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"DiNozzo, David, the Director wants to see you in her office, pronto," Gibbs said, startling Tony and Ziva out of their work. They got up and followed Gibbs up the stairs to the Director's office. When they got there, the Director was behind her desk looking grim.

"Agent DiNozzo, Officer David, we have found information that could lead us to the killer of several dead Marines and Naval officers," Jenny began, "however, it will require you two to go on a deep undercover OP that could last for months. Will you take it; you two are the only ones that I trust to do this." Tony and Ziva looked at each other.

"What kind of undercover are we talking about here?" Tony asked.

"You will take the cover of Anthony DiNardo and his wife, Ziva DiNardo. You will buy a house in the area where the killer is thought to be living and you will get close to your neighbors, and hopefully, you will be able to catch the killer," Jenny explained.

"Not again," Ziva moaned to herself.

"If you do not want to take this mission, I understand, I will ask another team to take it," Jenny began, but Tony cut her off.

"No, no, we'll take it," Tony said. Gibbs just sat in a chair in the corner with a grimace on his face. He hated ending his agents undercover.

"Very well, you will have forty-eight hours to prepare yourselves. I have already requisitioned a set of wedding bands and an engagement ring for you two to use. Tony, you're cover will be that same as it was the last time you went under. Ziva, unfortunately, you will be playing the role of a stay at home wife." At the mention of this news, Ziva grimaced. She didn't know if she would be any good at playing a housewife.

"Any questions?" Jenny asked. Both Tony and Ziva shook their heads no. "Good, you will be meeting with the realtor in two days. NCIS will finance your purchasing of the house and any other expenses that you might need. You can work out your back story on your own. A few days after you move in you will be visited by your good friend, Thom E. Gemcity, McGee, who will set up the house for surveillance. I suggest you get started. You have the rest of the day and tomorrow off. That is all." Ziva and Tony nodded their heads at Jen and Gibbs, then headed out the door and immediately began bickering. Jen watched them retreat with a smile on her face.

"Do they remind you of anyone?"Jenny asked Gibbs. A small smile formed on Gibbs's face.

"Yeah, us," Gibbs replied. Jenny smiled and scenes from their stay in Paris ran through her head. Gibbs noticed the look on her face, and frowned. "I hope they aren't like us that much." Jenny smiled.

"What rule was that again?" Jenny asked with a smile.

"Rule number twelve," Gibbs answered as he walked out the door, "never date a co-worker."

"Gibbs, answer me something, was rule number twelve instated before or after we met?" Jenny asked. Gibbs stuck his head back in the door.

"After," Gibbs said and then left. Jenny just silently shook her head and laughed.

Two days later, Ziva and Tony found themselves standing outside of an extravagant two story house, waiting for the realtor to show up. NCIS had provided them with a black Chevy Corvette, and Ziva was leaning against the hood and Tony was standing in front of her, his hips pressed against hers.

"Tony," Ziva said as she shifted uncomfortably under Tony's hips, "is this really necessary?"

"Darling," Tony replied, "we are playing the part of newlyweds, don't you think that we should look the part?" Ziva grabbed Tony's thigh, dangerously close to where his manhood was, and squeezed hard. Tony gasped and leaned over slightly. Ziva put her face close to Tony's ear so it would look as they were sharing a private secret.

"I suggest that you get off of me, or I will find a paperclip and kill you with it, and it will be a very slow and painful death," Ziva whispered, her lips grazing Tony's ear, sending shivers up his spine. Tony didn't reply, but instead, growled in Ziva's ear. Just they were interrupted by a throat clearing, Tony turned around while Ziva peered out around Tony and they saw a woman standing behind them.

"Mr. and Mrs. DiNardo, I am Kathy Sharp, I'm the realtor," she said. Tony swung himself off of Ziva and Ziva hurriedly straightened her dress, blushing furiously. Tony held out his hand to the realtor and shook it.

"I'm Tony, this is my wife, Ziva," Tony said, gesturing to Ziva once Kathy had let go of his hand. Ziva held out her hand next.

"It's a pleasure to meet you," Ziva said quietly, playing the perfect quiet housewife.

"Alright, it seems you are interested in this house. It's a wonderful starter house for a young couple such as yourselves. There are three bedrooms including the master suite. There are two bathrooms one in the master room and the other in between the other bedrooms. Family room, living room, dining room kitchen, patio, pool, fully furnished. This house is also available for buying or renting. Which are you interested in?" Kathy asked.

"Just renting, for now," Tony answered. "We'll take it!"

Two hours later, the deal was sealed and Tony and Ziva headed back to their apartments to pack their clothes.

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