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Chapter 7: Bella's Change

It was an odd feeling, to feel peaceful at a time like this. In way, I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it. I had whisked Rose away and we had spent an amazing evening together. And boy, did she not disappoint with what she had on under the dress! We are now lying in bed with the sheets around our chests and Rose laying her head on my broad chest. I was absentmindedly running my fingers through her tangled gold locks. She sighed contently as I continued to stroke her.

"I feel so peaceful, Emmie. Do you think it's wrong to feel that way?"

"In a way," I began. "This day is going to be the most stressful day of Edward's life, or un-life, and it does feel a bit wrong to be enjoying it."

"I know," she sighed. "I feel like a horrible big sister. I feel like I should be doing something, anything to help him out. I'm even considering talking to Bella. You know no matter how sure she is, she's still nervous."

"Yeah, I know, but Bella wouldn't tell anyone that. First, she doesn't want anyone, especially Edward, to worry about her, and second, she's stubborn as hell." She laughed quietly and then she rested her head back down on my stomach and I continued to stroke her hair. We lied there in compatible silence before a thought suddenly crossed me. I realized I needed to talk about this with Rose now, before anything else that happened today.

"Rose, tell me something." She lifted up and turned to look at me with her eyebrows raised.


"Why is it, exactly, that you don't like Bella? I know we've talked about it before, but still, I don't know." She sighed and turned herself completely around to face me with the sheet still covering her chest.

"It's not that I don't like Bella, well, it's not that way anymore. But Bella had so much to live for! She has Edward and Charlie and Renee and human friends and an opportunity at college, and she's so willing to give that! I guess I, of course, would be the one not to accept it, seeing as I had such a great human life up until a certain point," she looked at me briefly before resting her gaze on something else in our room.

"But you know why she's giving all that up, right?"

"Yes, for Edward, but still. It just doesn't justify what she's doing! She has so much to live for and she's throwing it all away!" Rose was yelling and looking frantic. I rubbed my hands up and down her arms to try and calm her. She relaxed and fell against me gently.

"Sorry," she whispered against me quietly. "I don't mean to get so worked up over this. You know how conflicting this is for me. I just wish I could at least accept it and give poor Bella a break."

"I know," I said quietly. "You're wrong, though." She pulled away from me and looked at me confused.

"About what?"

"About why Bella wants to change and give up everything. Well, you're not wrong, exactly, but you left a major thing out."

"And that would be what exactly?"

"She isn't doing it to just be with Edward. She's doing it to be with all of us. She loves each and every one us. She's proved that countless tines. Even risking her life, which was a very stupid mistake on her part. She cares about all of us, Rose, even you." I shook her gently to emphasize my point. She looked at me and I could tell she'd be crying if she could.

"Why would … why would she love me? After the way I've treated her, after everything I've done to her! I almost got her heart even more destroyed and Edward killed for my selfish actions! She shouldn't love me. I don't deserve it."

"She loves you because you're family. She loved you and accepted you because you were Edward's family. Now she accepts and loves you because you're herfamily." Yep, now Rose would definitely be in tears if she could be. She sobbed and buried her face in my chest. I held her against me and rocked her gently.

"I don't deserve it! It's not fair!" She would wail repeatedly.

"You do because you're my Rosie and you're amazing," and that would only cause her to sob harder. I let her cry everything away for a bit before I heard Alice downstairs.

"Emmett! Rose! Get down here, please! Carlisle wants to have a family meeting with us!" Rose removed her smothered face from my chest and smiled slightly.

I guess we should get going. Wouldn't want Alice to have to come up here," and she made a move but I gently grabbed her arm and made her face me.

"Are you ok?"

"Not exactly, but I'm better. I have …what's the word, oh clarity. Yes, I have much clarity about everything now." She smiled wider and raced around the room at vampire speed to get dressed. I smiled at her and followed suit. We both walked downstairs, hand in hand, after we had gotten dressed.

