Naturally Weird Coincidence

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: Have u ever gotten stuck in an elevator? It Might sound like a normal situation. But, not until you find yourself stuck with a specific person. Specifically a raven hair crimson eyed boy. Who you soon notice seems to be everywhere in your life. Stalker? Or Coincidence?

X. Chapter 19: The Right Direction

Natsume waited for Mikan after work. All day she avoided Natsume trying her best to give him the cold shoulder. Mikan walked out of the cafe and saw Natsume; she stopped but then looked down and continued walking.

"Wait!" Natsume said as he grabbed onto her arm.

"I'm sorry...But I...I..." Natsume stuttered.

Mikan stared at him, her heart pace rapidly increasing. She suddenly felt very nervous and the fact that Natsume was staring at her with a noticeable feeling of anxiety did not help. But to her surprise all signs of nervousness were suddenly gone from his face.

"I've been teasing you a lot eh?" His faced was suddenly replaced with a smirk.

"...what?" she was sure Natsume had something important to say...but his mood suddenly changed. Or was it because she was expecting too much? What did she think he was going to say? Her mind was immediately filled with questions; however, she had no idea sure how to answer them. She began to feel angry and confused.

She looked at Natsume who continued to hold his infamous smirk, but for some somehow looked unnatural.

"Anyways..." he let go of her arm.

"I'll be heading home first...later...polka"


Natsume slammed the door behind him. He had a devastated expression and was breathing harder than usual.

"Ugh, are you kidding me? Why am I letting her toy with me like this?" he said loudly to himself.

Once he finally calmed down he picked up his house phone and started looking up a number.

"Hey...I have a favour" he said quietly.


"What was that?" Mikan covered her face with her left hand. Her face was beat red and she was still in shock. Finally getting a holder of herself she inhaled deeply. She wasn't even sure when she stopped breathing. She was sure Natsume had something important to say, and it was bugging her how the last expression he gave her was a forced smile that held the feelings of stress and hurt.

Her eyes began to water slightly

"'s been a long day" she said sadly.



Natsume groaned from the couch, he ended up falling asleep in his living room last night. The constant knocking was giving him a headache.

"Coming!" he shouted clearly annoyed.

When he finally made it to his door, he opened it to a familiar girl. She gave him a smile before pushing him to the side and walking pass him.

"Ok, let's get down to business shall we?" she said innocently.


"Mikan, you've been looking quite depressed lately, something wrong?" Akira asked her while trying to pay attention to the road at the same time.

"Hmm...I've just been thinking a lot lately" she told him.

"Personal?" he questioned.

"I guess...I'm still in the midst of solving it myself"

"Hah, I see, that's understandable" he said before smiling at her.


"So...I heard you didn't say no to your arranged marriage?" she asked.

"Hn, so since you know, I need your help or else this arranged marriage won't be happening at all" Natsume told her.

"Alright bro, I know just the right thing that will help you..." she smirked.

"Thanks Aoi" he smirked back.


"Thanks Akira! Today was fun" she smiled at him. After spending the entire day together Akira dropped her off to her apartment and being the gentlemen he was he took her all the way up to her room.

While Akira and Mikan were about to part ways, Natsume went out into the hall way with Aoi attached to his arm. The two pairs just stared at each other awkwardly waiting for the other to greet the other party. Mikan stared at the girl curiously; she began to remember the familiar face.

"Ah! You were the girl before!" she said finally realizing who she was.

"Hi, Nice to meet you!" Aoi said cheerfully and then giving Natsume a look who in return started at her weirdly.

"My names Mikan!" she introduced herself; suddenly getting very excited about meeting somebody new.

"Ah, I'm Aoi" she replied while tightening her grip on Natsume's arm causing him to cringe.

Akira who was long gone from the picture decided to put himself back into place.

"It's nice to see you again Hyuuga" He greeted politely.

"Yo" was the only reply Natsume could give, he obviously didn't want to share anymore words with the other man for special reasons that only he and his sister shared. However, Akira didn't plan on giving up.

"How are you?" he persisted.

"Ok."He said sternly. Akira nodded his head in return.

"Well...if you excuse us, Natsume and I have some plans to attend to" Aoi butted in after sensing the awkwardness between the two.

"Don't we Natsume?" she asked while making her face come rather close to his.

"Let the games begin" she whispered into his ear.

Suddenly Mikan was feeling rather weird in the pit of her stomach and her heart seemed to have an awkward reaction when she saw how close Aoi and Natsume were.

"Uh well...I have to get going also, bye Mikan, nice seeing you Natsume and Aoi" Akira said before leaving.

"Us to. Bye Mikan! Let's talk again" Aoi said before pulling Natsume's arm along with her.

"Later Polka" was Natsume's last words.


While in the car Natsume and Aoi started to devise a plan.

"Oh...I forgot to ask what that other boy's name was" she frowned.

"Don't don't need to know" Natsume said. Aoi just stared at him confusedly but then began to giggle after realizing the reasons to his sudden bad mood.

"Oh my, what happened to the cocky arrogant brother of mine?" she teased.

"Hey, I'm not cocky or arrogant" he denied.

"There's no need to be worried about her being swept away brother, all she needs is somebody to push her in the right direction" she smirked and winked at him.


The next day, Aoi spend the entire day at the cafe. She would giggle and tease him in a flirtatious manner. The two were sitting at the couches. Aoi was sitting very closely to Natsume and had her arms and fingers intertwined with his. From time to time Aoi would lean her head onto Natsume's shoulder.

"Ugh...this is sickening" Natsume groaned which caused Aoi to hit him in the arm.

"Shh...You want to ruin my cover?" she glared. Suddenly from the corner of her eye Aoi noticed Mikan making her way towards them.

"We discussed this already right honey?" she continued on with her flirtatious act.

"Right...I got it" Natsume said rather emotionlessly. Aoi quickly pinched Natsume in the arm and approached his ear again to whisper "Smile!"

Natsume sighed and made his mouth turn into a rather demented unusual shape.

"Natsume? What's wrong?" Mikan asked with a worried expression.

"Did you eat something weird?"

"Uh?" he stared at her clearly confused.

"Um! No...He was just making a funny face, right darling?" Aoi quickly saved him from embarrassment.

"Hn..." he nodded.

"Oh I there something you would like to eat Aoi?" she asked.

"Oh no...i'm fine thank you!" Aoi replied.

"Okay then...if you need something feel free to ask" Mikan said and then left leaving the siblings alone to continue their act.

Mikan approached Anna who was staring at Aoi and Natsume in a funny way.

"Mikan...don't you think those two are kinda...strange?" Anna said.

Mikan looked towards the couple again and then said. "No...I think they're a cute couple" Once Anna heard this she quickly turned towards Mikan and grabbed her shoulders.

"Mikan" she said her name sternly.

"Do you feel weird?" Anna asked.

"Eh? No..."Mikan said.

"Are you sure?" Anna persisted.

"Well...I've been feeling weird in my chest lately, I was thinking maybe I'm a late bloomer...I think I'm still developing" she said innocently. Anna stared at her dumbfounded at how slow Mikan was.

"Mikan...I'm pretty sure you're done going through those stages, maybe... you're jealous of Aoi and Natsume?"

"Eh?! What? That's...that's outrageous, I couldn't...I don't think of Natsume like...that" she said.

" I?" Mikan began to panic she wasn't sure how it was supposed to feel. She stared at Anna with a confused expression. Anna could clearly tell Mikan was frustrated with what she was experiencing.

"Mikan...It's ok calm down" Anna said trying to quiet her.

"Hey...what's going on?" Mikan and Anna turned to see Natsume behind them with his eyebrows furrowed.