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Welcome to the Family

Chapter 1

Josef came knocking on Mick's door just after twilight. Mick answered with a look of surprise. Josef never knocked.

"Did you take a Miss Manner's course?" he asked as Josef swept past him.

Josef ignored hem and looked around the apartment. He inhaled deeply several times.

"Josef?" Mick asked in concern.

"The blonde's not here?" he said sharply.

"Beth? You know that we don't live together."

"Are you expecting her?"

"No, she's out with some girlfriends tonight. I think they're planning on seeing some chick flick. Why?" Mick asked suspiciously.

"I need to talk to you and I don't want Beth walking in on this conversation," Josef said seriously.

Mick felt a chill run through him. It was not often that he saw his friend look anxious. And right now Josef Konstantin was worried. Mick did not like the vibes he was getting from the older vampire.

"Okay, have a seat. What has you so worried Josef?" he said and sat in a chair with his back to the fireplace. Josef sat on the couch, all the while looking like he was ready to spring back to his feet.

"I received word when I woke up that there's some old blood expected in town."

"So? Some vamp going to cause trouble?" Mick asked. "I didn't think that would worry you too much."

Josef shook his head.

"Mick, my boy you don't get it. I'm talking old blood. And unfortunately this should worry you."

"Try not to be so cryptic and spit it out. Why does this affect me?"

"Because it involves that lovely ex of yours. You are aware by now that she has brothers. Plural, not just Lance."

"Yes, I believe there were or are six," Mick said with a shrug.

"Mick this is an old bloodline. They are not like LA vamps. I hoped that taking Coraline away would be the end of this. But if one of the other brothers is coming it probably isn't good."

"Lance could have killed me before he left. There is no reason to come back."

"That's what worries me my friend," Josef said. "We don't know what Coraline said after Lance took her back. You don't know what she may have done to save her skin."

Mick thought about that. Coraline had saved him. Lance would have killed him if she hadn't agreed to go back with him. She had sacrificed herself. But he didn't know once they left LA what deal Coraline may have struck. She knew that Mick's human cure would not last.

"So what do I do?" he asked.

Josef was silent. He shook his head.

"I wish I could tell you buddy. I made a point of avoiding that family. Until I met Coraline here in America. I told you that they don't follow the rules. I don't think that this is a good sign." He looked at Mick and gave him a half hearted grin. "Of course, they could just be coming to welcome you into the fold."

"Well…… Lance did say "welcome to the family" just before they left."

"I don't think that you should count on that too much. Hey Mick, maybe you should take a vacation. Get out of here. And take Beth with you," Josef advised.

"Beth?" Mick said with all his senses suddenly on alert. "Why, is she in danger too?"

"I wouldn't take the chance. Coraline knows about her. That means Lance and his family know about her. You can assume anything you and Coraline shared, they know about it. I can't stress this enough Mick; they aren't coming here just to say hi."

"How reliable is your source?" Mick asked.

"Very. I do have friends in Europe. Some of them have been keeping their eyes and ears open since Lance's visit here. I called in some favors."

Mick shut his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose. He looked over at his friend bleakly.

"Why did I have to take that gig at Coraline's?" he muttered.

"Mick, she always was headstrong. No disrespect, but you didn't stand a chance once she made up her mind that she wanted you," Josef said sympathetically.

"I can't let Beth suffer for it."

Josef nodded in understanding. He never liked admitting it but he did not wish to see Beth harmed either. He fully understood his friend's pain.

"Get out of town Mick. Now."

Mick stood up and paced the room. Josef sat back watching him.

"If I run, they're capable of finding me," Mick said. "If they're that powerful, I won't be able to hide."

Josef had hoped Mick wouldn't think of that. He knew Mick wasn't the kind to run even if it was better for him.

"Maybe Beth should be the one to take the trip," Josef suggested.

"You want to try and make her?" Mick grinned weakly. "She's one stubborn woman."

"Beth has always struck me as a reasonable woman, for a woman."

"There you go using the word reasonable. Josef when she digs in her heels, Beth is anything but reasonable."

"I get it," Josef nodded. "Give me the days when a woman knew her place. Women's Lib was never a good idea. It's annoying in humans and even worse in a female vamp."

Mick threw back his head and laughed.

"You're a fraud Josef. Did you forget about Lola? She was not shy and retiring. Docile in a freshie is one thing. A submissive woman would bore you silly."

"You may be right," Josef conceded with a smile. Then he grew serious. "I think you should at least try to convince her to go. Just until we figure out what your brother-in-law wants."

Mick winced at the word brother-in-law. He did not consider Coraline his wife anymore. The last thing he wanted was to be part of that family. It was an unsettling feeling.

"Who was Lance taking Coraline to?"

"I don't know. There is a chance their sire is still around. There are a lot of rumors. I never questioned Coraline, I figured ignorance is bliss."

He got up from the couch and walked up to Mick who was leaning against the stair banister. He put one hand on Mick's shoulder.

"I'm sorry. I can't help more, buddy. If they contact you and want to meet, I'll be there for you. Let's hope they don't just drop in on us."

"Thanks Josef. I'll talk to Beth tomorrow. Maybe Maureen has an out of town assignment."

"I'd call her tonight, after she gets home. Don't waste time," Josef urged.

Mick nodded. Beth and her friends hadn't decided what movie or theater they were going to so he had no idea where to find her. She was always good about turning off the cell in the theater, so all he could do was leave a message on her voice mail. His frustration level was high. He left the message, keeping it simple so as not to frighten her.

"I hate waiting," he grumbled.

"Hang in there Mick. I'm going to see if Rider can come up with any information. Call me if you need me. I'll let you know if I hear anything more." Josef nodded to him and left.

For the umpteenth time Mick cursed the day he met Coraline. He and Beth were finally getting close and now Coraline was getting between them again. Why had he married the woman? He should have known that Lance staking her and taking her away would not be the end of that. He would go to Beth's in a couple of hours if she didn't call before then. He would not let Coraline's family take Beth away from him. He could not let his past destroy his future.

End chapter.

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