"Long night?" Alice smirked at us as we made our way to the loveseat. Rose continued to walk and look indifferent and I just smiled wide at my sister.

"You could say that," I said as I plopped down beside Rose. She just rolled her eyes but I could see the tiniest trace of a smile forming on her lips. Alice looked at us and shook her head as she made her way over to sit beside Jasper on the couch. The moment Alice's body touched the seat, Esme and Carlisle made their way gracefully into the room.

"Children," he said, nodding to all of us, "I'm glad you all came here so soon. We need to have an important family meeting. All of you are aware of what tonight, I'm sure." Everyone nodded and he continued.

"We all need to help out the both of them as much as we can. Bella will be terrified of this, no matter how much she does or does not let on. Edward will too need our help. He will change Bella and we all know what a conflicting situation this is for him. So, as a family, we need to be there and support him and encourage him. So, we will prepare and get things ready here before they come home. And before I forget, you all know how Edward's temper can be, so please, I highly suggest that you refrain from using any banty humor, even if it is for the best of intentions. Got it?" He looked directly at me and I nodded. It would be hard not to make one joke at Edward, but I was going to try my hardest, because this night he needs to distractions and no other frame of mind than on Bella.

"So, what are we supposed to do to help them prepare?" I asked, looking at Carlisle.

"We'll have to get some blankets for Edward's room. They both feel that his room would be the best location for the change."

"Anything else?"

"Yes, you'll need to hunt for her. I imagine she will be wild with thirst and we'll need her to feed right away so she doesn't so anything rash. Can you do that?"

"Of course."

"So, once we get Edward's room set up, there's nothing much left to do. Bella will be asleep for a while, so you'll hunt for her then. We'll also need to prepare mentally for Edward. Think calm, reassuring thoughts so he can do this with the best of ease. We want him to be as comfortable as possible with this. Any other questions?" There was an even chorus of no's from my siblings. Carlisle nodded and then walked away with Esme to his office. We all sat there for a moment, taking everything in. Tonight Bella would finally become one of us. Edward was freaking and happy at the same time. I was more than excited but worried about my brother. He could worry himself into a hole when the factors are big enough. I decided right then and there that I would do anything and everything I could to make this night as easy for him as possible. I wanted it to go off without a hitch and I wanted Edward to be as accepting as possible. I looked around the room at my wife and siblings and, as my eyes landed on each and every one of them, I realized that these were the most and best people on the entire planet.

You couldn't find anyone more understanding than Jasper. Even without his gift, I can assure you that he has the gentlest soul I know. And there was no one else with such a bright and optimistic personality like Alice. She could brighten your day even if she annoyed the hell out of you first. That little pixie's got the energy of twenty Monsters. And then there was my Rosie. She is the most beautiful creature my eyes have ever held, but anyone could tell you that. What many people don't get to see is her amazing ability to love, comfort, and accept. I know a lot of people had a hard time with her when Bella first came around but she really has grown and accepted Bella. My Rose will always be the brightest flower in the garden of the world. And I also realized something as I was looking around at my siblings. I realized that the picture was incomplete and wouldn't be until Edward and Bella returned and Bella was changed. I smiled to myself at the fact that it was so easy to see Bella as a part of the family. I decided I wanted to do something simple until Edward returned home with Bella. I challenged Jasper to a Halo tournament and spent the better part of the afternoon with my most emotional brother.


"Ooh, looks like I school you, again, dear brother!" Jasper was standing triumphantly over me with the hugest smirk on his pretty-boy face. I sat with my arms crossed, scowling. Stupid jerk cheated. He conflicted my emotions or something. I felt weird warm fuzzies earlier while I launched a grenade and blew some guy's head off.

"You cheated! You had to! I felt all these weird … things all in my stomach earlier and I know you were the cause!"

"Oh, don't get your panties in a twist, you big baby! You lost, fair and square, for the seventh time. Just admit that you suck."

"I don't suck!"

