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demonic voice or large creature



Nine billowing tails fanned out from behind the great fox. Kyuubi was it's name, one of the great demons known as the Bijuu by the flesh-walkers. With one flick of it's tail, the fox brought mountains to the ground, with another, raised tsunami's in the lakes near by.

The fox leaped over the platoon of silver-eyed male and females towards the village it so hoped to destroy, to be quickly met be a group of red-eyed fighters. Not wanting to look into their eyes, Kyuubi crushed them with a massive paw. The red-eyes of his opponents would frighten him no more.

Lunging towards a trio of humans, the fox was quickly stopped by a flash of yellow light. A man, with hair as yellow as the orb that illuminated the sky everyday, stood before him. No fear reeked from his pores.

"This one is a worthy opponent," the great fox thought.

Just then, the Great Flash, as the Kyuubi had dubbed him, smashed a sphere of blue energy into his mussel. Howling in pain, the fox stumbled back into the forest behind. A flash to his right told him the man had moved again and was standing atop a gigantic toad.

"Gamablunta," Kyuubi yelled, "I see the scar remains on your eye from the last battle we had!"

If the Boss Toad was intimidated, he did not show it. Instead, the Great Flash began to make hand signs (a foolish human invention to channel chakra).

"Kyuubi no Kitsune, your reign of terror ends now! Izanagi no Giri!"

A flash of bright white light was the last thing the great fox saw.

Twelve years later, a boy named Uzumaki Naruto woke from a terrible dream, tears flowing from his face.


Izanagi no Giri: God of Life's Duty

Gamablunta: Boss Toad

Kyuubi no Kitsune: Nine Tailed Fox

Uzumaki: Whirlpool

Naruto: fishcake (ramen topping)

Bijuu: Tailed Demon

Author's Note: It was all a dream, or is it? The technique that the Fourth used was definately not the Dead Demon Consuming Seal. Plz read and review. Don't expect an update soon. I have exams.