within my ears.

As I think of all the times

That I could have stopped it here.

But now it's done,

The deed is passed,

And my mates lie dead as stone.

Me brother and his best friend,


To each his own…

Me own mate Joe,

He's waiting there,

Wondering why I'm late.

"You're the lead, I followed, Ned.

Come home and ruminate.

About our lives, about our loss,

About the good and bad.

Come sit and talk a while with me,

In Heaven, white robe clad."

We'll laugh and talk and have a drink,

And wonder about Hare.

We'll watch from up above and say,

He's too drunk to care.

About how we have died this day,

About how we've been hung.

About the bullet wounds that day

That pierced our armor; stung.

We'll wonder why it wasn't different,

How we could have changed.

And talk about the freedom and laughs,

In those oh so dark days.

But here I sit, alone and scared,

Wondering where I'll be.

When I reach Melbourne on this train,

When I'm hung from a tree.

I fought for freedom from oppression.

I fought for Irish lads.

I fought for those who had no voices,

Among the daintily clad.

I left my mark upon this world,

I ran on swift and free.

And when I die, I'll smile and say,

"Come on and follow me."


Heath Ledger

1979 - 2008

You Will Be Missed...