"You know," he said with a mischievous smirk, "I could always force it out of you. Hit you with a wave of honesty, make you confess …"

"Ugh, you suck, balls, Jasper Whitlock Hale, big hairy balls."

"Not the sign of defeat I was looking for, but it will do. I sense Alice getting a little tense upstairs," and no sooner than the words had left his mouth than Alice's small pixie frame came blurring through the room, stopping between Jasper and I.

"Edward and Bella will be here in less than thirty seconds." Suddenly, I felt the earlier moment's light banter spill away as a deep wave of seriousness crept through me. I looked over at Jasper with a raised eyebrow, but he was standing tense beside Alice with an arm around her waist. The rest of the family suddenly showed up. Rose was beside me and I wrapped her around me in a similar fashion to Alice and Jasper. Carlisle came from the study and stood closest to the door. The almost silent purr of the Volvo's engine purred into the driveway and then two car doors slammed. In a few moments (a little too long in my opinion; they were probably walking at a human pace) Edward appeared in the living room with Bella at his side. Bella seemed surprised that we were all present but Edward simply looked at us all for a moment and nodded.

"Welcome home, Bella!" Alice rushed over and hugged Bella tightly, but was careful not to crush her. Bella hugged he back awkwardly and Alice stepped away to look at Bella.

"Oh my God, you looked so beautiful yesterday! Oh, it was so amazing and all the girls couldn't stop commenting on how beautiful and fabulous you looked! And of course some of the guys were thinking other things, but-"

"Alice, let Bella have a chance to get into the door, please," Carlisle chided gently. I snickered behind my hand and Alice looked embarrassed.

"Oh, sorry about that Bella. Here, step into the room, here Bella. Didn't mean to jump all over you," Alice threw Bella a cheeky grin.

"It's alright. That's just how you are." We all smiled at that, well I more like laughed really loud, and I even saw a smile pull up Edward's lips a bit.

"So, what's with the reception? I didn't think anyone was going to be around tonight."

"Would you like us to leave and give you some privacy, dear?" Esme said. Edward tensed and I saw Bella look at him for half a second before returning her gaze towards Esme.

"No! I didn't mean that I didn't want you here, but I wasn't sure if anyone, especially Edward, would be comfortable with that."

"Bella, I am most certainly comfortable with them staying but I'm only concerned for you. Do you want them to stay?"

"Well, yeah. I actually was a little afraid of them not being here," she admitted sheepishly. We all again smiled warmly at that. It really was a miracle that someone so kind and gentle could love us.

"We'd be happy to stay, then," Carlisle smiled down at her. She retuned it and then faced the rest of us.

"So, I guess this is pretty much goodbye, or at least, to Human Bella. That means you can't make fun of me when I fall anymore, Emmett," she smirked over at me and I returned it full blast. I really would miss doing that.

"Bells, this isn't goodbye. This is simply … a transformation." Again, another cheeky grin from Alice.

"Well, regardless of what you want to call it, I'm really glad that you're all here. I'm glad that … well, that my family is here." And as she called us her family, she looked at each and every one of us in the eye, resting finally on Edward. He smiled the biggest of all, which I really don't see how that's possible. Alice and Esme both looked like their smiles might break off their faces because they were so big. Rose's was pretty big, too. Rose has always felt unworthy of Bella's love and accretion so Bella's proclamation surprised her the most. Well, her and Jasper, anyway. Yes, even the ever-calm-around-Bella Jasper was smiling a smile that didn't fit when he was around Bella. Bella really is the strangest human to affect vampires so much.

"Oh Bella, you are so totally family! I've always viewed you as a sister! Oh, I love you so much, my dear Bella!" Alice was squealing and gushing and completely puking her guts everywhere. I could tell Jasper was a little … shocked with how much emotion Alice was showing.

"Er, thanks, Alice. You know you've always been like a sister to me too." We all received a very loud squeal from Alice as a response. Honestly, I don't know how much energy can fit in one tiny body.

"Bella, dear, you know you've always been a part of the family. From the first moment we realized hoe you've truly touched Edward's heart, we came to love you as our own. Don't ever forget that." Bella could only nod teary-eyed at Esme.

"Yes, Bella, I believe Esme said it perfectly. We've always loved you and we are truly blessed that you are becoming an even bigger part of the family. I'm honored to call you my daughter." Bella was silently sobbing and I decided she needed a little cheering up before her change.

"Man, I can't believe you're not going to fall anymore! That was always so amusing! Will you pretend to do it when you're changed?" She chuckled lightly and looked at me through her wet lashes.

"Sure. I'll be sure to have random moments of falling just for you. How's that?"

"Great!" I hugged her swiftly while whispering in her ear. "You know how excited I am that you're becoming an official part of the family and you know how much I love you, little sis. So hurry your ass up and change so I can beat you at arm wrestling and Halo!" She looked at me sincerely before smiling and hitting me lightly on the arm.

"Dream on! I'm totally gonna kick your ass at arm wrestling!" I ruffled her arm and walked back to my Rosie. Jasper stepped up tentatively and I could tell Bella was a little shocked.

" I know I haven't exactly been … around you much, but-"

"I know you're just trying to control yourself. I don't blame you.

"Well, we all saw how great my control was on your eighteenth birthday, didn't we?" Bella grimaced and Edward growled low in his chest. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring that up. What I'm trying to say is that it's never been personal. Please don't ever think that. I have found you a bit … strange at times, but I guess that was only due to you being human. But I have witnessed the greatest transformation and it wasn't someone becoming a vampire. It was a change in a vampire, a change so strong and positive and absolutely astounding that the whole family is in awe. I am referring to the change that you brought upon my dear brother, Edward. You have heard, many times, how different Edward before he met you. No one was exaggerating when they told you this. You have done just an amazing thing and I am in complete awe of you, Bella. And thank you. You have truly made Edward a better person, so from the whole family, a sincere thank you."

"Oh, Jasper," was the only thing Bella could say. She was so taken aback by his words, she was pretty much stunned.

"Bella," he whispered, as if not trying to frighten her.

"Yes?" she whispered back.

"There's something I've wanted to try but was afraid to because of my control but I think, I know that I have enough willpower to do. The only thing I ask of you is that you be absolutely still." Bella, smiled, as if remembering some private joke and then became still as a statue. She nodded stiffly for Jasper to continue. He inched toward her and for one horrifying second, I thought he was going to kiss her, but then I was his arms reach out and he brought them slowly around Bella's small frame. She stood stock still as Jasper awkwardly hugged her. Once he got his arms around her, he stood still for a moment, probably testing for his control. Once he assured himself, he loosened his arms, but didn't move them away.

"It's ok if you want to, uh, hug me back. I'm in complete control." Bella shot a quick glance at Alice for reassurance and she nodded her head with a big smile on her face. Bella smiled and pulled her arms around Jasper.

"Thanks so much, Jasper. We're going to get along great when I'm turned. I love you, you know." Jasper pulled away stunned. Bella just smiled and nodded and Jasper stepped away with a stunned look on his face. Rose shifted beside me and spoke to Bella for the first time.

"Um, Bella?"

"Yes, Rose?" Rose walked to Bella at a slower human pace, most likely out of nerves. She stopped in front of Bella and twiddled her fingers nervously.

"Everyone is quite aware of my … hostility towards you," Rose shot her a sly smirk and Bella smiled back. "But I never did hate you, Bella. Well maybe at the very beginning, but definitely not now. I've told you why I felt that way and you, in return, have explained to me why you're choosing this life. While I may not completely accept your choice, I accept you. I can't wait for you to become a part of the family and for you to me my sister. I've always wanted a little sister," Rose smiled shyly. I was shocked. I knew she hadn't shared that fact with anyone but me. My non-beating heart swelled in pride at my Rose. "So what I'm saying here Bella is welcome to the family. We are all honored that you're joining it." Rose hugged her quickly and awkwardly. She offered her a small smile and then returned to my side. I hugged her close and kissed the top of her head.

"Thank all of you so much for welcoming me and accepting me into your family. There's nothing I want more than to be a part of it."

"Bella, Edward, it's time," Carlisle said gently. Bella turned to Edward and Edward visibly tensed but smiled with happiness.

"You ready for this, love?"

"Yes." The conviction and smile on her face was enough to reassure Edward. We all made our way upstairs, stopping outside Edward's door. Bella, Edward, and Carlisle entered while the rest of us stood outside the doorway. We stood a few feet away to give them some privacy but we were also concerned and curious. There was a mattress with a blanket and towels in the center of his room. I assumed the towels were for the blood and the blanket for her. Edward laid Bella down gently but still cradled her in his arms. She looked at him lovingly and stroked his cheek gently. He smiled and relaxed in her touch.

"Jasper, I want you to stay as far away as possible just in case this gets to be too much for you, do you understand?" Jasper nodded and stood right on the stairs. Edward suddenly started to tense and he obviously looked panicked. Then his features relaxed and he looked lovingly down at Bella again. I assumed that Jasper had shot him with some calm. Edward leaned down towards Bella and whispered to her, but we could all hear due to the super sonic hearing.

"I'm sorry for damning you to this. I truly am."

"Edward, we talked about his long and hard last night. You are not damning me. You're just giving me an eternity with you and your family."

"Right, but you know I can't help but think that way."

"I know. I love you."

"I love you more than words could ever describe, Isabella. You're my life now, forever, and always." He cupped her face and kissed her one last time, one last time while she was human. She sighed and then rested back on his arm.

"I'm sorry about the pain. This will hurt quite a bit. I'm sorry for that."

"Just promise you'll be with me the whole time and I'll be fine."

"I swear it."

"Then don't worry. Alright, I'm ready. Are you ready?"

"As ready as anyone can be in this situation."

"I love you. Don't ever forget that, please."

"I won't, my love. Now please try and relax. And again, I am truly sorry about the pain. I love you."

"I love you too." Bella smiled at him once more before relaxing in his arms completely and sighing. Edward looked at Carlisle one last time for reassurance. He nodded and Edward lowered his head to her neck. He grazed his nose across her neck and then gently licked it once. Bella involuntarily shivered and then relaxed again. Edward pulled her against him a little tighter and tilted her neck so it was exposed. He furrowed his brow and his mouth was set in a thin line of determination. You couldn't hear a single sound in the whole house; we even stopped breathing in anticipation. Edward brought her neck to his mouth painfully slow and licked it once again before opening his mouth. I could barely see the pooling venom and then he widened his mouth and closed it around her neck. He truly looked like a monster for an instant and then I realized that that wouldn't help him any so I thought reassuring thoughts.

'You can do this. Don't think about the blood. Just don't really think about anything except not draining her. Don't take any more than is absolutely necessary. You can do this.' Edward pulled on her neck a few times and I could se his swallowing the blood. I was starting to worry that he was losing control but he suddenly pulled away. As soon as he did, Bella released a pained scream. She thrashed violently and kept repeating, "It burns! It burns! Someone put the fire out!" Edward was cradling her in am instant, barely containing his heaving sobs.

"Oh Bella, my sweet, angelic Bella! I am so terribly truly sorry! Please, please forgive me! Oh, please be alright, my angel! I cannot lose you!" Edward was sobbing and rocking back and forth. Our family looked at his with remorse and Carlisle silently walked out of the room.

"Let's give them some privacy. Emmett, go hunt for her and Alice, stay close just in case you see something, alright? The rest of you, please find something to occupy you for the time being. Edward needs to be alone right now." Jasper followed Carlisle and Esme downstairs and Alice stayed right where she was, eyes sad. Rose looked at me with similar sad eyes before making her way to our room. You couldn't hear anything but Bella's screams and Edward's sobs once she stopped and Bella's somber face before she was bitten was the image stuck in my head as I ran through the forest in search of food.


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